Monday, April 30, 2007

Rescue blues.

Today I listened to Ryan Adams on shuffle and five of his saddest songs played in a row. Probably not the best time to do this to me, iPod.

I see monsters.
Hotel chelsea nights.
To be the one.
How do you keep love alive.
Dear chicago.

Had to stop it there and play Say Anything before I turned into a tragic mess on the subway.

Then I gots happyz! Seriously, I'm so excited for this week I can't contain it. Ryan's music just puts me in a mood sometimes. Also, it's Monday. But! All I have to think about is Wednesday and my heart starts racing with anticipation.

Oh yeah: Happy Birthday to Steve. Nick joined them on the road yesterday, and I know that nobody can top that lovely man of a present. To your future children! Just kidding.....kinda.

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