Friday, November 30, 2007

The Dagger: A Study in Pictures 007


So my computer decided to sputter last night, and I'm getting a back-up hard drive after work and hopefully I'll be able to save everything off of the computer. I gotta save up for a new computer or wait for one to become available; and either one will probably take a while. Therefore my only computer is my work computer. With their web-blocking and all. Sigh. Expect lots of sidekick-sent posts.

It hasn't been a great week (c'mon, you saw how it started out!). But I'm HAPPY it's Friday. Here's an e-mail - edited for vulgarity! - I sent to the girls today:

In conclusion, I've decided to celebrate the end of the week by going with Dags to the Tarts of Pleasure's STOLEN TRANSMISSION party at their new digs the Hanger Bar. Let's dance.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Dagger: A Study in Pictures 006

She brought home deer meat from Maine.

Deer. Meat.

She's cooking like the maniacal cat that she is.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


jmj: what are you doing after work tomorrow?
swooning cat: Hanging with you?
jmj: sweet
jmj: wanna go on a date?
swooning cat: Yes.

[February 26, 2007]

Monday, November 26, 2007

Finally back in New York.

So, it's more than twenty-four hours since I kissed him goodbye, and I'm finally back home. Kinda. In LaGuardia waiting for the car service. But home soon soon soon soon............

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Sunday, November 25, 2007


So delayed that I missed the connecting flight. Alone in a hotel room in Atlanta, Georgia. Can't get back to New York until tomorrow. Haggard and hungry. Tired.

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Head for the hills.

Also: we were watching football this morning and I found myself singing along to "Everything is Alright" before I stopped and said, "wait! Where is that coming from?!" And Jesse didn't even realize it was playing on the commercial outro from the game.

Then! Erica texts me that "This is For Real" played during another game today. The NFL is a Motion City fan for sure.

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The end.

Jesse and I passed Saturday in Minneapolis playing poker backstage. Some good things transpired: my betting during one hand was complimented, I was making a lot of dough at one point (hm, do people still use "dough"?), and I took out Dave (the lead singer of Mae). Woo! However, I did end up just breaking even (my first attempt at a full on bluff gone bad). Better than losing money!

Watched the hometown show from the soundboard with Anna and Brooke and danced around like a crazy like I always do. I thought I was far away enough to not be noticed, but after the show Josh said he saw me singing and bouncing around (whatever, I like your band. A lot.) Headed to the hotel after some fun hangs and slept in before some food.

Now I'm at the airport and my flight has been delayed an hour (of course). However, I am so thankful for this amazing weekend. It will be a few weeks until he's back, but he'll be back for a good long break. Christmas! New Years! Panama! All mine.

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Saturday, November 24, 2007


Hanging out in Minneapolis. Kinda effin freezing. But he's warm. Yayayayaybarfvomyayayayayay

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This is what Jesse wore to the bar last night. We pretty much sat at a table and played Speed. He won the tournament. Boo.

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Milwaukee !

Drove from Chicago to Milwaukee and met up with Emily and Evan for dinner! I left my sk on the bus, so these photos are to the credit of Ms. Emily. Fun hangs. Their apartment rules and so does their dog.

We're so barfy. Sorry.

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Oh, and this was dessert.


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Fancy Fanxgiving.

We ate at Chicago's China Grill and had some turkey, stuffing, and sweet potatoes...with a twist.

All smiles.

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Amberrrrr!!!! Okay, so much fun catching up, rocking out, and gifting Amber! Notice how her and Lindsay enjoy the lip gloss of xmas oh five. Haha.

Oh, and Jesse and I continue grossing people out.

Today's Thanksgiving and I miss my family, but I'm watching it snow on the Chicago skyline right now sitting next to the emenating warmth of my boyfriend and I can't help but be thankful.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I'm flying to Detroit for the holidays! Not for all four days, mind you, just for Wednesday. Then it's Chicago, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis. I have no idea what's in store, as the past twenty-three years (aka all my life) have been spent with my family...usually in New Hampshire/Rhode Island. Finally a year without having to field the same exact questions all day! Oh, and I get to spend it with a rather awesome and handsome man, and I couldn't be happier. Except, I also get to see my bestie AMBER in Detroit, and finally give her the Christmas present I had saved up for her two years ago. Yes. Two. Also: the above pictures only illustrate a brief moment in the long-winded and strange friendship that exists between Amber and I. And we will sadly lament the fact that Kelly won't be with us to complete our trio. Jesse will have to suffice for now; though, try as he might, I don't think he'll be able to decipher the language that passes between us when we get together. It's like the language of love, but BETTER. (Does that make sense? It will to Amber.)


Sifl and Olly anybody?? ANYBODY?? This morning I read this tidbit on Idolator, and my mind was immediately transported back to my 1998 high school art class and quoting Chester and Precious Roy with my friend Tricia. And is it me, or was this the place where "I'm from the United States of....Whuteva!" start? Because we def quoted that from the show. I can has reruns plz?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Done! To! Death!

Oh HEY! Chris Black's got some merch. Also, check out the illustrious Erica & her friends with me in that bottom picture. Apparently we shill for shirts now. Or we always did?

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Went home for a spectacular weekend.

My dad's 52nd birthday was celebrated with family hangs, beer and pizza. While my Dad, broseph, and Uncle Dave saw Beowulf, my mother and I shopped. I told her of your new habit, it sure was a shock and surprise. A good one.

Apparently the movie was in 3D and so at dinner everyone tried on the glasses. I cracked up; snapped some shots for your amusement. (General anon you.)

I had to break my Thanksgiving travel plans to my extended family. I'll miss them, but glad to have seen them this weekend. And I'll be having so much fun with you! (Very specific anon you.)

How good it is to see see you...

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Squeal !

I'm so happy that you are swooning.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Catch my breath.

We left this morning from Philadelphia, arrived on 34th Street and I
headed to work. Long meeting, ran to Fuse to catch the Sauce...sleepy kisses and then he was gone again.

But this time I've only to wait six days. (!)

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These are the kinds of texts I get from Amber.

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So lay with me, I could use the company.

It's incredibly gross outside right now and all I want to do is curl up with you in the red Harajuku Lovers sweats you got me yesterday. Grrrr @ meetings.

Parental control.

THIS may be the most depressing thing I've ever read. How could something like this be perpetrated by adults? Parents?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Post show.

Matt is stoked on his bat socks. Seriously. There's a picture.

And everybody on sk pictures looks like they're emerging from the dark totally - totes! - scared.

Also, how stoked am I that I get to see so many dates on a tour of one of my favorite bands? They've never been better. And they were already amazing to start out with...something I enlightened Tony & Matt to before the show. "Your New York show was the best show I've ever seen you all play. And, oh yeah, I was going to your shows before you had an album...pretty creepy, right?" Ha.

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I rock out the whole time.

And stare at his hands.

So cute during "Last Night."

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Fargo takes place mainly in Minnesota.

In Philadelphia. Jesse got a new hat.

We have so much fun. Barftime!

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Arms, veins, bait.

I'm doing some year-end retrospection. I remember seeing a truly great film. However, I couldn't fully enjoy it as I was perturbed by the staggering amount of characters that looked like peripheral characters in my own life. People I'd rather not be reminded of constantly for two hours.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Surrounded by good people.

A of all, Jiscilla really is Miss Paparazzi.

B of all, how did I just say bye to you and these pictures made me feel all warm and fuzzy for you all over again?

C of all, I'm overwhelmed by how awesome my friends and family are. I love them for always. Try as I might, I do falter sometimes, and I'm grateful that my faves are there for me. My parents support me no matter what decisions I make. My boyfriend effin' rules. DO WANT CURBSIDE FOREVER. I try not to forget these things in the midst of life's hectic pace. Ocassionally I am reminded quite brutally that I don't know everything and I'm still learning and figuring things out. It helps knowing that I'm not alone.

D of all, sorry if this post is a little on the wtf emo! side, as I've been up since 330 AM (in order to get to NY/work on time) and I'm feelin' a little WOOZY HERE.

E of all, there's probably going to be a lot of random posts coming up. My mind is a scrambled egg right now. And RAAAAWR!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

But hurry, I can't wait.

From Erica's Blackberry - my claws attacking Kelly

Silent wow time !

Thursday night were the MtvU Woodie Awards @ Roseland. Snap, free flow, fun times, man on the big screen, party party...and take care of me home (thank you).

Friday = probably the best MCS show I've ever seen. Roseland was packed, everyone was dancing and jumping around, and screaming their lungs out. Dance party in the balcony with my besties!

Also, Jiscilla, "He kinda looks like..." ftw. Dags, my claws will take over your life (team geah back in action soon soon). Sean, you're a blast to rock out next to, especially to "Last Night." Kells...four fucking years.

Jersey held another great show...I love that MCS shows are like going to a huge party. And you will always find me singing, dancing, and having a great time. I'm a nerd.

My parents came out for tonight's Worcester show and took in the rock. Even Bonecrusher was amazed. Moms and I definitely threw up fists and jumped around in the balcony.

No sadfaces. Smile through the whole thing. You make it special, and I didn't even know it could be this good.

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Friday, November 9, 2007

I will recap last night later.

Woodie Awards! I had tons of fun.