Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'll always see you through.

Finishing 2666 was not my only success of the weekend! I got some great shopping in, as well.

A few months ago I saw these pair of Betsey Johnson sunglasses in purple online and I wanted them soooo bad but they sold out right quick. Cut to last Saturday and I'm walking into a TJ Maxx in suburban Massachusetts with my mom and I see THESE. For $7.99. And I proceeded to purchase them, plus another Betsey pair that are huge with thin red frames in red, and another pair that were cat-eyed - a style I've been obsessed with since that trip to LA.

I also found three adorable, affordable summer dresses at the TJ Maxx; all for great prices, of course. Above is a little snippet of each. I felt really good after all my summer shopping, which didn't break the bank AT ALL. So then my mother took me to Macy's and bought me a pair of yellow wedges since she thinks I don't wear enough color on my feet...yeah...but they're awesome, dressy wedges.

I'm still on the lookout for a pair of on-the-beach, walking-around-a-beach-town wedges, though. I saw a pair at TJ Maxx that were too big! But my purchases, pretty good, am I right?!

My mother and I continued our afternoon by lunching with my great friend and former co-worker slash roommate Deidre, who lives in the area. I always love playing catch-up.

The weather this weekend was also amazing - unlike the thunder storms that woke me up at 3am last night! Here's a photo of my mom standing on a particulary picturesque lake pier on Saturday:

But I'll be honest, I love thunderstorms. I love staying in and counting the seconds between the flashes of light to the rumble of thunder. The first crack or clap of thunder always makes me jump, but I tend to smile when I realize I have goosebumps. I love being in bed for thunderstorms and awake and holding onto somebody and laughing together. Last night wasn't so fun in the middle of the night...with nobody to latch on to.


  1. i love finding good stuff! those shoes are sweet. listening to thunderstorms is relaxing for me, but for my little dog he's one big ball of nerves hehe

  2. Those shoes are fierce as hell! I wish I could wear something like that.

  3. So glad you mentioned TJ Maxx. I've been looking for good vacation dresses and striking out everywhere. After reading this, I thought "why not?" and went to TJ Maxx tonight after work tonight and found three fab ones. You're a trendsetter!

  4. Ria - dogs hate thunderstorms! My previous dog would run into the bathroom and jump in the tub when he heard thunder or knew it was coming!

    Kim - Why can't you?! I know I sometimes can't wear certain shoes, like ankle booties, ughhhh because my legs would look truly grotesque in such footwear!

    Zan - Yeah TJMaxx! It's so good - summer dresses for bargain price. And I never feel guilty going on a "spree" at TJ. Ha.

  5. yes, these are some awesome dressy wedges...i love the color yellow and green and orange hahaha i just love color. tj maxx does have wonderful dresses.