Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Your head will collapse.

Does anybody watch the Starz original series Party Down? Admittedly there were two things that drew me in: it's created/produced or something by Rob Thomas and Paul Rudd, and there were many actors from my one of my favourite shows ever, Veronica Mars. It could be a little uneven at times, but I ended up loving the one-liners and all the cameos (including a great finale scene with Kristen Bell that still has me cracking up).

I also caught up with True Blood, as last summer I kind of lost interest because I'm not Anna Paquin's biggest fan. I loved her in The Piano (I do an impersonation of her accent...maybe...), but one of my close friends had to work with her a couple of years ago and basically said she was a huge jerk. I don't think she's that impressive in True Blood - but she won an Emmy for it, so maybe it's just my prior knowledge of her creeping in as bias. Or perhaps just because she won an Oscar when she was 13 people just love giving her awards? Perhaps. ANYWAY - the supporting cast is awesome, and the last episode was really, really scary. Also, both these shows have roles played by Lizzie Caplan, whom I loved in Mean Girls as Janis.

Now, the point of all this television talk is that I've been trying to "catch up" with all the hype of these new shows. However, there's one show that goes on hiatus every year for far too long: LOST. And so, I thought it would be a brilliant plan if we continued watching LOST on Wednesdays - from the first episode. Jam worked it out that we'd have to watch 2.5 episodes every week to be all caught up for the final season's premiere in 2010.

Let me tell you, watching the pilot after just watching this last season's finale was kind of mind-blowing. You know how they show Jack's flashback in surgery and his dad makes him count down from five and afterwards Jacob hands him a candy bar? Jack tells that story in the pilot when Kate is stitching up his back - except he doesn't mention his father was there and he makes it out like he decided to do it on his own (oh, and he doesn't mention the stranger Jacob, of course). Also in the pilot, Locke shows Walt the game of backgammon - which he tells him is an ancient game, before Christ's time, and he holds up the checkers showing it's light versus dark. As in Jacob versus Black Shirt?! Seriously, full circle. I'm back to anticipating Wednesday nights as I usually do when new episodes are on the air!

Included this pic because how awkward does Evangaline look here?!

The crew includes Jam, T-Bone, and Erica - anybody else who's down for classic LOST episodes is welcome as well! Tonight will be our third viewing...we're on episode six, as we've watched two episodes a week for the past two weeks. Those pesky .5s will probably be taken care of in a couple marathon weekend days we set aside.

And there are other pros to re-watching old episodes; I mean, I won't go through my usual Fox withdrawal:

(Not a Top Fiver - though he wavers in and out occasionally!)


  1. I've been filling my Lost void with Jorge Garcia's blog:

  2. I love Jorge's blog! I read it religiously! :)

  3. Ahhh I LOVE Party Down. The finale was so good. I love all the guest spots from VMars alumni too.

    I have tried to get on the Lost train - so didn't happen. It is just one of those shows I find way too confusing and the characters just didn't do it for me. I feel that way w/ most of JJ Abram's stuff minus Star Trek. I want to love it but, just not for me I guess.

  4. Dude, if I lived in Brooklyn, you would find me on your couch watching LOST twice weekly with you. Although, I may be doing it on my own now because you've gotten me curious about what else I could go back and pick up on from the first few seasons. Besides, I need to get my Jack fix in (I love the pictures you've posted--drool!). And Desmond. Okay, and Sawyer.

  5. I end up watching all of it in marathons. Once a disc is in, might as well finish the entire thing. I already finished S1. Moving on to some Des time soon! YAY.

  6. Mich - I also looooved Vinnie Van Lo's character on VMars "Priiivate eye - I'm watching you" (still makes me laugh), so I was excited to see him on Party Down! I feel like LOST is the least confusing of confusing shows...well, I'll just say if it's hard to keep up with LOST, don't try The Wire! Ha. Each person has their own tastes. :)

    Lyndsey - Yeah!!! Ultimately, I might pick Desmond over Jack in terms of hotness, but at the same time the actor who plays Desmond had some shady sexual assault charges brought against him, sooooo that kind of makes him not hot. Ha. Last night the two more we watched contained even more - like the Adam & Eve skeletons which had 2 stones inside a little baggie on them - a BLACK and WHITE stone!

    Jessica - I loooove Desmond's character. Yum.

  7. This is a good idea. I also miss Boone so it would be nice to see him again.

    It looks like she is giving birth to Matt Fox in that picture.

  8. Jessica - you know what the thing is, I LOVE The Wire!! I don't know, Lost just is not my cup of tea I guess? I have been known to yell at the TV when I attempted to watch an ep, it was serious. I usually loveee those shows w/ the big mysterious questions (I sat through all four seasons of Battlestar Galactica, which probs had as many questions and answers to wrap up as Lost will) but yeah, besides Trek apparently JJ Abrams and I just don't go together.