Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Head full of tricks and treats.

Tonight, on October 31st, I am seeing Ryan Adams.
On Halloween.
With Kelly!

Things that may or may not happen:

He will play over an hour and a half - apparently last night in DC he played for two and a half hours. Um. Wow. I remind you, I'm seeing him in one of his hometowns, on Halloween, and the ticket to this show actually says "HALLOWEENHEAD" ...because he has a song called "Halloween Head" on his latest album. Me writing this has probably jinxed my chances.

I will dance around like a crazy and raise my arms up emphatically and scream out "Lucy!" in unison with Ryan if he and the Cardinals do "Shakedown on 9th Street." ...I actually already did that when I saw him last December, and that was in a seated concert hall. Kelly, I'm sure you'll be proud to be standing next to me this time.

I may squeal if Ryan plays any of the following (which I don't think he will...at all): "Monday Night," "Gonna Make You Love Me," "Touch, Feel, and Lose," "Gimme a Sign," "Wish You Were Here," or "So Alive." I love a LOT of his songs.

I will grab Kelly's hand and bite back tears if I hear "Dear Chicago." (Kelly, this is really a warning list for you, huh?)

I will wait anxiously for the moment in which to scream "guitar solo!!!!!!" during "Halloween Head."

Sing along to every song directly to Kelly. (JK! Kinda.)

Also, I'm not dressing up. Though I expect some ridiculousness out of Ryan. I mean, the last time I saw him was in December and he was wearing silver glitter moon boots (the picture above is from that show). Plus, his song is all about how he loves halloween. Have I not mentioned that yet?

Hey there, mister.

Keep voting.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Total! Request! Live!

Okay, I know our faith in MTV has faltered. I'm sitting here watching this ridiculous show "Kaya" that just dropped the word "cutter" and this is after being duped into feeling sorry for Whitney on a clearly edited scene in "The Hills."

BUT! TRL still exists in all its glory (sans emaciated Carson Daly) and tomorrow Motion City Soundtrack will be up for votes! If you haven't watched the video for "This is for Real" - do so NOW! Above! Because it rules. Did you watch it?? How can you not vote for that video?

And tomorrow pretty pretty please start voting at 12:30 EST for MCS HERE!

And, ya know, keep voting. 'Cause it'd be pretty sweet to see even a teeny bit of something awesome like Motion City on a channel that makes me feel guilty for knowing the names Heidi and Spencer.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Jiscilla Madeline.


Carrie & Doug.

The Dagger. Obvs.

Partied it up last night.

Trevor & ASL are moving to LA on Monday! Going away party @ ak.

Headed to Sadaf's "twenty-first" birthday @ 119 with red-wigged Jiscilla. I was glad to have found a bar that actually had the game on. And the sox won!! 3-0!

Stopped by Beauty Bar to dance to some of Dmitry!!!'s jamz.

And then back to AK for some shots with Doug & Carrie (fanx Dan) and Rob Hitt actually danced - it was amazing.

Woke up today in time for Sadaf's berfday brunch; our little kids table repped Brooklyn! So much fun.

I don't want the weekend to be over. Sadface.

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Saturday, October 27, 2007


Months ago.

All smiles.

Halloween cocktails.

Last night went over to Lauren Ashley & Rob Hitt's cocktail party a la costume. Becca & The Dagger were a literal "Party in your Bedroom," Lauren was Lady Sov, Rob Hitt was an Army dude kinda, and there were other spectacular costumes like a couple as Bacon & Eggs, man being eaten by shark, David Bowie, Cabaret Liza, etc etc...I was Gmail.

Rob Hitt: are you Facebook?! Oh, man. Facebook would have been such a good idea! I just got Super Poke!

Karaoke called Erica and I to sing "Just a Girl" - we killed it. And "skanked it out." Seriously. Dance parties ensued and then it was time to go home.

Oh, and at one point Rob Hitt changed into Kurt Cobain?

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The Dagger: A Study in Pictures 004

Friday, October 26, 2007

Make no mistake, these villains always...

Much to my chagrin, the role of another iconic brunette comic book character has been filled by a blond. Meet the new Wonder Woman:

Australian actress Teresa Palmer.

I gave Bryan Singer the benefit of the doubt when he cast Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane in Superman Returns, because I trust and love Singer, but it still didn't work for me. She has the acting down, but she's too frail and her hair was a mousy brown. I know it's just hair color, but we're talking comic books. Icons. Mary Jane was a redhead. Wonder Woman and Louis Lane were brunettes. Hair is important - Rogue from X-Men went through many alterations, but she always had the white streak in her hair. I'm stressing the word icons here, because that's what comic books create - the essential image of a character.

If you're going to make a movie about these icons, they better look the part more than anything. However, there is room for retooling (Singer made a good call on ditching the yellow/blue uniforms of the X-Men for the film)...AND an actor who didn't precisely fit the role has proven to make it work fantastically - Hugh Jackman is 6'2'' in real life and Logan/Wolverine is supposed to be short (like 5'6''), which he and Singer pulled off in the movie. [Sidenote: Jackman is coming back to fulfill the role of Wolverine in a movie just about the character, with Singer directing. FANX.]

I guess we'll just see how Ms. Palmer does.

Edit: after a bit more research, this is for the upcoming Justice League of America movie, and NOT the much-talked-about movie based solely on the character of Wonder Woman (still to be cast). Justice... will also be directed by the same guy who did Babe and Happy Feet. Therefore, this movie will probably suck anyway, whether or not Wonder Woman is portrayed by a fierce brunette. (Heyohhhh Lynda Carter!) Also, this movie comes out in 2010, so why do I give a fuck???

Okay, this is obviously a slow work day.

And...holy crap, I'm such a GEEK when it comes to this shit. My apologies.

How good it is to see you.

Okay, I totally have a friend crush on Dave Grohl. Not a real crush; he's not someone I'd want to make out with. He's not a Top Five (haha). But he is one of the only people I'd be incredibly star struck by. He's fucking cool + uh, Foo Fighters! + all these quotes coming out of his mouth lately are adorable.

I think this is from Rolling Stone, I definitely e-mailed it to Curbside a couple of months ago when I read it:

What's on your current playlist?
"Keep the Car Running" by Arcade Fire. That's a fucking great song. At this point, though, it's whatever my daughter can dance to. And she has kickass taste in music. She doesn't go for Wiggles or Barney bullshit. She digs Amy Winehouse and she loves the Cars. I put on a Mastodon record the other day and she started dancing to that. I immediately turned it off, thinking, "I don't know if I like the fact that you're sixteen months and into thrash metal. You're growing up a little too quick for me, honey."

And from the latest Blender, calling into the magazine after a short tour in England:

"Long time, no talk! Man, I’m so glad we came home. I’ve just been parked on the couch all week, eating pizza and watching Top Chef reruns. Actually, that’s not true. I’ve been waking up at 7 every morning with my 16-month-old daughter. I missed her like crazy — the first thing I did was run inside and tickle her for, like, an hour. Yesterday we had a Mommy and Me playdate, and over the weekend my wife and I took her to a baby pool party. We’re totally part of this little baby community. It ­reminds me of the hardcore scene.

"Twenty years ago, rock never seemed like a career decision for me. I just did it to get away from working at the furniture warehouse. Now I’m settled down with a beautiful woman and a beautiful kid, and my music pays the rent. It’s really all I ever wanted."

This was the closest pic I could find of Grohl and his baby:

Another reason he's friend crush-worthy is that his hair looks so pretty in the video for "The Pretender" that I'm kinda jealous.

Okay, that will end my friend crushing for today. Except to say my ultimate friend crush would be Gwen Stefani. Obvs.

She was laughing aloud in the corner of the room.

$848 with Motion City Soundtrack!

Feature in this month's Blender magazine with Nicole Schwirusldfj23rsd naked on the cover (ick). Who cares about her? Seriously. I was a bit embarassed to read it on the subway; but what can you expect from a Maxim-spawned magazine?

Anyways, I alluded to this article here. They get dance lessons! Jesse sprung some of those swing moves on me at the wedding, surprisingly. Totally worth buying the mag for (which, except for the cover story, does have some other good stuff in it - the Foo Fighters feature in particular.)

Pick it up!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I want to know your plans.

Yesterday was a crap day turned around.

At approximately one am the past lurked.

I curled and clutched and tossed in sleep.

General health restored during the day by your words. I'd reproduce your cure here, but though it rejuvinated me, it may induce the gag reflex in others. Again, thank you.

Laughs also helped...in form of photoshopping. (See: last post; new feature.)

The Red Sox took them down easily.

I'm hoping my Halloween costume for tomorrow night is executed as brilliantly in reality as it is in my head.

Also, congrats Kells!

Solid plans. My old adage: "A plan is just a list of things that don't happen." - I've changed my mind. Safe enough to think a bit ahead. Television, awards, shows in November. My first Thanksgiving without my family. Christmas unites. January finds us all together in Panama. Silent wow. Stoked.

What the hell, I'm going to make you all sick anyway.

Trust me, I was merciful. The words were worse (more amazing?).

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

If They Mated.

My own "If They Mated."
Unless you're in Curbside you won't be able to guess who's mouf that is.
But you can try!
There are two celebs there.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tighter than J.Lo in her jeans.

Smiling Like I Mean It.
[songs that make me smile no matter what.]

4. "U.R.A.Q.T." - M.I.A.

You! Are a! Cuuuuuuuuuuuu! Tee!
Is your dad a dealah 'cause you're dope to me!

'Nuff said.

Hope to watch you writhe again soon.

Say Anything's In Defense of the Genre comes out today, and Carrabba guest vocals on a song entitled "Retarded in Love." HA.

I haven't heard it, but I plan on buying the album soon-ish. I need time to clear my head of the hype.

That is all.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Laying in bed surrounded by walls.

Red Sox are going to the World Series. Love the texts...apparently they won while he played "Antonia" in Kansas City.

Becca & Monster vacated the premises. I miss that mangy stinky Dominican mutt...and Monster, too. (jk, snack attack!)


And this isn't torture. And it's not depressing. And there's no resentment. And all those questions people ask about it are easily answered. Because I go to sleep incredibly happy...usually with a wistful sigh and a smile. Because you're always there making sure I have the sweetest of dreams.

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Friends feel better.


Do not like how insurance works. Am finding myself bitter. Hospitals

Felt a little woozy, given the cure.

Watched the Sox - Game Seven ! Tomorrow !

Made it out to watch Le Dagger spin with Becca plus John Are I and Tim
from...RI. She plays all the hits and does not quit.

My treatment invoked weak muscles, couldn't party in that bedroom all
night long.

And I close my eyes so happy, like I usually do when I talk to you.

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The Dagger: A Study in Pictures 003

Patiently waiting.

For three hours.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Need the next two.

Yes, Red Sox, YES !

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Careful what you say, it's turning me...

Cataloguing yesterday.

A few months ago, I suggested to my coworker Jeff that he listen to Muse and sent him Absolution and Black Holes and Revelations. Yesterday he goes, "Man, what is your favorite Muse song? It has to be Starlight, right?" HAHA Apparently, he's been getting lots of props at dinner parties and the like (he's a grown-up) when the song comes on. And he takes full credit, but thanks me at work.(For the record, "Time is Running Out" is my favorite Muse song)

Painted a second layer of Neptune Blue on my floor, and it looks exquisite. Seriously. After work today I'm picking up some floor paint sealant and finishing THAT. Yes!

Good talk with Steve re: philosophies & Buddhism. What? "Okay, so I guess I'll tell you this secret, but you have to PROMISE not to tell anyone--oh shit, I have to go play! Bye!" THANKS.

Erica and I partied it up at the Annex for The Photo Atlas! Joined by funsies and favorites - Jiscilla, Sarah, Cici, Jo, Sadaf, Tyler, Justin, Mike...and the stand-up comedy of Nick Snow. The Photo Atlas always puts on such a great show! It's one of those bands you can totally get into live before hearing any of their album. And today I obviously listened to No, Not Me, Never. on the way to work and wanted to dance on the subway platforms.

I simply cannot wait for November 8th. His show sounded like it was fantastic - so happy to see "Last Night" and NINE other new songs on it! Fun talks. So good, so happy, so happy happy happy...I'm still all smiles.

Apparently ska is back? I knew me & Erica's one-time-a-month skanking in a public forum would lead to some change. Revolucion!

In conclusion, I'd like to dedicate this portion of my post to KELLS. Cause she's "good peoples." (According to my dad.) And she'll probably be richer than all of my friends combined in five years, and that is the main reason she's my bestie.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

And she keeps calling.

Across The Universe - I've Just Seen A Face

The scene that made me smile so wide in the theater.

Adorable, yes??

Close your eyes and I'll kiss you.

Last night:

Finished painting the ceiling (worst.task.ever.) And painted the first coat of my floor! Neptune Blue. One more layer + sealant + one more of le Mint Majesty and I'll be done! Done! Done!

Becca & Erica got ready for trainwreck...obvs played "Party in Your Bedroom" while I painted (all night long..!).

Took care of Monster !

Stoked for his tour - the stage set-up looks amazing...and the setlist...the setlist! Gah. I wish I didn't have to wait til November 8th. ("It won't be long, yeah, yeah...")

I've been avoiding CMJ activities because of my second career as an interior painter, but tonight I'm going to break for The Photo Atlas @ The Annex. Need a little dancing in my life. If you're around, come! 10 pm!

Tomorrow = The Matches, The Glamour?

Good luck, good luck, good luck !

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

For my Curbside Gang.

I love that my boyfriend says "minz."

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Are like maps and keys.

According to John's blog, I've given him the "suggestion of the month" by recommending the latest Dashboard.

Check out his review of Dashboard's latest here.

And John: I admit that I, too, totes had an emo-day after I listened to the album over and over twenty times. It included his entire catalog except Dusk & Summer, but including all the EPs and rarities (um, Kells shoutout: "Tonight I'll Take What I Can Get.")

Okay, I love that I have a friend to nerd out about the Dashboard record with. (Kells, I promise to let you borrow next time I see you!)

Also! A few weeks ago I came across an item in my Google Reader about Brad Paisley, but at first I thought it was a picture of Chris Carrabba in a cowboy hat:

Apparently he's a country singer. But there is a resemblance, right?? Chris Carrabba:

I think it's the sideburns.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Ruin my day: I finally have insurance, so I booked a dentist appointment. I thought, "Yes! I won't have to pay for everything!" I got my teeth x-rayed, cleaned, and headed to the secretary's desk to schedule my next appointment.

"That will be $250 for this visit."

"Uh, doesn't my insurance cover this?"

"Yes, but how we do it here is we charge you and then send you a reimbursement check in two to four weeks once your insurance company has paid us."

Passed over my payment. Walked out of there livid.

Tomorrow I change dentists. I've already verified another dentist that takes my insurance and does NOT pull this scam.

I simply don't want to hand over $250 for a month every time I go to the dentist's.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Back to New York.

Last night watched the horrific 11th inning of the Boston/Cleveland game with him, Beth, Matt. Sadface.

Last day.

Breakfast in bed. Champagne & strawberries in bed. Vikings vs Bears game in bed (#28!!!). Midafternoon nap in bed. My idea of a fun day.

Pack up, drop off for his bus trip, and off to the airport.

All smiles. Because I had these days with you, and for that I know I am lucky.

[Flight delay, switch airline, extra security screening, obviously. Ugh.]

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Fanx Erica.

Him: "Oh yeah, he emailed me the other day."


PS Now I'm even okay with "Little Bombs."

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sculpture garden.

Jesse thrives on scaring me.

I are toy robot.

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Arrived last night.

Felt good to be reached out for and held while I slept. One of the
things I miss most.

Bounced around town today in the cool weather. I love fall.

Dinner, Red Sox game, relaxing, him him him et cetera et cetera....

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

I painted!

Two coats of white on three walls, one coat of Mint Majesty on one wall!!!!

My paint was jumpy! It flew behind my glasses (not the new ones) and a dollop landed on my eye. Below, on my eyebrow, eyelashes. I look like a clown right now.

Done! Well, still have the ceiling and floor to do next week.

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