Saturday, November 29, 2008

Now it's a pleasure to keep.

Thanksgiving update to come; for now -

You know how I don't like my hair totally stick-straight after haircuts? Everywhere I go in New York always makes my hair look so drab - no matter how much or little I pay or if it's in Midtown or SoHo. I don't get the obsession.

Today my mom took me to her salon here in central Massachusetts. What's this - a blowdry with body?! Thank you.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Keanu's first trip !

-- via hip and he already peed in his carrying bag top

One - more thing before I go.

There's one hour and fifteen minutes until I'm out of here! It's obviously one of the slowest days of the year at work, as about 3/4 of everyone already took today off anyway.

In one hour and fifteen minutes I'll be heading home to Jesse, packing up our rental car, grabbing Keanu in all his mew-cuteness and getting on the road towards central Massachusetts! I'm excited to spend a long four and a half day weekend with my family in the "countryside." Okay, it's not the country, but they only have like four neighbors.

It will also be Jesse's first Thanksgiving with my family, which entails a trip to New Hampshire on Thursday for a large (100+??) family reunion. I've always found it a rather tortuous event (especially senior year of high school and senior year of college - how many questions regarding my future can I answer?!), but Jesse is optimistic. It's my first time bringing someone to the annual event - even that dude I dated for five years never came - and my parents decided he should, since we're all "getting married" and whatnot. Plus, last year I managed to weasle out of it.

The days off will probably also be filled with yummy homecooked meals, movies, a haircut for me (woo! non-city prices!), and good cheer!

Is everyone excited for the long weekend? What are you doing?! I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2008

You're something beautiful, a contradiction.

As somewhat of a film geek, I know that Twilight is a terrible movie. Even giving the film a handicap for its obvious lack of funding (via a small production company, Summit), it's still bad.

But it's also highly enjoyable in two ways: the unintenional HILARITY of the scenes and the undeniable hotness that is Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen).

Let me explain my Friday journey to see Twilight (yes, it was a trek with many challenges along the route), and how I came to the above conclusions.

Katie Brown and I had bought tickets to see the 1020pm showing of Twilight about two weeks ago. We were, without a doubt, excited. We decided to meet up at 9pm, and I was there on the dot. Katie and some other friends were waiting to leave a restaurant nearby and meet up. I decided to go ahead and try to stake (hahaha, totally unintended!) a place in line, and when I made it to the ticket-ripper, he told me I had to wait until 930 downstairs. I went down a level of escalators to find a slew of females who were also waiting for the 1020 show - we are an eager, over-punctual bunch.

As I was standing there by myself, constantly texting Katie updates, I noticed that nearly the entire group was female, but of all different backgrounds. Young, teen, middle-aged, old. A woman in a nice business suit with an expensive-looking coat and scarf made nice with me after I let her know that this was the place to wait, and she started talking about how she just got off work and she read the book on Monday and loved it. She then proceeded to take what sounded like a very important business call. In the space of ten minutes, the 2nd floor waiting area became packed into concert-like proportions. One of the escalators was stopped, so people started forming a line. I got cut by everyone (including nice business woman!) in the rush. In line behind me, a teenage girl actually holding the Twilight book (who brings the book??), asked me in a sheepish tone if I'd read all the books. She smiled, hugging her book, and said she'd read them several times and she was so excited for the movie. Honestly, it's kind of awesome in this city when you're not annoyed to be talking to strangers. Everyone was obviously there with a common love, and we all smiled together and put on brave faces when those who were seeing Role Models or Quantum of Solace smirked at us. Not to say that those girls couldn't get territorial with the line - geez.

Let me tell you, ladies and gentleman, that I am a maven of theatergoing. Whenever I move to a new place, I check out all the theaters and rank them based on picture/sound quality, stadium or non-stadium seating, concession prices, etc., etc., etc. Which is how I knew that there was a balcony in auditorium four, and that most people didn't know how to get to it until they were in the downstairs area and realized there was a balcony. I was near the back of line at the ticket-ripper, but found myself first in line upstairs by the balcony doors - yes! (There was running involved, all for naught, but I did also get an adrenaline rush because I'm THAT nerdy - don't judge.) Katie and friends, who were still held up at the restaurant, had a good sentinel saving them a place whether it be in line or throwing coats on chairs. And when they did show up, we all had great center-of-the-screen seats!

And so the movie began.

I'll say that having to sit through a crap movie is far better than having to read crap writing. Therefore, I say it now: I liked the movie better. Especially because the crap movie was so funny. There were times where the entire theater of Twilight addicts was hysterically laughing. Which, is fun. There were parts that were meant to be funny, but I think in a different way than we found it. Like when Edward first sees Bella in science class and his aversion to her is so dramatic, you're wondering why everyone in the class isn't more freaked out by the fact that he looked like a drug addict going through the middle of Bio 101. And there's an entire scene, where the truth about Edward's vampire-ness finally comes to light, and it's just downright ridiculous. I can't even explain how much I laughed...and this was also the scene in which Edward stood in the sun and "glittered." It was disastrous - it looked like he was wearing the diamond creme from Arrested Development, and I was laughing to the point of tears. I think everybody else was, too. The special effects were awful, but I'm okay with that because I know it was a budget movie. I'm not sure if that also explains why the make-up was also bad, but whatever. The vampires looked far more "pasty" than "transluscently pale and beautiful."

The general story was true to the book, but there were some additions that helped the flow of the movie, though I was disappointed to see the second-to-most action-packed scene in the book cut (the airport scene where Bella sneaks away from Alice and Jasper was not in the movie, her escape is much less dramatic). I was happy that I didn't have to hear one utterance of the word "dazzling" !!!!!!! The writing itself wasn't far better than Meyer's original, but I call it a vast improvement because I don't have to read Meyer go on and on and ON about Edward's beauty. It's all there - I see it!

And boy, did I. I had no idea who Robert Pattinson was going into the movie - simply never seen him in another movie before, though I heard he was in a Harry Potter. He now makes me want to take up watching those movies, though I never have. He's quite amazingly gorgeous. His accent as Edward is a bit stilted - I think he's British - but I wasn't too distracted by it, because Edward is supposed to have some sort of weird, age-identifying accent anyway. He's not the best actor, but I thought his Edward quite charming nonetheless. Let's just say I definitely swooned. Katie found me fanning myself quite a few times during the movie and I would say, "That man is way way too hot." No seriously, I did this. And I shared with Katie that I think Pattinson looks best in jackets. Yup. Also, Edward and Bella's chemistry was pretty good; it's a crucial part of the story, so I was glad to see the tension. Like the book, there is no sex and only a couple of brief (but intense!) kisses. Well done, in that respect. I enjoy romantic tension.

Bella! I'm still not quite sure how Meyers managed to make the protagonist of her book so hated by so many, but she really is annoying in the books. In the movie: so much better. I don't have to hear all the inner-whining she does in the book, and she actually makes a lot more sense on the screen - she's not pathetic. Even with her voice-over narration! In fact, I identified with her more in the movie than the novels. This may also be due to Kristin Stewart, who I think did a fantastic job. There's one scene at the end where her acting is just too over-the-top and bad, but for the most of the movie, I think she was great. I'd say the best actor in the bunch.

Trust me, there are some redeemable aspects of the movie, but for the most part, it's a bad movie. At the same time, it's SO GOOD. There was never a moment in which I was bored, even if I was laughing at how bad it was: I enjoyed it a lot, and sometimes that's all I need out of a movie.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

You came in with the breeze!



Check the site. Above is my new desktop, of course. Color me ECSTATIC.

(Last night I saw Twilight, post to come!)

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Eko Robot and I: napping, chilling, being cool.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Please I beseech you!

Okay, I know I didn't post my Top Artists this week. I haven't even taken the initiative to scrobble my iPod. However, take it from me, all I listened to last week was Butch Walker and Ryan Adams. And listening to music has taken a backseat during my commute to the books I'm reading - I'm still completely enthralled in the George R. R. Martin epic series (of which I'm now on book two) and I'm ginormously less enthralled with the way the Twilight series is going. I seriously hated the second book, New Moon. Most of you readers told me to just read the first: you were right. But here I am, reading the third. I maintain that once I start something I have to finish it, and New Moon was so amazingly BORING that anything had to be better than that.

But let me halt my rambling a moment to talk about music again - I promise, there's a point.

There are various objects and their interaction with our senses that bring back memories; everyone knows this. The smell of an ex-boyfriend's cologne, the scene in that one movie that you watched and giggled with your best friend on the couch, and probably most effective trigger: music, songs, lyrics. And there are times where that means something awful - where the first chords of that one song that used to mean so much to you (and someone else) comes over the loudspeaker in a store and you're flooded with all these feelings you've tucked into the deep, dark abyss of Never Again. And sometimes that song is really, really good and you get ANGRY that it was essentially stripped from your life. Lucky for me, one of my ex-boyfriends chose Lifehouse's "Hanging By a Moment" as Our Song. I don't miss it. (Or him.)

THEN there's those music-triggered moments of nostalgia that can fill you with glee. I've kind of micro-touched on this before, because, really, it happens quite often. Last night, in the midst of a couple of down-in-the-rut days, I was completely enlivened by a trigger from years ago; it's not what you might think, and I have no shame in admitting, that the All-American Rejects' music makes me really, really happy. Last night we went to see them live at Irving Plaza.

Jesse is old friends with the Rejects; Motion City Soundtrack have toured with them several times. Jesse did a lot of reminiscing last night as well. Him and the guys retold a story about their first tour together many years ago, when the Rejects were opening for MCS at an Iowa show, and not one person showed up. They laughed, they drank, talked about possible future collaborations or tours and had a good time catching up - which, while they were doing it as friends, I was thinking of my own music-infused happy thoughts.

I remember buying the Rejects' first album in the Virgin Megastore in Times Square on one of my college spring breaks with Kells right next to me. I hadn't even heard "Swing, Swing," their radio single at the time, but it had been suggested to me by someone (I don't remember who) and I had this urge to buy it. I loved it, of course. I went to their shows, I bought their merch. My first All-American Rejects show in college, I believe in 2003, was my first Motion City Soundtrack show. I obviously fell in love with MCS as openers.

As I watched them open with "Swing, Swing" and play songs off their first album, I was reminded of those times and when I would dance around in my room or turn the stereo up really loud while driving. I haven't personally listened to them in a long time, but all the words came flowing back last night. I remembered the times when Erica and I would put on "Move Along" and get ready to go out, and pump our fists in the air together and jump around at live shows - I saw those girls there last night, too. The Rejects are a veritable hit parade, and the songs make me HAPPY.

I'm doing a poor job of articulating all the transformative power their music had over me last night. It may not have even shown, as I was sitting in the balcony, bopping my head - but I was smiling, and meaning it, and loving how sometimes music (no matter how cliche this sounds) really is just what you needed.

Jiscilla took this photo of me fist-pumping during AAR at Hammerstein Ballroom in 2006.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I was out shopping for a doll.

Everything is exhausting me lately. To include my own brain and the words that sometimes tumble out of my mouth. I want to either curl up and hibernate or go on vacation. I'm excited for Thanksgiving - I can't wait to hang out with my family and hopefully get a respite from all the "to do's" clouding up my mind. I feel like I'm tip-toeing everywhere, because I'm afraid to be called out again (and again and again) for things that aren't premeditated. They just happen, and I'm trying so hard. I am happy - just exhausted.

Friday, November 14, 2008

What if it was you?!

Jesse just sent me a couple of press photos from the Woodies! Justin, Lauren, and Jesse on the red carpet and them taking the WIN! Still stoked.

Ah, great times. The Woodies actually air on MTVu on Nov 19th, fyi!

Last night - defeat via Favre.
Tonight - Valencia & THE MATCHES & Bayside @ Irving
Tomorrow - ?

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Let's fight crime with mangos and limes!


But, let me start from the beginning --

I met up with Jesse right after work at the hotel Justin was staying. The three of us, plus Justin's date, Bree, Doug (one of their managers), and Tammy (from Epitaph) piled into a van and headed to an MTVu meet-n-greet. The brief fan interaction last about fifteen minutes and then we headed to the awards at Roseland Ballroom.

Justin, Jesse, and the video's director (she goes to Texas A&M and won a contest to direct the video!) walked down the red carpet and posed for pics. Bree and I scurried past the red carpet after they were done and headed straight to VIP for the bar, food, pong. For some reasons there was a beer pong table set up. There were also mini burgers and mini mac-n-cheese and mini everything to eat. Yummy.

While Bree and I waited for the boys to go through the press line, we people-watched, which, of course, is awesome in a backstage area. Eva Amurri (Susan Sarandon's daughter) was sitting next to us at the bar, and I knew she looked familiar, but could not place her at all! (Until later when she introduced an award, ha.) Also, Zoe Kravitz and Riley Keogh (Elvis' granddughter) were milling around, looking mainly bored and unamused by the ruckus.

I also spotted Mark Hoppus of Blink182, and my high school heart leapt a little bit in my chest. Mark produced Motion City's second album, Commit This to Memory, so I got really excited when I saw Mark talking to Jesse as he was making his way towards me. When Jesse got to me, I think he knew what my eyes were saying. But he probably took the cue from my mouth when I whisper-yelled, "INTRODUCE ME." I mean, after all, Mark had congratulated Jesse when we got engaged via AIM, even though he's never met me. So, we got introduced and he congratulated us again and true to what I've heard, he's hilarious and awesome.

Then Jesse saw his old friends from The All-American Rejects and we said hi and Chris entreated us with a whiskey shot ("don't threaten me with a good time"). We hung out with our friend Dana as well, and soon we were being herded into the seating area that was a ZOO compared to last year. Seriously, I couldn't walk ANYWHERE. We couldn't even get to our table. We had just found a place to plop down at when we saw Hayley and Jeremy from Paramore take the stage to announce the first award - for Best Video! And then Hayley basically ripped the envelope trying to get it open and squeaked out: "MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK!"


I think it's pretty sweet that they got the first award, just sayin'. And thanks to anybody reading that voted!! You're awesome!! You award my fianz' slabs of wood! Yeah! :)

Justin, Lauren's friend who did the animation in the video, Lauren (Director), and Jesse - with the Hayley-ripped prize.

The rest of the show was actually entertaining; it was simple, starred some solid live acts, and kept the free drinks flowing. My favourite performance had to be Santogold - who sounded SO GOOD. Way better than when I saw her show in September. After the last acts, we headed out the back, next to Hayley and Jeremy and then cut quickly to avoid the craziness. Doug treated us all to a nice dinner to celebrate the award before we went to the afterparty. It was delicious!

After that, we were all set to go to the afterparty, as it was only like 1130, but then Jesse and I looked at each other and we knew we had to go home - we were SO tired. I mean, I'd been up since 7am and at work all day. So we made our way home and passed out.

If you have yet to see the award-winning (!!!) video check out this previous post!

Again, I'd just like to reiterate to anyone who voted (on the behalf of the band): THANK YOU! YOU ROCK!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm living life to mess around and play.

Erica and I sometimes freak out during our work days and send each other emails commiserating over something awful or something AMAZING. This is what e-mails to Erica look like when we're really excited about something. Note: I've taken out any actual words and replaced all letters with the letter a, but all capitalization and punctuation is as is. Besides, even if it were the actual words, I'd bet nobody would know what we were talking about and even what we were saying. Bestie language, of course.

FROM: Jessica
TO: Erica
DATE: Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 12:38 PM
SUBJECT: Re: Aaa aaaa aa Aaaa-aaaa


aaa aaa aaa aaaaaaa aaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aaaaa aaa aaa aaaaaaa, aaaaaaa aaaaa aa a aaa aaaaa aaa aaa aa aaaaaaaaaaaaaa


aaaaaaa aaaaaa. (aa'a aaaaaaa aa aaaa aaaaaaa) aaa aa aaaaa aa aa aa aa aaa aaaa, aaaa. (aa aaaaaa, AAA'AA AA.)

AAAAAAA AAAA AAAA AAA AAAAA AAAAA! aa aaaaaa aaa'aa aa aaaa. "aaa aaa aa aaaa. aaa aaa aa aaaa. aaa aaa aa aaaa." (aaaa aaaaaaa aaaaa, aaaa aaaaa.) aaa aaaa aa aaaa aaa aaaaaa aaaa aaaaaa - AAAAAAA!?



aa aaaaaa'a aaaa aa aaa aa aa aaa!

(aa aaa?)


Just saying, there's an example of emails that leave my inbox. Last night we had some drinks and great conversation with Gaby and Kells, while Jesse was off winning a poker game. Tonight, Jesse and I are headed to the mtvU Woodie Awards! Remember all those times I asked you to vote?! Let's hope they win! Yay!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

She was rockin' by my kickin' machine.

I got a great package in the mail this weekend: NEW BOOTS! And not just any kind of regular ol' boots...

In September, when I was visiting Jesse on tour, Beth and I were getting ready to get some coffee. Beth started putting on her shoes...which magically turned into boots!

They're called the Bandage Boot from TOMS. It's basically a shoe with an ace bandage you wrap up around your leg. They are so comfortable! And suprisingly versatile - this weekend I wore them over a pair of skinny jeans and today at work I'm wearing them over tights.

The roll of bandage comes attached to the little boot and then you just work it up the leg. They make my feet look small and I may or may not have said the following at a party this weekend - "they make me look like an elfin archer or something!" (YEAH, I'm the cool one!).

Anyway, one of the biggest detractors for me when it comes to boots is that a lot of boots fit too tightly around my calves. For other girls it's the opposite - there's too much room. And I understand it's really hard to measure "calf width" for the companies who make boots, but it's disheartening to feel like my calves are disproportionate when I'm trying on a pair of boots. Yo, I got small feets and shapely calves, gimme a boot! I'm sick of zipping into a boot and not being able to buy it because I see some skin puffing up at the top - like a muffin top for the leg. But this is the perfect solution! Because the boot fits exactly to my leg!

So, Beth helped me out and I scored a great deal, and now I'm absolutely in love with my new footwear. I even got some compliments from the rather brisk-y floor co-inhabitants who work in fashion footwear. Of course, our company just started a collaboration with TOMS, so I don't know why they're so surprised and curious if they've already seen it. That Fashionista post also includes a pic of a bandage boot, but upon inspecting the package the only thing to link them is some movie dvd about a "Polo" widow? Weird. Probably never going to watch that.

Thus, I've dedicated an entire post to one pair of boots, because - if you couldn't tell - they make me a bit happy! I am a total dork. Exampled here by some pics I took yesterday of myself rocking them boots out:

Monday, November 10, 2008

My Top Artists of the Week (Nov 2 - Nov 9)

(via my

Oh man, it's Monday! The past week was kind of a whirl with the election and how busy I was at work - and then just trying to relax it all away this weekend. Last week started out pretty anxious, so I think I tried to keep it mellow with some Cardinals and Death Cab. On November 5th, I started blasting No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom for the rest of the week - because it's one of my all-time favourites and there's nothing like Gwen's singing and some horns to keep me smiling along with my mood. Definitely "End it On This," "Different People," and "Sunday Morning" were repeated last week.

And this week? Well, I'm only three or four songs in on the new Butch Walker record, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to love it as I was already smiling to the lyrics while I walked into work this morning. It also comes highly recommended by two of my besties, Gaby and Erica, whose opinion I trust on most things musical (um, Dragonette!). Anyways, the album, called Sycamore Meadows, officially comes out tomorrow - buy it for good tunes. I'm not going to lie, there was already a song that reminded me of Butch's previous band Marvelous3 (Cigarette Lighter Love Song, anyone?!?!)



On Friday night, our apartment had an official PARTINI GAME NIGHT. Many of our friends came over, and we had a lot of fun in our competitive exploits. There was a lot of screaming, laughing, groaning, and humming. It was fantastic.

On Saturday, we awoke to a dreary rainy day - perfect for curling up on the couch! Jesse had made reservations for a little date night at a great steakhouse in Manhattan called Ruth's Chris. It was, legitimately, the best steak I've ever had. I ordered a filet and it was perfect. PERFECT. I also did something I've always wanted to do, which was order the wine recommended with the steak. And, again, delicious! Jesse also enjoyed his ribeye. I think I probably ate most of my meal wide-eyed and in surprise of how incredible it was. Seriously.

We ordered some coffee after the meal, and I was sipping slowly (must take it all in, of course) until Jesse said, "would you want to see Joel McHale tonight?" My eyes flew up: "What...are you talking about??" And Jesse had gotten us tickets to see The Soup host do stand-up at Town Hall. It was about 715, and he goes, "We have tickets for 730..." Cue the squeal. We got up and headed a few blocks down to the venue, and settled in for the hilarity. It was a great surprise - Jesse is really good at surprising me, and really good at what he surprises me with! Joel McHale was, at one time, the only other man up for the "husband" role in my life. Yes, he has a wife and two kids, but this is beside the point: Jesse has decided to take on this particular challenge.

After the show, we headed to Justin, Ali, Tyler and Jim's place for Justin's 25th birthday party! It was a lot of fun, and devolved into games again, as it apparently always does when we're around. We played some epic games of Uno, and taught some people how to play Rummy.

On Sunday, we got ourselves out of bed and headed to a bar to see the Patriots v Bills game, which we won. Yay! The rest of Sunday I spent doing errands, cleaning up a bit, napping and reading. And today is Monday, in the second week of November, and I can't believe it!

Friday, November 7, 2008

These kittens are kind of a big deal.

So, Keanu and Eko are getting pretty e-famous. Already a photoshoot with Jiscilla, and now with El Adam. Check the rest out on Adam's Flickr set! Obviously every single shot is full of CUTE.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A different sort of election!

DO NOT FORGET TO VOTE FOR MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK'S "HAD TO BE YOU" VIDEO! WOODIE VOTING ENDS FRIDAY! Watch the video! Isn't is so adorable? You should make sure it wins mtvU's Best Video Woodie Award!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

And this pic. My fave. Always.

(I think it's the fourth time I've posted that pic of the Fianz. Ha.)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Young Again.

Dearest Jessica,

Boy, that was a long one you sent. Okay okay, I know I'm behind like four letters, but I'm writing back, NOW, dude. And by now, I obviously mean two years in your future.

1. I already knew your cat was named Keanu. I'm in the future. But thanks for reminding me; that dude is literally a cool cat. LITERALLY.

2. I get it, you like Jon Hamm. You mention him in all your letters to me, and I have therefore decided NOT to introduce you two in present day. I'm watching out for Jesse, dude. He's a good bro.

3. I don't even remember doing that Details interview two years ago, but I guess thanks for quoting it fifty million times in your last letter -------

But [Keanu] is wondering whether at some point we should drive to Santa Monica,because a friend of his has passed along word of a sub, a magnificent sub, that is made at a place called Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery. "I was told that
it's got the shredded lettuce," he rhapsodizes. "It's like, you know, a good sandwich."

I mention another work about suburban crisis,Richard Yates' Revolutionary Road, and he rears back and slides the helmet onto his head so that he can free up his left hand. "Oh, YES!!!" he shouts. "Let's high-five on Revolutionary Road!"

"But I found that it was a thread—like time—that you could walk away and come back to."

"Dude, I'm not seeing any," I tell him, and then I apologize in case my use of that timeless West Coast honorific looks like a way to curry favor—a transparent ploy to dude-bond with Johnny Utah. I tell him I can't help it sometimes, I went to high school in Southern California, and . . .

"No, dude is an excellent word," Keanu says. "I won't take it personally. I had a great run with dude."

"Listen to that voice," Keanu says. "He went for it. Showmanship. Showmanship! The shamanism. The shamanisticus. The frontman. The frontman. The front of the band. Rockin'. I think we have to get off this street."

"'When to the sessions of sweet silent thought," he intones—very quickly, and in a cadence that calls to mind a surfer having a panic attack, "'I summon up remembrance of things past / I sigh the lack of many a thing I sought / And with old woes new wail my dear time's waste.'" Here in the rental car Keanu is reciting, from memory, Shakespeare's Sonnet 30. He also reels off 116 and 119 while we wait at a stoplight.

"Oh, yeah, baby!!" he says. "When I read this, my head exploded."

I decided to retype them all here. I don't know why I did that. But, whatever, it is done. Glad you liked it. And read those books I recommended. That's right, I read A LOT. Secretsssssssssssssssssss. AND I KNOW SHAKESPEARE, YUP. Dude, why are you all surprised by this in your letter? I did not have a "script" for the interview made up with "splashes of improvisation." What does improvisation even mean?? Don't be so indignant. IN-DIG-NOT. We all know I'm pretty freeeaaakin' cool.



PS Yeah, that thing I said about time being a thread was maybe a shout-out to you. Or maybe not!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Let's end it on this.

Did you vote?! Jesse and I woke up at 630am and headed to the polls. There was hardly a line and we were out of there in ten minutes time. It was pretty exciting! Our district had those voting booths with turn-knobs and then you cast your ballot by pulling a giant lever - which, feels awesome. I can't even concentrate today at work! I'm pretty sure me and everyone else in the office will be keeping up with the news all day. I can't wait to get home and start watching election coverage.

So, I decided, in lieu of work, to share some pictures of little Eko Robot, the famed diva of the household.

Eko practicing her catalog modeling on the couch.

And Eko in one of her less dignified positions, asleep.
(She'd kill me if she knew I posted this.)


Monday, November 3, 2008

My Top Artists this Week (Oct 27 - Nov 2)

(via my

Wow, my weekly listening has been pretty stagnant lately, huh? Well, the reason is two-fold: first of all, I'm obsessed with Ryan Adams & The Cardinals' Cardinology and nothing else is quite fitting my mood - except for the soundtrack to High School Musical 3, which, oddly (and perhaps even fortunately) did not scrobble from my iPod. (I have a fear Efron may have overtaken DR Adams this week...). And second of all, my quality listening time has been cut short due to the fabulous book I'm reading every morning and evening commute instead of listening to my iPod. I haven't even listened to three weeks' worth of the podcast This American Life because of my need to read. (WOW, that may have been the nerdiest sentence-ending I've ever written.)

In related news, thanks for friending my on! :)


So, to the weekend festivities! Our impromptu Halloween Party was a hit! Nearly all of our friends showed up, and it was quite the costumed affair. Since Jiscilla (our resident paparazzo) was MIA, I took to the picture-taking and made sure I got all the costumes photographed! You can check them out on my Facebook album's public link HERE!

I wish I could post them all here, because nearly everybody turned out costumed and everybody who came is AWESOME. If any of you are reading, thanks for making the party! And everybody can see the pics on that Facebook link. Here's a choice few:

Kells, Gaby, and Erica were a trio of ghosts!

Arguably the best group costume: the cast of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia! Seriously, amazing. And, yes, they tried getting a Green Man costume, but it was sold out far in advance! (from L to R: Jim, Jimmy, Tyler, Nick, Ali, Justin, and Ben!)

Mike (as Dr. House!) and Ashli (as a unicorn) taste the jello brains that Jesse made. As you can see, he was quite proud of his party-hard concoction.

Check out the rest of my amazing friends and their costumes in the album!

On Saturday, us tennants of 410 mainly cleaned the joint, which actually wasn't too bad. Then we watched a lot of movies and ended up trying out some new board games...including one called PARTINI - you've seen the commercials, I'm sure!

On Sunday, Jesse and I went to see Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and it was definitely a return to comedy for Kevin Smith - who did NOT make a cameo! Weird. Anyway, it was highly enjoyable, though, you know, risque and with plenty of curse words. I'd say the entire rainbow of curse words. But this somehow added to it's hilarity. Also, I've always kind of loved Elizabeth Banks since her turn in Wet, Hot American Summer.

We returned for the Patriots v. Colts game, along with Sean, Jim, Tyler, and Sam. Unfortunately, the Patriots lost, but we lifted our spirits with some PARTINI! Jesse describes it as a mix of: Cranium, Name that Song, Flip Cup, Charades and Beer Pong. In one word? FUN. And our newest players enjoyed it as well, because we played three games, staying up until 130am. I will also just add that we rotated teams, and I was on all three teams that won. Yes, if you ever decide to play, you should always ask me to be on your team.

Also, please don't forget (really, how could you?!) - VOTE TOMORROW! I can't wait!