Thursday, July 26, 2007

I want the ocean right now!

Great show, dancing in the back with friends. A guy hit on me while I was singing and handing me a beer. Really? REALLY?

Such a fiery performance. I'm going to say of the six shows I've seen on the tour, this was their best in terms of showmanship. All the shows were awesome, per their reputation. Only the audiences possibly more rad than them.

Philly's show lives on, however... it's two days later and Tom is still getting phone calls from fans. And he's still complaining loudly and pretending he's annoyed by the attention. Erica let him have it.

But Erica dropped the ball on my transponder joke. Karma!

Jesse and I would have gone out had we not been burned out by the previous night's Boston festivities. Long night ride into Newark found us groggily checking in and setting the alarm.

He's off to Japan and I headed to work. He won't land until tomorrow, but I'm keeping an eye on him.

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