Friday, July 31, 2009

Just fighting for my right in denim...

The party has arrived! The festivities actually go down Monday night with a rad bunch of ladies, and there will be MUCH documentation, not to worry!!

What's also rad? There are some goodies in store for those not in the area! I have a prize...or two...or three for my lovely, amazing, awesome readers!! I've told you lately that I love you, right?

Tomorrow morning Jesse and I head to Massachusetts for our final "single" weekend, where we'll be celebrating my brother's birthday and the arrival of the Panamanian contingency! A lot of my family flew in...from PANAMA. So excited!

What are you doing this weekend?!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

But I folded and I told.

My co-workers are the best! Yesterday afternoon there was a meeting set up for 4pm, and my boss opened her office door to THIS:

EEEEEEEEEE! WHAT?! I was SO surprised! They did everything up in purple, from purple jellybeans to the ribbons. Plus, they got me those lovely champagne flutes that say "toast" or "cheers" in different languages.

There was cheese and crackers - and CAKE! My lovely co-worker Sarah is leaving our team on Friday, and so it was a co-party of bridal shower and congratulation themes!

We're getting married in ten days. WOAH.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hand me down, the takedowns.

By the by, my friend Christina is awesome and came to Vegas with presents for me:

You can get them at!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

I think I can figure it out !

Vegas lived true to its reputation: lots of lights and nonstop action.

My JetBlue flight from JFK went swimmingly. I watched some TV: I witnessed the Red Sox lose and a horrifyingly hilarious episode of Toddlers & Tiaras in which twin sisters are pitted against each other in pageants by their terrifying favourites-picker mother AND another mother's two-week-old baby boy was entered into a pageant to come in as 4th runner up. Seriously, this stuff sticks with you.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I landed smoothly in Vegas around 11pm, though I could have sworn from my window seat that we were going to land on the actual strip as I felt only two feet away from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino when we touched the ground. Luckily, we were on the actual landing strip, not the Vegas strip.

I was tired (as it was 2am New York time) but almost skipped towards the exit because I was so excited to see Jesse and finally be there. My skipping came to a furious halt as soon as I hit the outdoors - there was a literal WALL OF HEAT. The dry air was crawling all over me at 107 degrees at 11pm at night, but I couldn't let it slow me down. Not even the feeling of being in the direct line of a city bus' exhaust pipe as the hot (and not cooling at all) Vegas breeze swept over me could dry out my spirits: I was in Vegas, baby!

When I arrived at the Hard Rock Hotel, I waited for Jesse and his mom in the lobby and when Jesse spotted me, they swept me away through the casino, to the bar in the middle of the place and he handed me a Long Island iced tea. Yep. That's how it started. Soon after, a bunch of the Motion City guys and friends were joining us, as well as some of the members of the band Valencia. We had a raucous conversation into the wee hours of the morning.

The next day, Jesse and I grabbed breakfast with his mother and then while Jesse went off to practice, Sandi and I shopped!! I had mistakenly forgotten my bathingsuits at home and needed a new one. So I bought two, of course. Then I spotted the Bettie Page store and I was in a little bit of heaven. I wanted everything there, but settled on one spectacular gray dress with little white polka dots. Pictures to come of it on its first outing for sure!

We met up with Jesse and then the Motion City guys and a lot of their friends and family! It was a lot of fun to see everyone again (like Christina, Lindsay, and Jill!!!), and we all headed into the Blink-182 show together. It was a little bit ridiculous to find our spot because we had VIP passes but The Joint at the Hard Rock is a little bit of a new venue and it was hectic. When I asked a woman where we were supposed to go, she said we couldn't go upstairs, but then when I pointed out our passes, she had this apologetic look on her face and grabbed my hand and started running up the stairs - while still holding my hands! It was ridiculous and she apologized profusely and I was just laughing because I had no idea what was going on. She brought us to our balcony table where we had a great view of the show.

Motion City ROCKED!! They haven't all played together since last October, before Tony broke his arm, and that night they were on! We were all singing and dancing in the rafters! Then they played their new song which is RAD and you should all have a listen HERE because even though it's live, I think you can tell how good it is.

Blink-182 played next and it was admittedly great to see them all together on stage, live again. I saw them several times in high school and then once on their last tour which was with No Doubt (duh) in 2004. The thing about Blink is that growing up, they were always a lot of fun to listen to, but not that interesting live. Their banter was immature, which was funny for a time, but I quickly grew out of it. Their stage presence left much to be desired and I often yawned at their shows, save for times when Travis had drum solos on their last tour. On Thursday night, I was revved up when they started out with "Dumpweed" and then as the show went on, I slowly began remembering Blink-182 shows from my youth. They were kinda lame. And yes, these shows didn't have any of the production that they will have on this comeback tour, and I really think they need it.

The second show on Friday night convinced me otherwise, however. They sounded better and were much more in tune with each other, I think. I was not really looking forward to watching them again, but I was surprised on such a turnaround of nights. They killed it! I was much more into the show, the crowd was much more into it, and I remembered all the reasons why Blink-182 was such a part of my youth.

But let me back up to Friday morning. After a ridiculously late night partying on Thursday (in which I witnessed Shana Moakler wearing a ratty white tee, sporting a brassy blonde dye job, and playing craps), I woke up on Friday to meet up with one of my best friends, RICK! He lives in Reno, so he flew down for fun!! Jesse had many label things and interviews and soundchecks to do, so I met Rick at the Wynn and we had a delicious brunch. Then we went shopping about Vegas because Reno has no cool stores (does Reno have cool anything?!). Rick then took me around to see some Vegas sights I've never seen - like the Bellagio garden, and the fountain show. It was fun to be a tourist and I had a great tour guide - thanks Rick!!

Then Rick and I decided to go back to the Hard Rock because it has such an awesome pool and I had just bought a bathingsuit so OF COURSE! Fortunately, Jesse had some extra time, as well as Brendan, his wife Jillian, and their daughter Amelia - so we all suited up! UNFORTUNATELY IT STARTED RAINING. And a coolness overcame Vegas and I'm screaming about how "Isn't this the desert?! Why is it raining?! I BOUGHT BATHINGSUITS!" And we trudged back up to change for dinner. A delicious steak dinner, that is. It definitely made up for the lack of swimming weather.

After dinner, we went backstage with Jesse before the show and the elevator door opened to Mark Hoppus and the band members of Chester French. Mark even said hi to me, recognizing my face from LA a couple of months ago. I was definitely surprised, just saying. In the dressing room, we hung out before the show and Sandi was taking lots of pictures with her new camera. Then Mark walked in to say hello and check in on the guys - he's a wicked nice dude, as I witnessed on Friday. Good stuff.

Then Rick enjoyed his first Motion City show EVER! Which, I can't believe, because I remember telling Rick about Motion City years ago in college when he lived across the hall from me. Before I Am the Movie even came out, I was telling Rick about MCS. And Rick and I were show-going partners. And I saw MCS several times during college. But Rick never came!! So strange to me. So it was fitting I should be at his first show, though, and I'm glad he had fun! After the stellar MCS/Blink performances, we all went out to the casino floor and played some slots for fun. I lost $25 the entire weekend, and won $45 that I also lost. Ha. But it was worth it!

The past couple of days had definitely worn on my body however, and Friday night I was EXHAUSTED. I felt ready to pass out on the floor, and I wasn't even drinking. I decided to bid adieu to Jesse, Jillian, and Rick and head to SLEEP! And it felt grand. On Saturday morning, Jesse and I woke up and headed to the airport for the long flight home. I knew Vegas was going to be fun, what with the friends and activities, but it was WAY more fun than I had anticipated, and though I sit here on Monday night still quite tired, I would do it again in a heartbeat...well, give me at least a month...

Oh, PS - here's another reason the Hard Rock Hotel was rad in my book:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

If you can imagine, it's easy if you try.

Today I fly to LAS VEGAS!

Jesse left on Monday to start rehearsing with the band, as they haven't actually played all together since last October - since before Tony broke his arm! They're rehearsing because they are playing TWO shows with Blink-182 on Thursday and Friday. I haven't seen Blink live since they're pre-hiatus tour with No Doubt!

Other reasons I'm stoked for this trip are:

- Jesse's mom flew out to be there, too! I believe all the MCS dudes have family coming out!

- Get to catch up with the lovely ladies from my LA trip - Lindsay, Christina, Jill, Jenna!

- RICK IS COMING ON FRIDAY!!! Rick is one of my best friends and I last saw him at Christmas. As he lives in Reno, he's coming down on Friday morning to hang out and see the show too!!

- It's VEGAS, hello! I've only been once, as in last summer, but I anticipate an even better time. Perhaps because the bands Motion City is playing with this time around are filled with better persons than last year's headliners? Whatever, last year was GREAT, and this year it's going to be a party!

- Pre-wedding relaxing = good stuff. It's been quite busy 'round these parts, so I'm glad to get out of New York and ease my mind by not thinking about it! Also, will try to be avoiding any and all questions about it this weekend.

- Plus, I get to fly out of JFK Airport's swank new JetBlue Terminal 5!

Anyway, I'm sure Jesse is eagerly awaiting my arrival (right, Jesse??) and this afternoon I'm on my way! I hope to blog a bit, but that BlogPress app isn't that amazing because it resizes the pics and just creates extra work for me when I get back (lame). However, the Tumblr app is still great on the go and I'll be "scrapbooking" my trip over there. As in, HERE.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Love is just a piece of time in the world.

I think there's a certain type of dude who's into that quirky girl in movies - the Zooey Deschanels, the Natalie Portmans. I've got nothing against these guys or their objects of affection. I think there's something far more disconcerting about men that are into Megan Fox over the quirky girls. However, in a similar vein, these guys may just be holding the bar a little high for finding these perfectly weird girls in real life.

I remember when Garden State came out, and all of a sudden Natalie Portman's character was every one of my close guy friend's dreamgirl. Because she was all indie with headphones and when she got sad it was cute.

I saw 500 Days of Summer this weekend with Jesse, and I can see why some guys want to see this movie for all the camera love bestowed upon Zooey. However, it also kind of demystifies and breaks down all the quirky girlness and extricates (literally in a split-screen) the expectations from the reality. Your perfect girl is not perfect, your perfect dude is not perfect. And like the tagline reads, the movie is not a love story - it's a story about love.

I really enjoyed 500 Days, and not only because it kind of shows that a person's dreamed-up ideal may not be as amazing as you would think, but because it extends those thoughts of reality through to relationships and love. The story revolves around the specific relationship between Tom and Summer, but there was enough there to recognize similarities in my own past or present ones. There was something specifically mentioned in the end, in which Jesse and I turned to each other and kind of smiled. That part was true, at least for us.

The movie could be a little heartwrenching at times, but it was mostly funny. As much as it reminds you of the crap parts of relationships, it also reminds you of the good stuff. The feeling of a mutual smile or thought, the feeling of requiting a crush, or the feeling of keeping a good moment always (see also: "Everlong" by The Foo Fighters).

Can I also say that I loved Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zooey Deschanel? Capital performances - perfectly captured each of their characters. I envision big things for Levitt; he's known for 3rd Rock from the Sun, but has been showing up in all these little indie movies like Brick, and each time his abilities shine through. And I've always loved Zooey, since she played The Enemy's big sister in Almost Famous. Perfectly cast here.

All in all, a refreshing movie that takes some fun risks with the writing and directing. And like those quirky girls, not perfect, but love to watch just the same.

Monday, July 20, 2009

How will we know when there's nowhere to grow.

It's been a busy few days. I'll be back with lots of words, per usual. But for now I leave you with this scan from the No Doubt tour book! It's so rad, and I wanted to share. More relevant information to share later; I just thought I'd distract you with pretty colors.

[Parker out.]

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I know it's been a while -

But if you're curious...

My Bridal Shower(s) Album!

And the end of the night sure looked different!
My Bachelorette Party Album!

Thanks so much to Jiscilla for taking these phenomenal photos!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Well you don't mind me being headstrong.

It's July 15th, meaning it's nearly exactly half-way through the year. And there are 52 weeks in a year, and I'm reading 52 books this year, which means I should have read by this point, 26 books. Let's see -

Fifty-Two Books in 2009

01 A Clash of Kings, George R.R. Martin (01.05.09)
02 World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, Max Brooks (01.18.09)
03 Eclipse, Stephenie Meyer (01.20.09)
04 The Road, Cormac McCarthy (01.22.09)
05 Y: The Last Man, Brian K. Vaughn (01.27.09)
06 Breaking Dawn, Stephenie Meyers (01.31.09)
07 Infinity Blues, Ryan Adams (02.12.09)
08 The Best American Magazine Writing 2008 (02.28.09)
09 First Love, Ivan S. Turgenev (03.08.09)
10 Fun Home, Alison Bechdel (03.15.09)
11 Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy (03.16.09)
12 The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Milan Kundera (03.24.09)
13 Never Let Me Go, Ishiguro Kazuo (03.29.09)
14 The Last Vampire, Christopher Pike* (04.05.09)
15 Whisper of Death, Christopher Pike (04.13.09)
16 Monster, Christopher Pike (04.21.09)
17 A Storm of Swords, George R.R. Martin (04.30.09)
18 Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Seth Grahame-Smith (05.15.09)
19 Crimson, Brian Augustyn (06.15.09)
20 2666, Roberto BolaƱo (06.07.09)
21 The Devil in the White City, Erik Larson (06.17.09)
22 The Uncommon Reader, Alan Bennett (06.19.09)
23 The Lover, Marguerite Duras (06.22.09)
24 The Sound of My Voice, Ron Butlin (06.25.09)
25 Blood Meridian, Cormac McCarthy (07.07.09)
26 L.A. Confidential (Film Criticism), Manohla Dargis (07.10.09)
27 Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea, Chelsea Handler (07.12.09)
28 Ender's Game, Orson Scott Card (CURRENTLY READING)

I'm ahead! I'm ahead!! YES!

Maybe it's trite but I can always be wrong.

Let me explain.

Last night Zan and I had our monthly meeting at Whiskey Park to delve into serious discussion over peartinis, and per usual, we got into books. Zan and I started talking about 2666's lovely box-set packaging, and how design can make a world of difference in wanting to read a book. I then chose that moment to woefully pull out my copy of what I was currently reading: Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card.

Many, many people have suggested I read this book. Plus, Carrabba wrote that song "Ender Will Save Us All," a direct reference, and thus I was sold. So, after misplacing the copy of it my dad gave me years ago, which looked like this:

You know - a regular sci-fi book, no big deal - Last year I ordered it off Amazon and this is what the package held:

And it's been sitting on my shelf until now because it looks like the cover for a 5th grader - nay! 4th grader.

Zan laughed hysterically and snapped the picture above of my shame. Remember, I read mainly on my subway commute, and so I publicly display my literature every morning and evening. I wouldn't say I take it too seriously, but I did refuse to read Twilight on my commute. I hope people at least recognize the title to know that it's a legitimate novel, and I didn't steal some kid's school book. All that said, I am enjoying Ender's Game - though I'm going to need a different copy for the library I'm planning for in my future!

And so, Zan and I had another great evening dishing on various subjects, including the current state of celebrity compared to the 50s and 60s, her love of Brit rock in the 90s and my love of alternative in the 90s, the complete lameness of a number of bands these days, her trip to Italy, and the elusive Whiskey Park Twitterer. The WPT never got back to us except after we had left and with a simple smile! What a tease! We asked our waitress bringing out the peartinis who the WPT was and she didn't even know they had a Twitter. BUM OUT. There's always next time, though - right?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Tell it when you talk.

Another great weekend for the books!

On Friday night, Jesse and I met up with Jaime and Andrew to see the Mets vs. Reds game. I'm not a huge fan of either team, but as I live in New York, and the fact that I absolutely hate the Yankees, the Mets are my go-to team. Plus, I really like Citi Field. Anyway, to my surprise, ex-Red Sox pitcher Bronson Arroyo was pitching for the Reds! That was pretty cool, but it was sad to see no Mets make it to second base. [I'm pulling at my collar and making the "eeellll" noise if you catch my drift - but. I know you probably don't.] Anyway, Arroyo pitched all nine innings and it was a 3-0 shut out against the Mets. Ah well. Going to baseball games are in my top five activities, so no matter what happens or who's playing, it's always fun - and we saw three homeruns!

Andrew & Jaime!

OH ALSO: we're in the record books. The whole stadium opened a bag of chips and ate them at the same time, in the middle of the second inning, and apparently we were the largest crowd to do that EVER and some crowd rep' was handed a Guiness Book of World Records plaque. Go us.

On Saturday I headed to Rhode Island because my Tia Kim and family wanted to throw another bridal shower for me since they couldn't make it to the one last month! It was so lovely and nice and the best part was seeing all my family! Plus, my bestest friend from first grade, Colleen, was in attendance and I haven't seen her in five years. What's funny is that after spending the first three grades of elementary school together, and then me moving all over the country with sporadic visits, we've ended up in similar places in life, with both of us engaged and planning a wedding and, as we found out, similar thoughts on the whole deal. Great fun!

The whole gang!

My Tia Kim! The organizer!

Katie & Sammi!

My Tia Kim really pulled off a great event full of pomegranate mimosas and delicious food! Plus, a cake whipped up by Mrs. Louise Martone (my Tia Kim's mother-in-law, which, I don't know what that makes her to me, but I consider her family!) that I devoured with a side of ice cream. I also got a few things off our registry, which Jesse was excited about, and probably the best present was a pitcher that used to belong to my grandmother before she passed away. I was very touched by all the gifts and it just got me all revved up for the wedding again!

It can be real easy to get overwhelmed and stressed out by the planning, which hasn't occurred in full-out rage, but there are times where I make my checklists and think "ughhhh no time for fun!" - but that's a lie - as I think we all know, because I have tons of fun every week and sometimes wedding planning can be just that, too. Sometimes.

Anyway, it was great fun to see everyone including my kinda-cousins (like, cousins in law twice removed or something? My Uncle-by-marriage's neices) Sammi, Sarah, and Katie, and my Aunts-in-law Linda and Cheryl and my mom's neighbor Zoe, and also my actual Uncle Arthur and actual cousin James who picked me up at the train station. Saturday reminded me what a great family I have!

The rest of the weekend I spent hanging out with my family in Massachusetts, and taking in the great weather. We went out to dinner and watched the Red Sox games, and did some wedding planning. A lot of my family from Panama is coming in a couple of weeks, so there's a lot of housing preparations my parents are doing! They're coming in for the wedding, which, believe it or not is less than a month away (?!(@$)(G)W(#R*) and I'm so excited to see my Panamanian relatives, who I last saw in January of last year!

Anyway, this week will continue to be a blend of work, wedding planning (aka work), and some fun hangs. How was your weekend?!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Bubble pop electric, you've got to get it.

Guess what?! GUESS WHAT?! I got picked as a Gap Brand Enthusiast! Last night I returned home from seeing The Hurt Locker with Jesse, and dinner with him and Tyler, Jiscilla, Jesse Lee, and Brian to a package from Gap welcoming me. In it were the above & below shirt - why yes, that says "Born to Blog" - could it BE more appropriate? I think not.

Also enclosed was a group of minz lip glosses, the Gap's "Close" perfume, and a canvas tote bag perfect for, say, a honeymoon on a beach in a month? Yes, perfect.

This means my friends and I get to have a little party and try on the new Gap Born to Fit denim line - before it hits stores. If there's one thing I like in this world, it's a great pair of jeans, so I'm incredibly excited!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Every little bird in the tall oak tree.

I present to you an argument for Twitter's validity ----

I'm meeting up with Zan next Monday for our monthly outing to Whiskey Park - when I shall be testing this possible internet generosity :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

An internet conversation regarding Public Enemies.

Rick posted:

I don't know why, but the general consensus seems to be one of disappointment towards this movie. I'm not sure what people were expecting, but aside from an over reliance on steady cam shots and a preference for video vs film, both of which are among the few faults Mann has as a director, the movie delivered everything I expected from it, which was largely great performances by great actors as interested characters during a time period that I absolutely adore. Depp as always is phenomenal, which ironically, much like the Pirates movies, works to the films detriment. The movie absolutely shines when Depp is center stage and he looks like he is having an absolutely blast playing the legendary bank robber. However, he is so good that when he's not on screen you kind of sit there being bored until he comes back. It's not that the other actors and characters aren't interesting, it's that they are mostly FBI agents, and as usual the bad guys are just more fun to watch. The only other problem is that which every other historical drama comes across... you know how it's going to end. So despite all the fun you may have along the way, you know the character is in no real danger up until the end and then you know that it is all going to fall apart. Public Enemies is by no means a perfect movie, but for what it is, aside from Up, I think it might be the best movie that this summer is going to see.

I commented:

Besides UP? I would choose Star Trek over Public Enemies! It was a decent movie, but not amazing. It was disjointed and hard to follow. I'll start with the two-tone score: using an instrumental score through the movie, but also a banjo/bluegrass score? Also, the music didn't match in a couple of the scene, it totally distracted me. Michael Mann thought we knew way more than we did - I got the big ones, Babyface Nelson, Hoover, etc., but I don't think he really gave me the big picture about Dillinger. He gave me a year in the life. Which is the most exciting year, but...who knows? Maybe it's all I needed to know - but, it still made me curious. And finally, related to that note, Depp is a great actor by all means, but I don't think the movie gave Dillinger much depth at all - ("Deppth"???) - there were moments of blatant trying ("He is a man all alone") but it all felt too obvious and "said" as opposed to demonstrated or acted. This is where Mann surprised me - because he can make the best out of the inner emotional struggles of a person in The Insider, but Dillinger just seemed flat. All that said, it was entertaining and provided some good action and wry laughs. (AND COSTUMES!) I'd give it a B-.

Rick e-mailed me:

You're absolutely right, Star Trek was better than Public Enemies... though I still do think it is among the best movies we are going to see this summer, which is really more of a testament to how crappy this summer has been for movies than an endorsement of PE as a great film. Also there is a good chance that my opinion of the movie was artificially inflated as the last thing I saw was Transformers 2... now THAT is a movie with no character development.... at all...

I e-mailed him:

I can't believe you watched the hogwash that was Transformers 2. All I know is that I saw an article entitled "The Ten Biggest Plotholes in Transformers 2" - hahahaha! Because apparently it's not just ten. I mean, Public Enemies was a tad more enjoyable for me because I could look at the mug of Johnny Depp most of the time and be completely satisfied. But I have reason to believe Megan Fox (and her motorcycle humping derrier) couldn't do the same for Transformers 2.

That said - have you seen the preview for the new Diablo Cody written flick, "Jennifer's Body"? Starring M. Fox? It looks decent and also stars one of my Veronica Mars faves Lily (Amanda Seyfriend) and that old darling Adam Brody. Also, I may be mistaken but I think I also saw Beaver from V.Mars?

PS Kristen Bell has a twitter, FYI. (IMKristenBell) Except she already dropped a tweet with her bf's Dax's name in it and I can't believe she's still dating him. THAT IS ALL.

He replied:

This is my favorite "review" of transformers... wherein a guy interviews himself about the movie and hilarity ensues

I have indeed seen the Jennifer's Body trailer.... not sure what to think, it doesn't look terrible, but I hate Megan Fox, and I think Diablo Cody may have had a fluke with Juno... because the rest of her writing that I've been exposed to (which consists solely of her EW column) is not very good. But hey Brody and Seyfried may warrant a watch... and honestly when do I ever say no to going to the movies (see aforementioned Transformers 2)

All of my celebrity crushes let me down with their taste in men...


And now all I can think is finally a dude who can say that Megan Fox blows chunks!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I wanna taste the breeze of every great city.

Just hanging out in mah sweet new shirt, pretending I have no neck or mouth.

Check it: Analog Playset and the store for rad stuff like this tee!

Monday, July 6, 2009

I've seen right through and underneath.

What a phenomenal weekend! The worst part? I basically have zero pictures from it - I was so taken with the entire weekend, there was no time to document it. But, I figure there's got to be a way to invigorate my post with something pretty to look at. And since I saw Public Enemies over the weekend, I think that something pretty will be Johnny Depp. So, there may be no relation between the words and the images in this post, but I dare you to complain.

On Thursday, Erica and I left for our Connecticut paradise, aka Catherine & Steve's house (her aunt and uncle). We arrived only to promptly head back out for Mexican and margaritas. And a grocery debacle.

In Connecticut, you can't buy alcohol past 9pm. After dinner, we went to a grocery store to pick up some BL Limes for the weekend, and it was nearing 9pm when the cashier began swiping our loot. One 12-pack scanned, followed in the next moment by the second 12-pack, which didn't scan. The cashier told us it had turned 9:01pm between scans and that we couldn't buy the second 12-pack because the register doesn't register alcohol after 9pm. Technology!

On Friday, Erica and I were leisurely in getting up, and spent most of the day in the sun and reading and drinking lots of water in premeditated hydration, and then Kells arrived! We handed her a hot dog and a drink and she joined us in our reveling. And then the sky clouded and we napped. (Seriously this is my idea of an awesome weekend, I kid you not.)

Soon more of Erica's family arrived, and we then gathered ourselves to go see Public Enemies. The movie wasn't all that brilliant - but what I could do for two hours is watch Johnny Depp, as he sometimes alludes my memory until I actually see him and then I remember how nice he is to look at. Back to the movie. It's interesting for all the weird one-line bit parts played by recognizable actors, but the the film itself felt disjointed both by its score and by what the writer/director thought the audience knew about John Dillinger. If anything, it made me want to read up on a little Dillinger history, because all I knew about him was that he was a bank robber in the '30s and there's a band called the Dillinger Escape Plan. He wasn't a figure deeply covered in my high school or college history books.

On Saturday morning, I was reunited with my true, unreplaceable number-one love Jesse, as he had flown in from San Diego on Friday night and took a train with Sean to join the festivities. We soon thereafter embarked on lawn games of bocce ball and bag toss! Our friends Lauren, Sam, and Jim drove in for the 4th of July celebrations, too! And there was a belated ice cream cake for Erica's birthday! And uno! And margaritas thanks to Steve and Catherine's purchase of a Margaritaville Margarita maker! And Apples to Apples! And delicious flank steak! And lots of other stuff that involved exclamation points!

We woke up on Sunday to a delicious cheesy breakfast casserole, and continued with lawn games, some Friday Night Lights season three (almost done, ALMOST)...and then we had to bid sad, how sad. Luckily, Kells came via automobile and we got a ride home instead of having to deal with trains and subways!

So, I'm putting a thank you out to Erica, Catherine & Steve, Kells, all of Erica's family, Jesse for finally coming back for a good long while (yay!), and Johnny, thank you -

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Leave a message and I'll call you back.

I write to you from Erica's aunt and uncle's place in Connecticut.

Thought I'd share some thoughts I had today:

I stepped outside before the sky broke and started dumping water, and it genuinely felt like I was in Panama - the humidity was so thick.

Jesse gets back tomorrow! Today he's finishing his other sleeve tattoo in San Diego - exciting!

He'll get to Connecticut Saturday morning.

You can't buy alcohol after 9pm here. Literally at the grocery store we had two 12 packs of beer in a row and we couldn't buy the second one because the time changed to 9:01 and the register wouldn't ring it up. Seriously.

Kells arrives tomorrow!

I am excited to relax away from the New York hustle.

What are you doing on this long weekend?

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Brotherhood of Justice.

Dearest Jessica,

Man, it's been a while. I would be sorry I haven't written, but life is pretty crazy in 2011. You'll see. You've sent me a lot of letters and they were all too long. I mean, I don't want to read about commitment, "therefore" I stop reading (or stopping the person reading to me) when you mention wedding. I was curious about the word "nuptials" but when I found out it means "wedding" I was way confused, dude.

My reason today for writing you is because today is CANADA DAY. It's CANADA DAY here, two years in the future, and it's CANADA DAY there, in your present.

Hold on, had to "think" about that one for a second.

Okay. I think you told me you went to a lot of high schools. So did I. I got expelled from one because I was greasy and running around a lot. You may have gone to three high schools, but I went to four and they were in CANADA, so let's "celebrate" that. Except I never did graduate, so I you have me beat there. But then, I make lots more money than you do, so it all evens out in the end, I guess. HAPPY CANADA DAY.

Wait. This letter "just" got too long.