Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday !

But really, this is about last night.

We braved the cold to watch LOST @ Jaime & Rob's. That had to be one of my favorite episodes of LOST ever. Yes, I'm partial to Desmond, but the episode was so well-crafted and intriguing. Then we decided to ride into the city for a party at Fat Baby called Rock It! It was cool, but we were just relaxing. We left before any dance parties started. We're old.

FALSE! We're awesome. Also awesome? Jaime. She's rad. I'm professing my love for her right here. "If Jonah Bayer can't find a group of eighteen-year-old girls interesting, then they are most definitely BO-RING." HAHA

Erica and I got home to find Jesse online from a Soundwave venue in Melbourne. He had a Meet-n-Greet while we were talking, so he just faced the camera towards said meeting so we could "hang." HAHAHA Probably the funniest moment was when Erica and I were just talking and not really paying attention and Tony's head just popped in from the side and slowly backed out. I managed to grab some screencaps (HA!) of funny times.

He's back so soon! Who's stoked???? Guess! Guess!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yeah, I think she'll be all right.

I was kinda bummed out last night, as I found myself on my one year anniversary just hanging out on the living room couch alone watching Tyra effin' Banks. Not too bummed, just kinda wistful. The buzzer rang and I heard, "Flowers for Jessica Parker." It's uncanny how he (the world? 1-800-Flowers?) intervenes at exactly the moment I need it. "A rose for every month" + a lovely note attached.

Internet apparently blows in Australia, but that didn't keep my man from walking around five miles in Melbourne looking for an internet cafe that could support video chatting.

"So what are you doing today?"
"This. This is all I have planned. To talk to you."


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

If They Mated 002.

This one's easier than the first one. Well, actually not so much. The eyes are tough to guess (and fall off the face?!). But you will probably get the actual base-face. HA!

Bountiful selection at your discretion.

Gwen Stefani on the cover of the latest V magazine. Evil harlequin babydoll crazy lady! I dig it.

One year !

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Surprises in the mail !

An adorable postcard & a lovely present. One week!


We real cool. We
Left school. We
Lurk late. We
Strike straight. We
Sing sin. We
Thin gin. We
Jazz June. We
Die soon.

- by Gwendolyn Brooks, 1960.

Monday, February 25, 2008

RIP Skyla.

Just got off the phone with my parents...they took Skyla to the vets and put her down. :( My mom was crying and even my dad sounded devestated. Y yo soy triste, tambien.

It is a HAPPY Monday !

Happy Mondays rarely, if ever, happen.

However, this morning I got to video chat with Jesse again before going to work. Last night we video chatted during his soundcheck, and when I woke up he had just finished playing the show. Ha. I also have the most amazing screencap to share - will edit this post at home (and I don't care if you're sick of my screencaps!) Oh, and Tony asking about pantsuits - that is all.

(Said amazing screencap.)

Also, video chat came in handy yesterday whilst talking to Steve, as he hadn't seen our apartment since we built out rooms in it. My tour in front of my roommates was, I'm sure, hilarious as I ascended the stairs backwards and narrated as to what had changed. And then he goes, "Wait, are you on the first floor?" "Dude, I just went up the stairs backwards, did you not see that?!?!" Whatevs. If you'd like a memorable--if somewhat disorienting--tour of our apartment, hit me up on AIM.

Yeah, ps, secret: I like to video chat.

Oh! I heard the acoustic Motion City tracks and I'm in looooooooove. They're all fantastic, but I have a place in my heart for the completely-different-route taken with "Fell in Love Without You." LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! (I've had some coffee today...)

Last night, the Oscars were enjoyable, if not predictable. I will say that I enjoyed Marion C., the La Vie en Rose actress beating out Julie Christie, and totally into Tilda Swinton winning - she was my pick! I'll say it now: There Will Be Blood was my favorite film to come out last year. Do love DDL. And PT. And milkshakes.

Okay, I'm going to take a second to opine on the fashion:


Amy Adams wins, in my book. I loved the color because it was different, and is rarely pulled off quite right. I love her Veronica Lake hair, because it reminds me of old Hollywood glamour. I love that she chose not to wear ANY diamonds (did you see the diamond tapestry dripping off Nicole Kidman?! Blech.), and instead only wore elegant gold earring matching a gold purse. And the dress itself is beautiful - classic, but with a modern twist, given that Proenza Schouler neckline. LOVE IT.

I enjoy textures and Gaultier...aka win.

I love her. And the dress was not just another black evening gown. Texture!

Cate Blanchett looks radiant all the time! How?? I'm seriously into purple. And the woman sitting next to her in the front row with the jet black hair and vibrant purple dress - whoever you are, I adore you.

Do not like!

I LOVE Rebecca Miller as the talented writer and director that she is. And I do love her husband. But...even as eccentrics go, I can't deal with this dress.

Maybe it's because I'm a little jealz, but Sarah Larson (AKA Clooney's girlfriend) looked awful. Okay, even if she wasn't dating Clooney (who was dapper, as always) I'd still hate on this dress. Talk about wallpaper. The color, the fabric texture, the sparkliness of the damn thing in the theater - ugh. Also, her face. (Jk!)

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lame. The feathers look tacked on as an afterthought. Yawn. (Please check out the pregnant fashions of Cate B. and Gwen S. for future ideas, fanx.)

Maybe it's not even the dress, it's just her. The dress even seems too small for her disappearing frame.

Did you even read all that? Whatever. Who did you like? Hate? Not care because you want this post to be over and you can't believe you're still reading? Okay.

I'm feeling good about this week. It's like countdown week!

Sunday, February 24, 2008


He's backstage in Sydney and I was ecstatic!! Venue = internet! It's crazy how video chat makes such a difference.

Okay, so usually all attention is on Jesse, so I don't realize who else is in the shot or what's going on in the background - I looked at this after: hey blue shirt guy, what's up?

Hahahaha, pigtails. Don't ask. We were cracking up.

Matt said hello...and talked about how warm it is there. Grr.

His smile makes me happy ! (BARF)

If you couldn't tell, I like my boyfs' face a lot. I'm a NERD.


Sometimes I have to makes lists.

Am wholly excited for the Oscars tonight. I've seen all the top film nominees, and much of the acting performances (knocked two out this weekend by renting Gone Baby Gone and Elizabeth: The Golden Age - The Assassination of Jesse James was OUT! Boo!). I think it's a pretty exciting year. And I've always been an Oscar geek - it was the only school night I was allowed to stay up late when I was growing up. Ha. I would do a will win/should win list - but who really cares what I think about it?!

Currently on repeat: Tiger Lou's album The Loyal. Becoming obsessed...

Last night tons of our friends gathered at Royal Oak and we danced the night away. Also, before, Jamie and I may or may not have danced to selections from the Beetlejuice soundtrack in Rob Hitt's living room. And I ate all his edamame. Whatever.

And there were a few other girls with their boyfriends in Australia for Soundwave - "Hey, I heard you say Motion City..." "Oh, just telling her we're all in the same boat." Love it.

Fell asleep missing him.

Today I was rearranging my room, so I had to take the drawers out of my dresser. My dresser belonged to my grandmother, and it's this cherry wood antique thing. Anyway, I tried putting a drawer back and the drawer wouldn't go back in all the way. I got a flashlight out and it looked like a couple of things were stuck in the back. I pulled out an old packaged zipper, with the price written out: "Price 25 Cents" at the top. Copyright? 1938. Also, two newspaper comic clipping from the Providence Bulletin from December 3, 1932! So crazy!

In sad news, my parents called me this morning to tell me Skyla, the bestest golden retriever there ever was is going to be put down tomorrow :( She had a seizure and can't stand on her legs anymore. She lived a long good life, though. I will miss her sweet face.

Me and Skyla last summer.


No internets :(
Will have to do with an expensive text per day.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Shake shake shake the hips.

Becca, Erica and I are about to go out for a night in BK. We got a little crazy with the photobooth. We're about to get a little crazy on the dancefloors.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Weathered blues.

I'm succumbing to the lethargy of the winter months. I want warmth. Any kind of warmth. I want to feel the sun on my cheeks, not the wind. I want the snow and rain and sleet to move on, so I can feel productive. I mostly want to feel the warmth of his arms wrapped around me, because this cold is chilling my bones.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Or we have six seconds to live..."

I can't embed this video here but go to this link and watch the video of George Clooney during his interview - where he goes in search of a beeping noise coming from somewhere in the journalist's house. He actually climbs into a crawl-space looking for it. And he says, "Oh, hi." to the camera....which I'd like to have an audio clip of so every time I open my computer I can hear, "Oh, hi." from George Clooney.

Also, could this dude get any more charming and hilarious and down-to-earth?

That is all.

Te extrano.

Fifteen hours difference. Australia is one more hour further than Japan. I mean, it's all helped by "just landed" texts and "goodnight mi mujer" calls and "missing the misses" away messages and "I can't wait to..." chats. No matter that he's usually asleep while I'm awake. He makes it all better. Always.

Sorry to make you barf.

But. I miss my boyfriend.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The fam was full of news yesterday!

My brother Travis is a crazy-talented sprinter for the University of New Hampshire track team. He's broken like a zillion records and was awarded some MVP award as a sophomore when seniors have always gotten it. Yeah, I don't know how we're related either. Anyway, he also won the America East Men’s Track Performer of the Week and he has the American East Championships this weekend at MY old alma mater, Boston University. Just wanted to give props to my awesome bro.

Also, after I was informing my parents of my serious life decisions, they told that when they retire in a few years they'll probably spend half the year in Panama and eventually live there permanently. Woah! makes sense. Honestly, why wouldn't you retire to Panama??? Eff Florida.

Big step.

I called my parents. I made the call. Okay, perhaps not the call. A call. An important call. An attempt at displaying my level of maturity. They took it better than I would have thought.


"I wish I could take a picture of your mother's face right now."

"He's going to have to talk to us, Jessica."

"I know, Mom, I know."

No yelling? No cold shoulder? No "I'm disappointed"? And then relief washes over me.

"How long did it take you to drum up enough courage to come to us with this?"

"Dad, I'm currently sweating profusely and my hands are shaking."

Answer: Oh, about seven months.

All is well. I couldn't stop smiling. I told him via video chat and he couldn't stop smiling. He's coming back in March. He'll get a talking-to from my parents. But he's coming home to me. And I can't wait.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

To Dex & Dags...

They still sell them !

-- via hip but who buys them? top

Monday, February 18, 2008

Three berry pie !

Christy and I satisfied our pie-craving after completing the entire season of Pushing Daisies. Even Queen Htr Dags was into it.

Now Christy and I are at the Little Pie Company on 43rd Street. Off to see Definitely, Maybe along with Erica, Kelly, and Gaby. Because sometimes you need a rom com with the girls.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008


Christy, Dags and I went to Jonah's "Hardcore" party last night...Dags and I decided to wear our moog-stand shirts, because we know Jonah Bayer is a bigger fan of MCS than hardcore. He was so jealz of our shirts.

Also, Jonah challenged me to an arm wrestling match. We were going pretty evenly-matched, except I was laughing uncontrollably as the spectators gathered. I almost had him, and then I just gave up. Jonah post-win: "We both know who really won..." Ha! You can see a snapshot of our epic struggle at Dagger's.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Epic Friday.

It went down like this.

Got to leave work early; and so began my three-day weekend. I arrived home to a box of flowers! Pretty, pretty roses with a note - got on video chat and apparently they were the wrong flowers ("you're more than just simple roses") and a day late. Oh well. They are lovely and so is he.

Dags and I met up with Ashley and Gaby at the Crush offices and headed to a bar around the corner. Kelly and Christy met up and we WERE going to go see Definitely, Maybe but then it was sold out and Kelly and I literally scalped our pre-bought tickets. I sold mine to a dude there wanting to see it alone. Weird, am I right?

So then we went back to the bar, drank some more. We decided to leave because the waitress blew. "I'm going to have the $3.50 Sam Adams." I hand her a 20 and get back seven dollars. "UM." She apologizes, hands me another seven, but I don't realize how much I have now. I have to flag her down for the millionth time and get the rest of my money back: NO TIP.

Quote of the night: "I want a boy with plugs so big i can stick my tongue in them and make out with his neck." To each their own.


We bid adieu to Ashley and Gaby and the rest of us go to the Continental - because why wouldn't we?? We are surprised when we look at our watches and it's only 10:30. After watching people make out for some time, we headed to AK for the Angels and Airwaves afterparty or something and just danced, danced. Saw the regs and said HI.

Christy and I had a long (drunken) debate in the subway about the five big Oscar-nominated films. How we do.

Got in beds together and video chatted with Jesse. Hahaha. Best. Thing. Ever.

Then we woke up and watched Pushing Daisies. Let's just say, she's hooked. My diabolical plan to get everyone into the show is going well; Jesse is downloading all the episodes, too. Mwahahahaha!

And now I sit a bit cloudy in the head, but all worth it because hanging with the best people ever never gets old. Today I shall finish cleaning my room!! And probs video chat, OBVIOUSLY.