Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Down the drain, down the drain.

I'm not the biggest fan of Los Angeles, but I love visiting. Jesse grew up in LA, so he knows the city pretty well.

I got in Thursday night - after many hours and two flights (in middle seats!) and serious jet lag. He picked me up from LAX and we fled to his apartment that he shares with Matt for their time in LA recording. The next morning I was up bright and early at 6am, and when Jesse eventually woke up we started our Friday at the studio and then shopping.

At one point, Jesse got a text from our friend Kristy who informed him that she had a cancellation in her schedule, and she wanted to know if I wanted a free facial! She works at a great skin care center that caters to celebrities - after the fabulous, fabulous, fabulous and my FIRST EVER facial, I saw the model Gisele in the waiting room. Quality, people, QUALITY. Felt pretty great walking out of there...and my skin is still beaming. YES!

(Kristy! And a couple of her friends. If you don't know already, Kristy = amazing.)

Afterwards, Jesse took me to a lively and delicious Latin American restaurant called D'Cache. We had way too much to eat that we couldn't dance when the musician got lively. We did open our mouths for the waiters pouring sangria in everybody's mouth, though.

On Saturday, Jesse and I had brunch with our friend Colin, who is one of my favourite people to talk about tv and movies with. (We're both huge Aaron Sorkin fans!) Then Jesse and I went shopping again and I found a perfect winter coat - orginally $400 marked down to $100. As well as a pretty dress. We went by a glasses shop and I think I need to get some cat-eye sunglasses for this summer. Of course...some variations can be a bit silly -

But I loved them! I didn't buy them. Mainly out of how much they cost, but also because Jesse thought I should get some less crazy ones. Sometimes we need a little crazy though, no?

Then Jesse took me on a drive along Mulholland Drive, and I got to see the sprawling city below. I'm not much of a touristy person - when I have visitors I'm not much for taking them around the town to see landmarks. It's actually quite annoying for me...and when I go sightseeing somewhere else, I tend to get bored. It's just the way I am, I suppose. But. I felt in the spirit on Saturday. Jesse took me around the curves and I told him stories and legends about old Hollywood and then I made him stop so we could get a picture. Very progressive behavior, let me tell you.

Jesse and I spent the evening with his father who was visiting from northern California, and some of their old friends from when they lived in LA. We had a long, five-hour dinner party where the conversation never stopped. Great times.

On Sunday, Jesse had arranged for their daily workout to take place at a beach in Santa Monica, so I could enjoy some sun and sea. It was quite fun for me and Lindsay, Justin's ladyfriend and fellow blogger, to sit back on our towel as we watched them exercise. Ah, but they did great! Jill was also in town, and she was brave enough to work out next to them!

When I e-mailed Kristy a while ago to tell her I was coming into town, I suggested we have a get-together in her and Dan's backyard like last year. Well, she went all out and it was a big pool party! And so, so, so much fun!!

We spent most of the day into the night in the hot tub or pool or poolside, all talking and cracking up and catching up. The definition of good times. Also, I won't explain this one, but....speedos:

Also, unfortunately, during the trip I only had so much time, and didn't get to hang out with some people - namely, my friend Erin, Joyce, and the Monty Are I boys who were playing the Knitting Factory on Sunday night. Next time, next time!!

Yesterday, Jesse and I went back to the studio and then had lunch with his dad before he drove me back to LAX. Obviously, saying bye is not fun. I don't get to see him for another three and a half weeks. ARG! But, so it goes.

After saying bye, I did get a little comfort from the fact that I flew home on business class - which I never have before. I was awkwardly figuring it out: when they came around before take-off with a tray of water, orange juice, and champagne, I reached for my wallet before realizing that it was free. Then I had several courses of a meal and a glass of wine during the flight. And my seat reclined way back and a foot rest popped up. Made the six hour flight much, much more comfortable.

Forgive me for gushing, but there were a lot of things that happened this weekend I might not get to try out again! :) The rest of the pictures (all taken on my iPhone) are up here - check them out!


  1. ahhh LA, always so lovely. wow you saw THE GISELE, yup that is QUALITY!


  3. That pic of you in the sunglasses is awesome.

  4. Jealous! One of my few celebrity sightings was also Gisele, waiting outside the locker room at a Pats game. Not as tall as you think she is right?

    Anyways, I love LA soooo much, such a fun place to spend a weekend.

  5. your tumblr post makes me happppyyy. haha. SO much fun, huh? so very glad we could hang out and get to know each other a bit. you are a wonderful human, as i knew you would be. i hope to see you very, very, very soon. ::cross of fingers::

    LOVE the pictures, thanks for capturing that perfect day/night! <3

  6. You always have such adventures, im so jealous of you two.
    your always so happy, and I'm so glad there are people out there like you, to give people like me hope.