Sunday, November 11, 2007

But hurry, I can't wait.

From Erica's Blackberry - my claws attacking Kelly

Silent wow time !

Thursday night were the MtvU Woodie Awards @ Roseland. Snap, free flow, fun times, man on the big screen, party party...and take care of me home (thank you).

Friday = probably the best MCS show I've ever seen. Roseland was packed, everyone was dancing and jumping around, and screaming their lungs out. Dance party in the balcony with my besties!

Also, Jiscilla, "He kinda looks like..." ftw. Dags, my claws will take over your life (team geah back in action soon soon). Sean, you're a blast to rock out next to, especially to "Last Night." Kells...four fucking years.

Jersey held another great show...I love that MCS shows are like going to a huge party. And you will always find me singing, dancing, and having a great time. I'm a nerd.

My parents came out for tonight's Worcester show and took in the rock. Even Bonecrusher was amazed. Moms and I definitely threw up fists and jumped around in the balcony.

No sadfaces. Smile through the whole thing. You make it special, and I didn't even know it could be this good.

-- via hiphop tiredtop

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