Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Da diddley qua qua.

This evening I was working late, and when I finally wrapped up what I needed to do, I stepped outside my office building to torrential downpour. I made my way as quick as I could to the subway station and found relief for forty minutes or so until I got to my stop.

Trying to walk to my apartment, the wind was trying to wrench the umbrella from my grip, and the rain doused me every chance it got. I entered my building as if a monster had been chasing me. I was soaking wet and my dress clung to my legs and when I took a step my heels made that squiggy sound to let me know they were full of water.

Yesterday, my evening went FAR better. The weather was beautiful and I walked around the city in my sunglasses. And...I got a haircut!

Before, I've complained about finding a good and reasonably priced stylist in the city. Well, lo and behold, my stylist is two for two now. And yes, that's my Gap dress with a tee on underneath! Cute, right? I then met up with Kells at Sweet Emily's and we had a grand time consuming our favourite food and gabbing about all the exciting things that are happening this summer and all that already has!

Unfortunately, my amazing cut and blowdry (my stylist called it the "fun" blowdry), which usually lasts a couple of days, was a victim of today's horrendous, vindictive weather.

Like a fly on the wall with my secret eyes.

The deets! The happy-haps! (What?) I mean, nothing got better than hanging out on Adrian Young's tour bus - let's be honest. I kind of glided through the rest of the weekend with a smile on my face!

On Saturday morning I woke up and headed into the city because Jesse had gotten me a gift certificate months ago for a two-hour massage. (No, seriously, he's the best gift-giver of all time.) I actually had no idea what to expect, but I lay down for two lovely hours free of tension. Looking back, I think it was rather necessary and I plan on getting another one soon!

After that, I ran some errands and met up with my friend Colleen, and we met up with my old friends in Monty Are I. Hilarity and fun times ensued. They had a photoshoot on Sunday, so all day Saturday they were shopping with their label for clothes. Then I made Steve show me some poses:

I hope he worked it out by Sunday.

Me and my lemur face with Steve.

Mike, looking not like Mike at all, but strangely...a little...Bradley Cooper-esque??? The eyes?!

Now, we were hanging out at our friend Ben's apartment, which he shares with four other dudes, and Joe was taking polaroids and making us sign them. Colleen and I looked super peeved in the pic he took of us. But we were having a great time! PROMISE!

I was going to hold this photo ransom as some sort of blackmail leverage, but I couldn't not share it with the world, now. Steve and Mike. Doing what they do.

Don't let these pictures deter you from seeing them on tour this summer - whether on Warped or with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. They're good dudes who make good music and they have a KILLER live show. Check out their site for tour dates! They have an album coming out this summer, and it will be available on Warped Tour to purchase - I got to sit down with them and listen to the masters of their songs, and I'm excited to get my hands on it when it goes on sale. There's one song I already know I'm going to be dancing around my room to. Yes!! And I'll post the rest of the pictures on Facebook soon!

All in all, it was a blast to hang out with them and catch up on everything that they're doing. I've known them since back in my freshman year of college, which was (HOLY CRAP) eight years ago...and they were known as Monty's Fan Club. It's funny to see where we all are now in our lives, and I can't wait to see where they're going...stay tuned!

On Sunday I met up with Jill, who's married to Josh from Motion City Soundtrack. She's in town for work, so we had some brunch, did a little shopping, took in some of the gay pride parade, and then meandered into a bar we didn't know was all about the USA/Brazil soccer match. It ended up being a pretty exciting atmosphere, and we ended up caring a bit about the game, too. Weird how that happens when you're in the midst of tons of die-hard fans yelling and screaming about their teams. Anyway, it was a great afternoon!

BY THE WAY. MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK FINISHED RECORDING THEIR NEW ALBUM ON SUNDAY!!!! And now it's just a matter of time for all the rest of the process to be complete! Are you excited? I'm excited!! The demos I've heard have all rocked so hard, and I can't wait to hear the mastered versions for maximum rock out-age.

Congratulations, dudes!

Jesse gave me a call Sunday in the midst of their celebrations - I wish I could have been there in the excitement, but I was also excited because this means Jesse is a-comin' home! He gets back on Friday, eeeeeeeeeeee!

After hanging out with Jill on Sunday, I dropped by Sarah's new party Sunday School NYC. I think it's a great idea - an all ages event every Sunday from 4-8pm at Webster Hall with bands and DJs! When I walked in I got a sweet purple bracelet that glows in the dark and had the date on it. I also got cuted out when I saw little toddlers dancing around to the music on the dancefloor! Seriously. Wow.

Anyway, Sarah is one of the sweetest human beings on the planet and I totally dig the Sunday School scene she's set up. I got really into the second band that played, Zambri, which had two awesome sister lead vocalists. More on them later when I've listened to their album I bought! The room was also a great setting for a dance party - which happened when Erica stood up to the DJ booth!

And here's my Sunday School portrait by Coco Courtney. I must not fall for bad boys! I think I've got that covered...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Shout !

Things I am excited about right now:

1. Jesse gets back this weekend! Did you hear MCS finished their album?!

2. I'm getting a haircut today! Okay, only a trim. Still exciting!

3. My fabulous weekend still makes me giddy! (See last post! Plus, more deets on the rest of it later!)

4. Seeing Rick in July!

5. I just got the above LAMB wallet for 60% off the price! EFF! YEAH!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thank you for turning on the lights !

I had an epic adventure with Dana Dynamite last night.

After work, I met Dana at her place in Nolita and then we attempted to ask many car services and cabs to take us to New Jersey for the No Doubt show - most to no avail. FINALLY we got a car service for a decent price and embarked on our journey into the garden state. When we made it to the venue after a couple of hours of teaching the guy how to actually, you know, drive, he tries to get us to the gates in a roundabout way and then basically gets lost and asks us to ask a policeman.

Policeman liked Dana from the onset - because he thought she had a TV show. "I've seen your TV show! Here, I'll take you guys up, just follow me." We got a police escort to the back of the venue where all the tour buses are. Then, we tell him we have to pick up our passes at Will Call, we don't have them yet. So he escorts us there, and Policeman hands Dana his business card, totally flirt-like.

The car service driver tried to rip us off on the price, but we paid him no heed (literally). We finally got our tickets & VIP passes (eeeee!) and Policeman was there making sure everything went smoothly. Then when we told him we'd just head into the venue, he got a little huffy (I think he wanted to take us to the backstage area again?), and asked Dana if he could "get that paperwork back."

Dana and I looked at each other, then looked at him. What?

Dana goes, "Do you mean your business card?"

He nods, and takes it back. It was the strangest thing. We were cracking up about it for hours. 1. Why take it back?? 2. You call your business card "paperwork" - really?!

ANYWAY, finally in the venue and we decide rather than go backstage, we just want to watch the show from our killer seats, since it will sound better. Obvs, I was all up for this. We get to our seats and Dana reaches for her phone to tell her friends she'll be back after No Doubt plays, and she realizes she left it in the car. Bum out. Luckily, she has a blackberry she uses solely for e-mailing, and since everyone has a smart-phone of some sort, she can e-mail everyone her whereabouts, haha.

I was just standing there, excited to be at the show. No Doubt had an amazing setlist that included one of my favourites off Tragic Kingdom, "End it On This." There was a guy in the audience who had a sign that read "Today is my birthday! Please play Tragic Kingdom or Total Hate!" They sweetly obliged by playing "Tragic Kingdom" until Tom's wireless cut out and when he came back out, then launched into "Simple Kind of Life." Dana and I were swaying and singing our hearts out. Another fan had a sign saying he'd been to thirty shows! Gwen brought him on stage to introduce the band members - which he did perfectly and wonderfully and they all gave him thumbs ups and hugs.

When No Doubt left the stage before their encore, Dana explained that her friend Chad was coming out to sit with us during the encore because his girlfriend was going to take the stage during one of the songs. You know, his girlfriend, Hayley Williams from Paramore. So Chad (who also happens to be in a band) is sitting between us, and he's a legitimately nice dude, very mellow and sweet. When the encore starts, I don't let his presence affect my flipping out. Whatever, your girlfriend's awesome, and I will shout along to "Stand & Deliver" and bounce around.

After the show, Dana and I went 'round back and met up with Tony Kanal and his girlfriend Erin. Super-nice. Of course. Dana introduced me as her friend Jessica, a really big fan. Perhaps a blush from me, but whatever, that's what I am. A huge fan. Yes, hello, you're awesome, great show.

Then came along Nina, the drummer Adrian's wife, who's really close with Dana. She was so personable and wanted to know, as a die-hard fan, what I thought of the show (um, I may have gone on a tangent about it's amazingness?). And then Adrian, his seven-year-old son Mason, and Tia joined us. Incredibly nice. What would I expect? They always seem so - from the way they treat their fans, to each other, to other bands - I've never heard them being egocentric jerks like some musicians in their bracket. Even below it. They're genuine and talented and grateful for all they have. I was surprised at how nice.

When Dana mentioned that we had gotten to New Jersey via car service, Nina became instantly worried about how we were going to get back. She then relayed how their bus was taking them back into the city to their hotel - and, per chance, would we want to travel back with them?

Um, yes.

So we got on the bus (each member of No Doubt has their own bus - families will do that to you!), and Adrian was asking us if we wanted anything to eat or drink, and telling us about the day they spent in New York. The bus was incredibly nice - huge fridge, queen size bed in back, big bunks. I made a joke about being on Jesse's bus with 18 other people and how luxurious it felt on Adrian's bus, and Adrian said he "remembered those days."

Yes, during this whole time I was spazzing out undercover style because, let's think about this: I was on Adrian of No Doubt's tour bus. I was having a conversation. I was acting nonchalantly as possible about hanging out with a guy IN MY FAVOURITE BAND EVER. Surreal doesn't even begin to cover it.

When we got into the city and their hotel at 2am, the paparazzi were there waiting. I was totally surprised. Dana and I said our goodbyes and ran to get a cab to retrieve Dana's phone and then head home.

Dana and I on the bus - THANK YOU DANA DYNAMITE!!!
She also has some more pics :)

I may or may not have danced around in the elevator going up to my apartment at 230am. I MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE.

Friday, June 26, 2009

No matter who calls.

I'm doing it again. Tonight I'm going to see No Doubt! It's the fourth time in two months, and the 2nd time in just a week, but I'm still just as excited. Okay, maybe a little bit more excited for tonight. Because Jesse set the whole thing up (as an anniversary gift months ago) with our friend Dana, who works for Ben Sherman, and happens to be friends with Adrian (the drummer for No Doubt), and the Paramore kids. And...she happens to have VIP access tonight. And...I'm her plus one.

WHUUUUUUUUUUUUT? I know, Jesse knows WHATTADO to keep me happy! I've been ecstatic for months, but don't like sharing things until, ya know, I'm pretty sure it's going to happen. And it is! Today after work, Dana and I are meeting up and heading to New Jersey!

I have no idea what the backstage access is going to be like or any of those kinds of details, but I assure you I'm mostly jazzed to see the show again. I have this weird thing about not wanting to meet my idols, but we'll see what happens. I know I'll be superawkward regardless!

These are a bunch of No Doubt pics from their current tour. It only really gives you a glimpse into how fun the show truly is; though their energy translates pretty well into photographs! I may be back later or tomorrow with a Smiling Like I Mean It of a ND song, since, I told myself I'd do that for this summer...but I forget things sometimes! Anyway - what are you doing this weekend?! Has anybody else gone to the tour?! Anybody else digging the two new Paramore songs as much as I am?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

All over, all over.

By the way, we had a great time on Tuesday night. The Baracklyn Cyclones won! They went by "Baracklyn" instead of "Brooklyn" for the evening in a show of presidential pride. We got a Barack Obama bobblehead too!

Jesse flew back to LA yesterday; by next week the MCS dudes should be mostly done with the recording process for the new album. Then it's off to mixing and mastering and production and all that jazz - but next week Jesse's back! Hurrah!

PS This is what my hair looks like as of late in this crazy hazy humid weather. Sigh.

Gonna dress you up in my love.

"Things... are... happening!"

Last week, I was approached via e-mail by a woman named Justine who works for a branding/marketing company. She'd read this here blog and wanted to know if I was interested in being a Gap Brand Enthusiast, meaning I'd throw a little party for me and my close friends where we'd try on loads of Gap product. It would also mean I'd get sent Gap packages over the course of a year.

So yeah - I was interested!

I met with Justine after work yesterday for a discussion about my "nomination." Afterwards, she took me over to the Gap where I got some free merchandise of my choosing - and, let me tell you, I'm already pretty enthusiastic about the Gap after this visit!

Admittedly, I haven't been to the Gap in maybe a year - mostly due to my cut down on shopping (weddings cost money!). I was surprised to find a lot of stuff I wanted, and so I tried on many an outfit. I also tried to think of my mother, who says I need to wear brighter colors all the time. I tend to wear lots of darker colors like purple, red, and gray. And in New York, it's true, wearing all-black just sorta happens a lot. I've been better in the past couple of months with my latest purchases, and so, I present to you, my Gap score:

Bright green sundress! I hardly wear green. I think I only have one cardigan of this same color. But it's super cute - it's basically a cotton tank top and a silky light skirt. Justine suggested pairing it over a small tee, an idea which I'll be trying soon!

Okay, I ended up with something gray: this totally adorable short-sleeved cardigan. It's light though. I'm wearing it at work today and I'm kind of in love with it. I was choosing between this color and a dark purple - went gray!

This dress is bright blue, and silky. It fits perfectly - I forgot to get a picture of the back, which is a racerback that fits snug and clean. It looks great, and I feel fabulous in it. Won't it look cute with those yellow wedges my mom got me? COLORS!

And the dress was so fabulous I got it in black too (hee hee) -

Now, my closet is full of summer dresses - it's exciting! But also, I wish I could maybe have a hot, dry summer day in which to wear them? Because so far it's been pretty dreary out. It hasn't stopped being rainy and sticky and humid and gross! Ah well, there will be a time...and I'll be feeling pretty good and prepared in my outfits!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


It's ERICA DAGLEY'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! She's turning twenty-six, and like the previous years, it will be a celebration to remember!

First up, we're going with a group of friends tonight to see the Brooklyn Cyclones play in Coney Island! Let's hope the rain stays away. If there's one thing that Erica Dagley likes besides ice cream, cats, boys in white tees, Pine Flu, and Chris Pine in a white tee holding a cat and eating ice cream - it's BASEBALL!

Afterwards, we're heading to Angels & Kings, basically Erica's second home, for more celebrations!!


Roll over and whisper some goodness.

Every day for the past couple of weeks, the morning weather report declares rain. And it's true - it's been raining nearly non-stop whether I happen to be here in New York or in Massachussetts. Usually the rain dampens not only the soles of my shoes, but also my spirits. Usually, the rain invites me to stay in bed a little longer: no need to go out and play. Usually, I obey.

However, the past two weekends have been some of the best in my history. Of course, I've recounted the tales of last weekend from the bridal shower to the bachelorette party to the hangover. And this weekend held just as much fun and excitement!

On Saturday morning, Erica and I woke up entirely too early (but necessary). We made it to Grand Central in time to meet up with Katie and Perry to head to Massachusetts. Because that night we were seeing NO DOUBT!!!

No Doubt = my favourite band on this planet. Yeah, I said it. I grew up listening to them, and they still blow my mind. We drove the hour to the Comcast Center and Perry got us our tickets at the band guestlist window (yeah, I know) and with a bit of help from her father, we were seated in the second row center for the show. YEAH.

Before we sat down, however, we had to collect our merch - I got a tote with the retro Spiderwebs poster on it, the limited edition tour poster, and the official tour program (which is filled with achingly amazing photos of the tour).

Why yes, I took this picture with my iPhone...

After going through layers of security to our seat, we settled in for an amazing set from Paramore. Since the seats were empty next to us we all kind of spread out and rocked out. And next...

Came No Doubt. They played all their hits and the four of us began a good two hours of jumping, fist-pumping, skanking, and singing. I would like to call it a legitimate workout. Also, they played a full version of "Tragic Kingdom," "Different People," and "Rock Steady," - all which made me oh-so-happy! I've seen No Doubt live several times, including almost a month and a half ago at Bamboozle - and this was the best I've seen them! They're one of THE BEST live bands I've ever seen, with all their energy, and they completely upped themselves on Saturday night. Watching them surrounded by my besties, all of us fangirls, was a great feeling.

The video backdrop for their show had some amazing montages and great new stuff from the band. I hope they make a live DVD of this tour and it includes some of those montages - they were quite mesmerizing!

After spending an hour getting out of the parking lot and another hour trying to get home in a rainy haze, we finally made it at 130am. I was up at 6am, because guess who needed to get picked up at the airport?! JESSE!!

Of course, his plane arrived half an hour early and so I was speeding a bit on the way there. I got pulled over for the first time ever. But the cop only gave me a verbal warning for going 80mph in a 65mph zone. Phew.

Then I got Jesse, who flew in on the red-eye from LA, so we were both in a sleepy haze. We had a few appointments on Sunday, and I dropped off the girls at the train station. When I returned, for Father's Day (!!!!) my dad, mom, brother, Jesse, and I went to the best local pizza joint called Zorba's. We gorged and then went to see Up which is adorable and we all loved it. I had a really great time relaxing with my family and especially my dad!

On Monday, Jesse and I took care of a few more things, and it looks like we're all set to make this "marriage" thing legal in August!

Can I get a "YAY!!!!" ?!?!?!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Woah! And to make it real ----

By the way. Tomorrow. I'm seeing No Doubt with my fellow die-hards - Erica, Katie, and Perry. Let me take a moment...

There's one tour poster for each date on the tour - can't wait to check out what our date's is!

They seem to be playing most of the singles with a couple old songs like "Hey You" and "End it On This." I'm just excited to be seeing them live again (who knew if it would happen?!) and to sing along with mah girls.

One of the best bands I've ever seen live, still true!

Oh, and on Sunday, Jesse's flying in for some necessary wedding planning, so I get to see him for the first time since LA! And it's also Father's Day! And when we get back to New York, it's Erica's BIRTHDAY!

...I may be a little tired next week :)

After me comes the flood.

This week has been a lot of catching up, cleaning up, and (of course!) reading. I just finished Jam's recommendation of Devil in the White City. The true stories contained in the volume are fascinating, and I highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in history, architecture, or serial killers.

The Chicago World's Fair, 1893.

What I found most interesting, however, was how the book was written. As someone who went to college for journalism, I tend to read things in two ways - to enjoy in the story and the characters, and to in some way decipher or theorize how the writer put it all together. This book was particularly fascinating because it was journalistic - Erik Larson put together the histories of two men and one world event of the 1890s not only through newspaper research, but through diaries, letters, and other personal belongings. These personal writings served as the most incredible testaments to the times and these men; a letter the lead architect wrote to his wife while he was away showed how stressed he was, but also how much he was looking forward to seeing her. The words would be considered quaint today, but Larson points out that his sentiments were racy enough to "steam the envelope open" in its own time.

And, of course, this isn't the first time letters have been used to gain insight into a person's life and thoughts. However, I can't remember the last time I've written a letter detailing my life and sent it to someone. Instead, I have (we all have) e-mail, blogs, twitters, and those pesky social networking sites. We have expanded the sources of our personal thoughts and they are all available at one place: a computer. So, in the chance that I do something remarkable or brilliant or even something that turns out to be infamous - one needn't wonder about the person I actually was, because it's all here. On this blog, in my e-mails to my friends, and displayed and updated nearly daily. There's no mystery to me, and maybe that makes me considerably un-interesting, but any good writer could weave a shocking tale full of foreshadowing of "the events she was to face later in life."

You know, whatever. Dramatization. Soap opera. You can do it with everything, especially the internet. And to Larson, some steamy letters from 1892. The letter-writers and diary-keepers of the 1800s are the e-mailers and bloggers of the present.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The hangover.

I've been over Saturday - the bridal shower, the bachelorette party...well, after waking up a little groggy on Sunday, my girls (Erica, Christy, Amber, Kelly, Jiscilla) and I headed to Life Cafe for some brunch. Though some of us were still feeling the effects of the previous night, it was still a lively meal and complimented with mimosas. Amber, that rebellious lady, ordered a bit too many drinks:

Cranberry mimosa, water, iced coffee, orange juice. Silly.

Also, please notice the size of mine and Christy's mimosa...

Jiscilla is also drinking a mimosa - a pint-size one. She became tipsy all over again and if you've ever been around Jiscilla tipsy, you know she's the cutest ball of giggles and thoughts ever.

After brunch we went back to the apartment for a slideshow of all the pictures Jiscilla took the previous night - I think nearly all of us were crying from laughter by the end of it. Seriously, when the bartender at Barcelona dressed up like Harry Potter, he looked more like Murray (Flight of the Conchords) dressed up like Harry Potter in Yes, Man. Follow? Anyway, I'll have all those (well, most!) pics up in a Facebook album when I get my hands on them.

Then we headed out to see The Hangover in Manhattan. It was probably the most perfect timing in history to see that movie, which is about the day after a bachelor party. I don't think any of us stopped laughing throughout. And maybe it was the timing, and perhaps it was because I was surrounded by my best friends, but it was definitely the funniest movie I've seen this year.

Also, I think everybody now crushes Bradley Cooper. Just sayin', Kells and I were on that ish back when he played Will Tippin on ALIAS, the adorable, rumpled, glasses-wearing journalist. Swoon. No doubt, I'm excited everyone else is all about him now too! So, check out ALIAS for some good JJ Abrams-ness, plus, the season one finale has my favourite Will Tippin moment.

We simply couldn't part after seeing the movie - we were still recounting scenes and lines from it, and both Christy and Amber would be flying home the next day. We decided to go to (you guessed it) Sweet Emily's for the always-delicious grub. We finally said our heartfelt goodbyes and talked about how amazing the entire weekend was. And how it was just a pre-cursor to how great the wedding is going to be in August.

You know how when you're little and you're talking to your best friends and you're like, "when we grow up we're going to live in the house next door to each other and have sleepovers all the time!!" - well, I'm not going to lie, I may have had this thought while saying bye and reflecting on how lucky I am to have these friends. Hearts.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The bachelorette party!

After the wonderful, classy bridal shower, us ladies got down to the real business at hand: the bachelorette party. Erica and Kelly handed out purple beads, sunglasses, and a special giant, blinking engagement ring for me to compliment our outfits. I had no clue what was planned; I was told to show up at the curb outside our apartment at 10pm. Initially, I thought a scavenger hunt was at hand.

I should have known better.

Awaiting us was a sweet limousine and Tanesha the driver. I was completely flabbergasted. We all climbed into the limo and Erica and Kelly doled out the champagne as we headed into Manhattan. Erica also made the most amazing mix of songs to ever grace my ears - the entire time we were in the limo I believe we spent it singing along to our favourite songs and seat-dancing (old pastime).

Our first stop was the bar Maritime, underneath the hotel of the same name. It was pretty sophisticated and we drank prosecco and danced. Angela also showed up at this point, as she would travel with us for the rest of the night!

[I should also say here that Jiscilla is still working on the photos from the rest of the night - this is only the beginning! It's also why we look so coherent. Don't worry, you'll be able to tell the time of the night by the deterioration of my crown. These pictures are from Maritime, and the rest I'll soon have up in a photo album.]

After the Maritime, we piled into the limo to head uptown to Barcelona, a bar with an amazing selection of....shots. We entered the bar and a space cleared for our rowdy party. We proceeded to order the Harry Potter shot in which the bartender put on a scarf and glasses and held a wand above our ten shots which he then set on fire. Don't worry - we have visual documentation of this amazingness, you'll see it soon. We downed it.

I believe it was Katie Brown who threw on a slew of amazing songs on the juke box and returned to tell us that there was another bachelorette party in the small bar, at the back. They were definitely not having as much fun as we were - simply standing together sipping their drinks while we hugged, laughed, and screamed. They promptly left.

Before I knew it, "Just a Girl" came on over the jukebox and we all started singing. This may or may not have sounded like screaming or yelling - the night became quite a whirlwind at this point. I do know Amber climbed on the bar and got underneath the beer tap for a swig, which the bartender was loving. We took some sort of orgasm shot that was quite gross in demonstration, I wouldn't want to recount it, but since it was the raunchiest thing that happened at THIS bachelorette party, it was the perfect touch. I took two of those.

Mandy Moore's "I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week" was our next scream along. Then Paramore's "Misery Business" - at which point we were all standing on the bar step and dancing and yelling and slapping the bar to the beat. Yeah. THEN Motion City Soundtrack's "LGFUAD" came on - I think it was that one, I know it was MCS! - and we were all screaming and the girls were all "You're marrying this guy!" and Perry had a great quote from the night on her blog:

Bouncer to patron: That girl is marrying the dude in this band.
Patron: What band?
Bouncer: The one playing in the bar right now!

Then two of us did the Top Gun shot in which we were instructed to put on a hat and aviators and they played "Danger Zone." Classic. So, then we (the life of the bar) left Barcelona and headed to Niagara for some dancing and utter randomness.

Here's what we could gather. A group of us headed to the basement to dance, and then we all came up to the non-working photobooth and talked to a bunch of curious people. Gaby was talking in Hebrew to a couple of men, and people thought Jiscilla was our hired photographer for the evening. One woman managed to get into A LOT of our pictures. Christy nearly yelled at the woman's friend who was wearing a t-shirt with the British flag on it: "ARE YOU BRITISH?!" At some point she also yelled at a guy on a rickshaw who tried to talk to me. Love her. Oh, and I kept on slamming my amazing fake ring on the limo window to see if anyone on the outside could see it. By this time, my crown was securely on crooked and bent.

We exited Niagara to get some pizza across the street. All I remember is pointing at a slice of white spinach pizza and plopping down at a table, slightly hunched over, scarfing, and eyes half-open. I was also highly amused my Amber's purchase of a pig-in-a-blanket.

The girls in the wedding party bid adieu to the rest of the ladies who lived in Manhattan, and we climbed back into the limo. WHICH HAD BEEN SWITCHED! Seriously, we got into the limo and it was a completely different one! But we took it all in nonchalantly, and continued the party. The next morning we affectionately called this the "tumbling" part of the evening, as Christy referred to all of us like being in a washing/drying machine in the back of the limo. We were all over the place. We were still singing and dancing, but also half asleep.

Note: this picture is NOT from the end of the night. Those look A LOT different. Ha.

We made it home safe, and as I was washing my face Amber walked into the bathroom and I apparently tried to make her harmonize with me while singing a single note into the mirror. Typical. Kelly was doing her Barry Gibbs impression. Jiscilla has an incoherent and dark video of these final, break-of-dawn moments (never to see the light of day) and we all fell into our beds with smiles on our faces.

We all had so much fun. The next morning we woke up like zombies. But with some water and a few motrin, we were ready for brunch. The weekend continued for us on Sunday, and I'll have more on that tomorrow.

Jesse remarked on how glad he was that "nothing bad happened," since sometimes a group of people embibing a lot of spirits and traipsing around the city could lead to some pretty harried hijinks. However, I was surrounded by my best friends all night. There's a reason I keep them close - I know none of them suck. None of them are drama queens. None of them would ever endanger us. We all like fun! We all have our wits about us! I will be friends with these girls for life. As it always is when we hang out, there's never an awkward moment or negativity. We cherish each other and celebrate our friendship. MY FRIENDS RULE.