Monday, February 26, 2007


The past week ended with an exhuasted but appreciative sigh. I've never been so tired nor so full of anticipation for what was to happen next.

Perhaps most accountable for this are the people I spend all my time with. Amber constantly bringing me to near tears with her antics, a quality which seems to have rubbed off on her sister Allie as well. I don't think I could stand another two years without seeing her.

Last night I finally reintroduced myself to the haven that is The Couch, and was joined by Erica, Rawan, Jesse, and Anytime foodz for Oscar viewing. Even with all the yum grub, Jesse still got hungry and I made him two Parker classic grilled cheeses. Appreciation viewable in picture below.

So much to catch up on tonight. Lots of freelance work. But the weekend...the people...the person...all worth it.

Also, I love napping...

--jessica maria

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