Monday, April 30, 2007

Rescue blues.

Today I listened to Ryan Adams on shuffle and five of his saddest songs played in a row. Probably not the best time to do this to me, iPod.

I see monsters.
Hotel chelsea nights.
To be the one.
How do you keep love alive.
Dear chicago.

Had to stop it there and play Say Anything before I turned into a tragic mess on the subway.

Then I gots happyz! Seriously, I'm so excited for this week I can't contain it. Ryan's music just puts me in a mood sometimes. Also, it's Monday. But! All I have to think about is Wednesday and my heart starts racing with anticipation.

Oh yeah: Happy Birthday to Steve. Nick joined them on the road yesterday, and I know that nobody can top that lovely man of a present. To your future children! Just kidding.....kinda.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

You give me the most gorgeous sleep that I've ever had.

No Doubt's Rock Steady is amazing. Its such perfect rock pop, I love it. Return of Saturn is still their best, but when the warm weather comes, I have to listen to RS and shake my booty around. RoS is for the gloomier, pensive days.

Underneath It All, Making Out, Hey Baby, In My Head, Rock Steady, Don't Let Me Down (!!!), Start the Fire.....gah! So good.

That is all.

All this time, and I can't get enough of you.

Shopping spree yesterday. New shoes, dresses, underwearz. I as checking out at h&m when I saw these underwear with evil cats on the front. Durr, I had to add them to the pile.

Bought some dvds: All About Eve (one of the top 10 movies of all time, acc to this girl), Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, POINT BREAK, CLARISSA EXPLAINS IT ALL SEASON 1.

Came home to watch Clarissa and Keanu with the roomies and Jiscilla. Point Break is the most amazing bad movie ever. Johnny Utah ftw.

Cleaning, organizing my life today. Paid bills, doing some freelancing, napped. Lazy Sundays rule.Happy Birthday, Andrew the Infamous!

Eagerly anticipating Wednesday!!! Can't quite stop thinking of him. Still across the ocean, and he manages to make me happy always. Sent me orchids on commemorate another month. Can't stop smiling! THREE DAYS!

Bamboozle lingers close...can't wait to see everybody there!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Soon you'll be right here with me (making out).

Thursday night = karaoke for Meesh's birthday! Good times, and enough Coronas in me to attempt a song. Oof. I do love embarassing myself in my friend's honor, though.

Texts from a bus in Europe to bring smiles to my face all night.

Ended the night perfectly: the karaoke lady singing Baby One More Time and Genie in a Bottle. Two seminal hits of our youth that brought out the danceparty in our inebriated selves. Erica and I reveled in the pop goodness.

Long Friday. Gloomy to the max weather.

Bright spot in the afternoon when an arrangement of fuschia-colored orchids arrived at my desk. For me? Really? He found my favorite flower. I'm so lucky to have found him.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'd melt in your honor.

LAMB sample sale today. Yeah! Had to run quick during my lunch break...grabbed four things and I am back at the office!

You try getting from Central Park to Canal Street and back in an hour.

Crazy work week. I live with anticipation for May 2nd.

Pictures of Paris in my inbox...and now on my background.

Good weather this week, ate lunch outside the other day in the wind. It made my new hairs emo because it hates me.

In the past week I've gotten calls from Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, and today Zurich. They always make my day...

Also, it makes me feel like Sydney Bristow.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Right now: "Walk Through Hell."

I'm obsessed with Say Anything and it's all your fault.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Hey hey hey!

Texts from the Eiffel Tower. Romantic! Kinda. Wish I was there. Got to sit in my cubicle all day...

Yo, Peter Petrelli: your emo hairz are totally hindering your ability to not die.

SA is an effin' bastard. Fact!

The video I was an extra in, Cartel's "Say Anything (Else)" was on TRL today! Aka I was on TRL today...totes check out Cartel now. Srsly.

Time to dream.

Baby, it's hot outside!

Most amazing weekend.

Erica and I traversed Williamsburg in the heat of Friday's dusk and ate some tots near Bedford Ave. We then went into Manhattan for some brass monkeys and The Soup with Keelie.

On Saturday awoke to beautiful sunshine and heat. Headed to the roof for a couple of hours and then headed into Manhattan to meet up with Jiscilla & Christy. HAIRCUT!

I love it. And now I've got a hairdresser in New York! His name is Ray and he's rad. Christy's cut came out amazing, too!

National Curbside Day continued with Erica and shopping! Stoked on summer dresses. Keelie met up with us and we headed to bk, prosecco in hand. Played the best game ever, Celebrities, which really is just Notables in Curbz lingo.

"You awkwardly made out with him." - a clue that came up for many of our persons.

Scattegories. Let's just say this girl is a cheat on prosecco. Alley Cat Attack FTL.

Sunday moring bagels on the roof. Layout for hours in the heat. Rachel's photographer friend doing a spread for Elle and asked us to pose. Suuuuure, whatever. (!!!!!!!)

Met up with Adam for Hot Fuzz. Laugh RIOT. Heart Simon Pegg.

Whole weekend with J on the brain. Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris...sigh. Brooklyn waits for your return. Any communication sends me reeling. Always amazed. So intense. All yours.

Glorious weekend to a close. I love my friends more than anything. They make life amazing. They make my life.

Friday, April 20, 2007


Sometimes a phone call can make your whole day awesome. :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007



Tuesday night started out with a swanky gala. Billionaires, whatever...we were there for the booze. Soon as the bar closed we were off for whiskey shots downtown.

My lovelies Jiscilla and Erica are good peoples. They keep me laughing when I could be sulking. Drunk and off to le pmc where we spotted WB on the corner of 10th and 3rd. We were laughing to the point of tears. Still not sure if he has man parts in those pants.

Wednesday does not matter.

I bought Avril Lavigne's album today. What of it?Tried to feel warm in the sun at Union Square. Got too cold saying goodbye. Again. Can't wait for hello & kisses. So soon...

Got caught on the mother effin' L train for an hour and a half. GRRRRRRRR. It did manage to turn my sullen mood into anger.

Tonight spent watching tv and a certain YouTube video at second 37. Also, griping on the couch about a certain mag's awful graphic design with Erica.

My back is KILLING ME. Somebody rub it, srsly.

Can't fall asleep. Writing this novel from this empty bed...does not help. A picture to keep me in the present though you're in the future.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Hi, I'm a total spazz.

Ugh. Came into work drenched. Central Park had record rainfall of 7 inches. The previous record? 1.8 inches.

Oh, and then in my "taxes are finally done!" excitement I spilled my one-good-thing-about-Monday-mornings coffee...all over and under the WHITE FABRIC wall of my cube. It will smell like Starbucks for a month. And my pristine cube is now scarred!

I was having a good no-clumsiness streak for a while. The universe went, FALSE, and I'm back to me.

Dear Monday, be over now.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

She says she's leaving on a Sunday.

The weather yesterday ruled. I traipsed around the city doing errands, relaxing, breathing in brisk air. Came home and watched a totally crap movie I kind of love...boggled Erica's mind when I admitted Keanu Reeves is kinda attractive. It was a very special episode of The Casey & Mom Show.

Erica and I then took a long walk around Brooklyn. Followed it with couch and wine and beerz. Shia L. on SNL did the Curbside sign. What?!

Erica and I have been talking about tattoos since last summer. I think she's ready for hers! I' I'm too indecisive to commit right now.

Today's storm woke me up gently with thunder, but I couldn't cancel on coffee with my friend Bryan that I haven't seen since October. Good talks, came home drenched.

Spring cleaning! Totally forgot about some awesome clothes I own. Stoked for summer!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

The and ever afters.

I know you totally barfed at that last entry. Deal with my happiness, even if I look slightly awkward wearing it.

This weather is anti-fantastic. I can hear the wind hating me.

Staying in to finish projects. I've deemed this spring cleaning weekend: home. Next weekend is spring cleaning weekend: self. Getting a haircut, manicure (what? Me?) and shopping. Shopping!

It's been a few years since I've had the freedom to spree. I'm talking since living at home six years ago long time. My self-restraint is magnificent and its the reason I'm here now.

I need May here now.

And you're gonna miss someone.

I could stretch that penny like a silver line
Rolling through the pages of my life
Underneath you name where it's underlined
I've been turned around
I've been mystified by a true love.

- "The Hardest Part" Ryan Adams

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

All yours.

Took Jesse home for the Easter weekend. His excitement to do so got me excited. Saw Grindhouse with the family. Hm. Probs not the best of ideas.

Train rides with him are always fun. Uno. Gin. Ridiculous antics.

His last two days here spent with a beautiful view. My friends...constantly amaze me. I'm lucky in about five million ways.

Surprise lunch before his flight today...surprise words leads to me grinning all day. That deli was perfect, mister. That mac n cheese said everything just right.

He'll be back soon enough.

All smiles.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

You were my tangerine.

Monday. Official games night in 410. Uno. Sorry. Scattegories. Meesh & Ben = worthy adversaries in alliteration smackdown. Amy = made us all sorry. Lauren Ashley = cat story for the win.

Tuesday. Drinks with coworkers. 3d Meet the Robinsons with Boy and Rachel. Why am I crying so much?! Boy's last PMC for a while. He looked so dapper in yellow and his new Brooklyn hat. Wonder why he got that...

Boy's last week continues with dinner, show, and Sutra tonight.Also, Boy and Erica got matching reversible hoodies. Chocolate & Waffles. I don't think I'll ever stop hearing about it.

Sunday, April 1, 2007


He took me by the hand and told me he'd take me to Philadelphia because I'd never been.

Saturday brunched in New York. Rented a car. New Jersey is such a bad idea. Arrival. Like New York with more space. And green. And less smells.

Walk about. Fake meat cheesesteaks. This boy and sneakers and hoodies...addiction. Exhaustion. Respite. Out again to drink Philly style with his (awesome) friends. Eva & Jessie & Clem & Joe & Marcos & Leigh. Car bombs. Bar fight. Next bar. Collegeville street ugh. Must pee.

Last call! Wait, but it's only 2 am?

How many Kevin Costner movies shall we watch? Grilled cheese room service. Is it 5 am or 6 am?

Sunday check out. Let's stay asleep. Wishes. Trudged to brunch. French toast to the face. Philadelphia Museum of Art. Mutters Museum of gross anatomy. Conserved body parts in jars. Skeletons. Disease frozen in time. Barfsville, USA.

Hey, let's go eat! Sadness - his favorite restaurant shut down. The reason for the trip...dead. Worn and in need of rest. Found mediocre mac n cheese. Movie. Back on the road, where I sit now with him & nofx.

Success. Amazing. Happy.

Ps toygers exist and I want at least five.