Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday !

But really, this is about last night.

We braved the cold to watch LOST @ Jaime & Rob's. That had to be one of my favorite episodes of LOST ever. Yes, I'm partial to Desmond, but the episode was so well-crafted and intriguing. Then we decided to ride into the city for a party at Fat Baby called Rock It! It was cool, but we were just relaxing. We left before any dance parties started. We're old.

FALSE! We're awesome. Also awesome? Jaime. She's rad. I'm professing my love for her right here. "If Jonah Bayer can't find a group of eighteen-year-old girls interesting, then they are most definitely BO-RING." HAHA

Erica and I got home to find Jesse online from a Soundwave venue in Melbourne. He had a Meet-n-Greet while we were talking, so he just faced the camera towards said meeting so we could "hang." HAHAHA Probably the funniest moment was when Erica and I were just talking and not really paying attention and Tony's head just popped in from the side and slowly backed out. I managed to grab some screencaps (HA!) of funny times.

He's back so soon! Who's stoked???? Guess! Guess!

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