Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No rest for the wicked awesome

...was almost their new name. HAHAHAHA

Sunday, July 29, 2007

So we woke up...

In the dresses we partied in last night.

And our hair looks spectacular. "Singed" is the new hair revolution. Get into it.


Rooftop ! BBQ !

We invited them over for funsies.

It was delicious, just saying.

Obviously an afternoon topped off with To Catch a Predator. I mean, Jonah came in costume.

Lauren L. was the sober sister...mainly because she's 16. Rob Hitt loves scattegories. Kelly brought Al Roker stories. Alex taught me the art of grilling a partobello mushroom. And Erica made kabobs!

And then we went out and Erica dj'd and there was drunkenness and dancing. Ohhhhh was there dancing. And Katie Brown. She's my favorite person to see out...and lookin hotttttt!

Unfortunately, no pics of said hotness or drunk dancing. But tons of bbq pics.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday post-work vent sesh.

The girls got together (sans Jiscilla. Sadface.) and got some ridiculous three buck margaritas. Mmmmmmmango margaritas para mi! Tres, gracias!

Then finally got some contact from Japan (I'm such a worrier) and walked across the island to get closer to home.

Tomorrow. For the first time in a month, I get to sleep in. The first weekend I'm not traveling! Stoked!

I LOVE my friends.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Five months.

He had the presents all ready, not knowing he was all I needed.

Harajuku Lovers never fails. Love it love it love him love it love it.

(Yeah, that says Potty Mouth.)

I want the ocean right now!

Great show, dancing in the back with friends. A guy hit on me while I was singing and dancing...by handing me a beer. Really? REALLY?

Such a fiery performance. I'm going to say of the six shows I've seen on the tour, this was their best in terms of showmanship. All the shows were awesome, per their reputation. Only the audiences possibly more rad than them.

Philly's show lives on, however... it's two days later and Tom is still getting phone calls from fans. And he's still complaining loudly and pretending he's annoyed by the attention. Erica let him have it.

But Erica dropped the ball on my transponder joke. Karma!

Jesse and I would have gone out had we not been burned out by the previous night's Boston festivities. Long night ride into Newark found us groggily checking in and setting the alarm.

He's off to Japan and I headed to work. He won't land until tomorrow, but I'm keeping an eye on him.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Out of work early !

Ben Sherman and now on the bus...I am exhausted. But, again, all worth it.


After a bumpy ride in the bunk from Philadelphia to Boston, awoke to the familiar sights of my old neighborhood in Kenmore Square.

Why did I feign sickness and come to this particular show? My reasons are manyfold.

The first time I witnessed Motion City was at Axis, the very venue they played at last night. I saw them open for the All-American Rejects years ago, before hearing a song, and after their set demanded their album...only to be told they hadn't released one yet, and left their merch table with a two-song sampler that would stay in my cd player for the next three months until I Am the Movie was released.

A couple of years ago, MCS came back to Axis, and I interviewed Justin for a music magazine in Boston I interned at. Backstage after the show I took a picture of the keyboardist playing dice with a friend. Upon being invited to join the game, I froze and walked away. I would meet that same man once each of the next three years, until we were introduced for the fourth time this past January. When it stuck.

This summer, the manager of Axis and the adjoining Avalon club, announced plans to join the two venues as a large, seated theater venture for upscale acts.

It was at this point that I knew I had to return to Lansdowne Street for what would be my last Axis show...and kind of where "it" all began.

I showed him where I lived, the spots I used to watch his band play, and the frozen yogurt of the Ankara Cafe. We passed the time with cards and naps, until my mom and her friends arrived for dinner before the show.

Joined by the amazing friends of Deidre, John Berard, and Ben Superniceguy Matusow (on lights, of course, like the last time), the show rocked, as it always does. My mother (earplugged and with fan in hand) danced and clapped through the set. She may or may not have bossed the boys into a picture before the show on the bus...it is safe to say Matt is a bit scared to ever meet my father as he may have been called out for getting brazen with my mother. "Wait, do they seriously call him Bonecrusher?"

Post-show we went to the Beacon Street Tavern for an atmospheric dose of Guiness and the like. Dirge, Ben, Aaron, birthday boy John, Tim, Chris, and Nick joined.

After a couple of rounds and entertaining discussion of bad breakups and general catching up, the man and I bid adieu to our friends and headed to Lucky Strike for the tail-end of bowling festivities. Jimi, Jesse and I played a game...I broke a hundred (104) and won.

Made it to Kenmore for a couple hours of sleep, sighing out the exhaustion and settling in for rest...all worth the impending Wednesday of work and more running about. And another show...in my new hometown.

Apologies for the writing of this post. Coming to you from an Acela Expres 520 am train to New York, having just finish Palahniuk's latest, "Rant," and keeping in the general tenets of its written narrative.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


The TLA in Philadelphia.

Last night.

Sold out !

Don't you worry, there's still time.... (fanxxxx)

Post-show drinks with Jessie and friends. No fights broke out this time woo!

My photo of the sign got accidentally deleted, therefore witness the amazing quality of an iPhone photo from Jesse's iNerd.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Incognito mission. Shh!

Conversation with Sarah Ultragrrrl

---------------------- 10:21 am ----------------------
sarah ultragrrrl: http://community.livejournal.com/lol_h0rs
---------------------- 10:33 am ----------------------
jessicaxmaria: HAHAHAHA

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Broseph !

Another year, another birthday bro-down. He turned 22 and we did it in style with a cookout, frisbee, wiffle ball, and beer pong. And wii!

Steve came by and I listened to some new demos. Epic as always. Hella good (literally) meets Muse meets a wizard. Or something?

Oh, and kudos to the bro for finding a gf that likes Alias and Chuck Palahniuk. Actually, kudos for just finding a ladyfriend that can read.

He got the new Harry Potter and I opened it to the last page to see what happens. I haven't read nor seen any of the books, movies, so I'm glad to keep up with what everyone will be talking about on work on Monday.

Drifting off to sleep after a phone call that left me in smiles...so soon, hombre...

Who wears curdoroy in July?

This guy.

Friday, July 20, 2007

A Curbsider reply text.

"LOLZ u just made me pee in a cab for I wish the first time"

I love that girl.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Restricted from the sound.

Apparently Steve's bringing demos aplenty to my broseph's bday party this weekend. Stoked Are I.

He called me as I was dodging traffic on Lexington, and over the routine traffic and blaring sirens I made out "spanish influences" and "No Doubt." An old song that already had potential when I heard it years ago, I'm excited to hear what the new version sounds like.

Also, a "Castlebound" remix !

I'm running about five million errands (coming to you from the Best Buy line on 5th now!) and then it's off to a Curbside dinner in Hell's Kitchen. Geah!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I wake up exhausted.

Trying to function between these anxiety-ridden sighs. Nothing is really helping.

Fun week 2007.

...is booked! Two weddings, four cities from the east coast to the midwest to the west coast...I'm stoked to jetset around with him.

September 8th - 17th will ROCK!

...this keeps me smiling during these thunderstorms. That's not a metaphor - I look like a bedraggled wet dog right now from my walk into work. The rain, it would seem, hates me just as much as the wind...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dashboard Confessional.

Can't even begin to explain right now.

These four girls.

Dinner @ Vinyl.

They help relieve the stress; a respite from the anxieties. Where I can vent.

Curbside makes my life. An example why?

A conversation between the five of us tonight:

"Isn't he a legit midget?"
"You have to be 4'11"."
"He's not a midget. But. Short dudes are assholes."
"So...that makes him an illegal midget?"
"So true."
"Fact. -------: asshole. -------: asshole."
"Napoleon complex!"
"Like...the movie...Napoleon Dynamite?"
"Like the French emperor..."
"When you said movie my mind thought you were talking about Beethoven haha."
"With the DOG?!"
"With Charles Groban!"
"With Charles GroDIN, thank you!"

...then some pond slut got in the way of us getting into the pet store in time to ogle cute animals.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Cherchez la femme.

So, if you check out the August issue of Elle with Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover, I'm on page 94. Erica is there too! Global fashion, baby!

Also, I'm definitely wearing yellow...like I do 80% of the time now anyway.

Yeah, this girl is in a magazine. O rly?


Thought I'd be cool and fix the lights in our place. Except sometimes the product is really shitty and I want to gouge my eyes out with it. Whatever.

Oh hey, who's seeing Dashboard tomorrow night? ME. Haven't seen them live in years...woah college. That'll be me in the back, screaming infidelities and spreading my hair everywhere. Shedding: big at Dashboard shows.

iPhone pictures helped me get through Monday. His face will always make me smile. His voice will always calm my nerves. And his goodnights will always beckon the sweetest of dreams.

I'm such a nerd. And...I'm perversely happy.

It's Monday.

And you know how to wake me up.

All smiles.

[On a Monday! Shockface.]

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Erica, Gurj, Alana.

And it was Dmitry's Bar Mitzvah....hahaha.

So much fun.

Missed the Matusow's. Sadface.

Fw: The backside of justin's new picks

-----Original Message-----
From: Jesse Mack Johnson
To: Jessica Maria Jean Parker
Subject: The backside of justin's new picks
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 16:58:25 -0700

Sent from Jesse's iNerd.

Besides hanging out with my parents...

Home means hanging out with the pups Skyla and Estrella!

Meet Rick.

Rick was one of my best friend's from college. He lived across the hall from me freshman year and we bonded over Dashboard shows and our affinity for movies. We spent a lot of time hanging out on Landsdowne Street (and the Worcester Palladium) and at the Fenway theaters.

However, I'd never been to his actual home in Connecticut until Friday. We spent most of the time touring his sweet-ass home, and relaxing in his movie theater watching movies.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Soy friendly !

Long day at work followed by a thigh-screaming run. Ran a cool shower and cooked up some rice & tofu...got ready for Mike's farewell get-together.

Only to find out Mike isn't leaving at all! Perhaps a ruse to bring out his friends to his apartment - nah. Rooftop was amazing. All of Mahattan strewn before us as we sipped on wine and discussed rollerblades, Portland, and the Curbside tour winebago (tAnksgvng 07).

Kells made an appearance in email form: she announced her new blog, which has already won blog of the year in my mind.


Then we played wii. Mike and Trevor's amazing mii assortment wowed us all. "Is that Hitler?"

Yes. In tennis, Christy and I played doubles as a team: her as TokenAlien and me as Baby Jesus.

Needless to say, Erica was Hitler.

Mike then put in Wario Ware and our minds were suddenly on CRACK. What the hell?! I can't even explain its mindblowing amazingness. Erica and I shall own it soon...

Laying in bed stoked for a weekend at home...

Missing the comfort of the breath on my face as the words were whispered, instead of stretched and tightened and crackled to near confusion over these miles. Soon...soon...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


From: Christy Decker Date: Jul 11, 2007 10:10 AM

LOL, JESSICA...sometimes i feel like im reading Cosmo when i read your emails.


Walked out of the subway to torrential downpour. Finally got home and was soaked through the undergear. Awesome.

I'm staying in tonight. Sorry, ladies.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Missed one.

When I was packing up in San Francisco...

Was trying to fit you in.

Quasi-celeb, quasi-glam.

I was on the elevator of my office building a few minutes ago when it stopped on a floor and Project Runway Season 1's Austin Scarlett and his assistant stepped on. I was excited that he had foundation on. And lip gloss. And incognito glasses. And a SCARF. Of course.

Wonder what he was doing in the designer I work for's building? Their styles don't match at all.

Or do they?

Sunday, July 8, 2007

So, that was fun.

My head is exploding trying to remember everything from this weekend. I'm sitting in the airport wondering how to do so...

Slept like a rock on the bus - apparently this usually doesn't happen on the first try. Wasn't as awkward as I thought I'd be. Though trying to get off the top bunk in the middle of the night to pee on a moving bus was a bit of an obstacle.

Played some poker with members of the Higher and Sherwood...did pretty well (final 3?) until I got stubborn and went all in against the boyfriend. Ah well. I'll get better and beat you next time...and Josh, too!

I did take those two in Gin, though. Just saying!

The shows were amazing. Odd to think how I was screaming along to every word five years ago...and how I still am. The new songs rock live. I was soooo stoked that "Fell in Love Without You" made their set. It's so effin good! Also, love that people were singing along to "This is for Real." Okay, I need to compose myself and stop geeking out about how awesome their shows are....

Cause even when you rock too fast, I still catch a look and it sends me reeling.

Okay one more thing: singing along next to me last night was Mr. Dan Johnson and him and his son are so damn alike it's scary. I'd say two of the sweetest men out there.

Oh, and the other bands rocked too! I definitely went a bit crazy for Sherwood's "Best in Me."

So, that was Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco. My first of a lot of things. West coast, tour bus, etc. Love it! Loved just holding his hand and being silly. Loved just being with him more than anything.

Excited for home...though...

"I waved goodbye to that heart of mine..." - I'll welcome it back again soon.

San Francisco airport.

Friday, July 6, 2007