Tuesday, November 11, 2008

She was rockin' by my kickin' machine.

I got a great package in the mail this weekend: NEW BOOTS! And not just any kind of regular ol' boots...

In September, when I was visiting Jesse on tour, Beth and I were getting ready to get some coffee. Beth started putting on her shoes...which magically turned into boots!

They're called the Bandage Boot from TOMS. It's basically a shoe with an ace bandage you wrap up around your leg. They are so comfortable! And suprisingly versatile - this weekend I wore them over a pair of skinny jeans and today at work I'm wearing them over tights.

The roll of bandage comes attached to the little boot and then you just work it up the leg. They make my feet look small and I may or may not have said the following at a party this weekend - "they make me look like an elfin archer or something!" (YEAH, I'm the cool one!).

Anyway, one of the biggest detractors for me when it comes to boots is that a lot of boots fit too tightly around my calves. For other girls it's the opposite - there's too much room. And I understand it's really hard to measure "calf width" for the companies who make boots, but it's disheartening to feel like my calves are disproportionate when I'm trying on a pair of boots. Yo, I got small feets and shapely calves, gimme a boot! I'm sick of zipping into a boot and not being able to buy it because I see some skin puffing up at the top - like a muffin top for the leg. But this is the perfect solution! Because the boot fits exactly to my leg!

So, Beth helped me out and I scored a great deal, and now I'm absolutely in love with my new footwear. I even got some compliments from the rather brisk-y floor co-inhabitants who work in fashion footwear. Of course, our company just started a collaboration with TOMS, so I don't know why they're so surprised and curious if they've already seen it. That Fashionista post also includes a pic of a bandage boot, but upon inspecting the package the only thing to link them is some movie dvd about a "Polo" widow? Weird. Probably never going to watch that.

Thus, I've dedicated an entire post to one pair of boots, because - if you couldn't tell - they make me a bit happy! I am a total dork. Exampled here by some pics I took yesterday of myself rocking them boots out:


  1. Okay, Legolas!

    (see I totally outgeeked you with that Lord of the Rings reference haha)

    But really, love those and want some now. Seriously love them. Boots are my favorite and it's hard finding a great pair!

  2. mmm very helpful post...I'll have to check these babies out!

    And I totes see the elfin archer reference.

  3. fun! i would totally rock those. they looks sooooo comf. also, i have the tiny feet/shapely calf problem as well. but ya know who never lets me down on that front...aldo!

  4. they look like they'd be a bitch to take off drunk, though.... :P

  5. Those look so great. I've been checking out the TOMS site recently and been scoping out either a solid pair or the "Navy/Natural Twain Canvas TOMS." I'm a sucker for a good quote, and I think that this is one: "The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter" - Mark Twain. Mhm.

    Anyways, end of my rant - GREAT purchase. :)

  6. This is the first I've heard of these. Very cool idea. Love them.

  7. OMG...ha! I went to go order these a couple like month or so ago in red, and they were all sold out!

    I loved this idea...mainly because it's inspired by horses...but I have thee same exact problem with my calves, and it's a perfect solution. I have the worst time shopping for boots.

    Anyways, if you watch that movie...it is the most awkward, cheesy thing I've ever seen in my life. It's more creepy than anything... the woman thinks her man is having a love affair with his horse, so to get his attention back, she wraps her leg in the bandage the horse wears. It's kinda like a bad porno/silent film.

  8. oohhh i like these!! i am tempted to get some now.

  9. I've been eying up those boots for quite some time now! I have the same problem with my calves, ugh! How does the "ace bandage" material stay in place btw?

  10. I love TOMS! TOMS TOMS TOMS!
    I'm so glad you love them as much as me.
    my collection is growing!

    I tried to post a picture of my toms here, but i guess that's not allowed.

  11. and if you pull a muscle in your leg all you have to do is put your boot on!

  12. !!! I have been looking for new boots for FOREVER and these just might do the trick! Vegan shoe shopping is probably the hardest thing but these look like they would be perfect! I'm totes the other way w/ my feet, big feet (I'm 5'3" and size 8.5, how does that work?) and tiny calves.

  13. rialeilani - i know, right?? wearing them since i got them!

    jamie - oh MAN, i was totes gonna drop the Legolas bomb, but felt it TOO nerdy. thanks for breaking that barrier!

    cdecks - of course you do, dex!

    ang - i've never tried boots on at aldo! i usually try them on at department stores. interesting! and they are SO comfy!

    erin - actually, it's simply velcro! just snap off and the whole thing unwinds!

    emily - woo! yeah, twain's great!

    mermanda - check them out! :)

    jiscilla - WHAT movie are you talking about???? I AM SO CONFUSED.

    lindsay vicious - get em, get em!

    sonya ina - there are three patches of velcro material - on the front ankle, on the back ankle and at the end of the bandage to tighten it at top. it's not like usual velcro - it's very sturdy, and like, mini? it never just rips off. the only concern i have had so far with these is that sometimes the bandage moves while i walk fast; but even with this, i only have to adjust the boots once a day.

    beth - THANK YOU! i saw your pic on flickr!

    dan - i am all for multi-purpose first-aid boots!!

    mich - do it! yeah, also, totes jealous of skinny calves! (even if you do face the same boot problemos!!) get em boots!

  14. Those boots are awesome!! I just bought a pair and got 30% off!