Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fun equals.


Somebody wipe this stupid grin off my face.

False. I think I'll keep it....

Monday, February 26, 2007

He does our dishes, too.

This evening has been full of kind surprises...and I can't help but update in amazement because I'm somewhat of a dork when it comes to these things. I will divulge in one of the myriad of things that has put a smile on my face today -

This weekend, in a conversation regarding amazing literature, someone told me to read Tom Robbins' "Still Life with Woodpecker." Today, as I waited by the elevator to get to the laundry room, there sat a pile of discarded books. The third book in, squeezed between two rather new books, was an old and used 1981 edition of the book.


The past week ended with an exhuasted but appreciative sigh. I've never been so tired nor so full of anticipation for what was to happen next.

Perhaps most accountable for this are the people I spend all my time with. Amber constantly bringing me to near tears with her antics, a quality which seems to have rubbed off on her sister Allie as well. I don't think I could stand another two years without seeing her.

Last night I finally reintroduced myself to the haven that is The Couch, and was joined by Erica, Rawan, Jesse, and Anytime foodz for Oscar viewing. Even with all the yum grub, Jesse still got hungry and I made him two Parker classic grilled cheeses. Appreciation viewable in picture below.

So much to catch up on tonight. Lots of freelance work. But the weekend...the people...the person...all worth it.

Also, I love napping...

--jessica maria

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Saturday night fever.

Bambo's last night in town commemorated with free pizza per beer in the BK...Erica couldn't make the festivities.

Moved onto the city for some hip hop dancing with Mike&theboys.

Allie got into a hip-hop dance off with some girls on the subway...Jiscilla and I proceed to document via video.

Jesse is the only person that stops off to update his iPod before going out.

SNL afterparty. Password: fat joe. What was with the early 90s disco revival music? The poor man's rh of 30 Rock was which point I wish Erica had been too.

Fun fun fun....oh, hello, it's 530 am - we should probably leave.

--jessica maria

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Stand beside me.

Um. My brain isn't functioning to full capacity right now due to about five million reasons, the least of which is lack of sleep. So all I can think to say at the moment in lieu of creative wittiness is that this week has been amazing, and continues to be so...

Revolver last night! Dance party fun with my favorites...a gyrating girl on the bar?...Gurj playing some girls are the best people EVER I know not how to function without them...a fight broke out and the dancing went sour. Ps Amber and Mike dancing was the best thing I've ever seen...

Let's hang out til the sun rises...

All I can say is "So Alive" by Ryan Adams is perfect for today...this's on repeat for now.

Brunch this afternoon...nothing beats great conversation + grilled cheese + a menu that says foodz.

Tonight more fun with my girls&faves...if I'm anti anything these days it's sleep.

All smiles.

--jessica maria

Friday, February 23, 2007


Amber back in my life and better than ever.

Rxbandits&GymClassHeroes = dance fever.

Hanging out with the best people. BEST.

Did I just get home at five am again?

It feel like something's heating up, can I leave with you?

--jessica maria

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Hilarity ensued at sutra tonight. Gwen played three times. Rob Hitt for the win...copacabana. Jesse is a dancer at heart, he just doesn't know it. Erica pond slut are I - rob's nickname for her. Handsy getting literally thrown out of the bar. By his underwear. It's another late night but...why not? --jessica maria

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Late and lunch break.

I woke up at 9. That's the time I should be at work.

And now I've been on this damn train for 40 minutes at my stop because the train ahead of us put on the emergency breaks. LAME.

Finally got to work at 1030.

Last night - I looooove The Matches. Jesse bought a tie off the neck of a fan. I win the nerdy dork award for all time. Walked in at five am. Again. This could explain this morning's debacle.

--jessica maria

Monday, February 19, 2007

Holiday Monday.

Britney: it's not even a good wig. Get yoself together.

Solid weekend. I think all the trainwrecking gods were busy presiding over Britney to bother with me. I love Brooklyn.

I love the internets.

And swooning at 5 am.

Meesh is one of those beautiful city girls...except with a literary mind and heart to boot. If I were a city boy I'd swoon her.

Busy week ahead: crazy work, two shows, and Amber comes back into my life. Stoked.

--jessica maria

Alligator Lounge.

Jesse warned me not be on my sk while we were out. I did pretty well. We collectively did well playing photohunt for four hours. All in a bid to get a high score. Never happened. So close! Disappointment dot com.

Buy a beer, get a pizza. Best deal everrrr.

I love team morgan ave. Team fingers.

Erica and Jesse a la buck hunter.

That's what she said. A million times.

Thought this night would end earlier. Glad it didn't.

--jessica maria

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The internets.

Love this era. Found out an old high school friend is engaged...via his myspace bulletin.

I want to install a switchblade in my sidekick. Text: I will cut you.

Spending all day in bed with my computer and sidekick. Way to nurse the hangover.

--jessica maria

Last night.

My jeans: dirty snow or poo?

Erica: my firstcrush or shehasoneiwantone?

Five oh six.

No karaoke. Fun times nonetheless. So many dudes. But all I cared about was my girls. Slipped in the snow on the way to the train but I promise I wasn't that drunk. Looks like poo. Hey - when pants become toilets!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Aw shit.

...look who got a sidekick. Tonight karaoke with the cool people. I will probably update this all the time when I'm out and about. Or maybe I won't. I don't know if I can be social and anti-social at the same time. I have no idea what I'm in for. Or you.