Saturday, May 30, 2009


Today is a big day. My blog gets to host it's very first CONTEST!!!

I'm sure if anyone follows my tumblr or twitter or has talked to me at any length since last Tuesday - you know I'm all up on Mandy Moore's new album, Amanda Leigh. I've never been a true fan of her music; yes, I may or may not have driven around in high school singing along to "Candy" whenever it came on the radio, but let's be honest!

So what has changed? All of a sudden Mandy Moore is singing songs that are mature and really, quite beautiful. Amanda Leigh's songs range from elegant ("Merrimack River") to handclapping fun ("I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week") to making me swoon ("Bug"). There's some great music here; some of the guitar sounds are just dreamy. It's a little folksy, a little 70s, and lovely. I've had it on repeat for days.

Oh and wait wait wait - we all know I have an obsession with Ryan Adams, Mandy's spouse. I'm not going to say it sounds like a Ryan Adams record (it doesn't), but I can't help but feel an influence to the depth of the songs here. If you follow Ryan at all, you know Mandy's pet name for him is Bug...which I've already explained is the title of a song on the album.


Well, it's specifically for people who can get to New York City on Tuesday, June 2nd! (I'll try to get a mail-to contest at some point so everyone can be included!)

I have two tickets to see Mandy Moore perform live at Highline Ballroom on Tuesday, June 2nd! Our lucky winner will recieve those two tickets, plus a free copy of Amanda Leigh!


Since this is my blog, and I can do anything on my blog, here's what we're going to do! You know that game The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? Well, I've been a huge Kevin SPACEY fan for so long, that I've always played The Six Degrees of Kevin Spacey.

CONNECT MANDY MOORE TO KEVIN SPACEY IN AS LITTLE STEPS AS POSSIBLE. The contest ends Monday, June 1st, at 3pm Eastern. Leave your Name, E-mail, and Contest Answer in the comments below. If I get several comments of the shortest answer possible (PS Kevin and Mandy have never worked together!), the person who commented FIRST (via timestamp) wins.

Here's an example of an answer - let's connect Mandy to Keanu Reeves!!

Mandy Moore was in Because I Said So with Diane Keaton.
Diane Keaton was in Something's Gotta Give with Keanu Reeves.

Some restrictions: 1) No TV shows. (Mandy Moore's stints on Scrubs and Entourage do NOT count.) 2) Has to be actor-to-actor. Can't connect through directors, writers, producers, etc. 3) Only feature films - no straight-to-DVD or tv movies! 4) Animated movies and voice-work does not count either.

Just a straight-up feature film connect - no fancy stuff here - needs to be legit!

I want to see any secret New York readers I have come out of the wood work!! Get thee to the comments!

Also, what's great about this show - if you live in NYC, go to Best Buy, and buy her album. Bring the receipt to Highline Ballroom on Tuesday night and you have FREE ADMISSION. There's a bit more restrictions, but you can read those HERE.

Of course, if you win this contest, you will win her album and those tickets :)

On Monday I'll post who the winner is and their winning answer once I verify everything! Remember, you can't win unless you list your name and e-mail address, too. And you MUST be able to go to the show.

YAY! I'm also really excited to see all these songs performed at Tuesday's show.

And for all those not in New York, you can still check out and fall in love with Mandy's album! Buy it at Amazon!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Drinks with the girls!

Last night Jiscilla was in town so a few ladies got together in her honor.

-- via my first BlogPress app post iPhone

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Down the drain, down the drain.

I'm not the biggest fan of Los Angeles, but I love visiting. Jesse grew up in LA, so he knows the city pretty well.

I got in Thursday night - after many hours and two flights (in middle seats!) and serious jet lag. He picked me up from LAX and we fled to his apartment that he shares with Matt for their time in LA recording. The next morning I was up bright and early at 6am, and when Jesse eventually woke up we started our Friday at the studio and then shopping.

At one point, Jesse got a text from our friend Kristy who informed him that she had a cancellation in her schedule, and she wanted to know if I wanted a free facial! She works at a great skin care center that caters to celebrities - after the fabulous, fabulous, fabulous and my FIRST EVER facial, I saw the model Gisele in the waiting room. Quality, people, QUALITY. Felt pretty great walking out of there...and my skin is still beaming. YES!

(Kristy! And a couple of her friends. If you don't know already, Kristy = amazing.)

Afterwards, Jesse took me to a lively and delicious Latin American restaurant called D'Cache. We had way too much to eat that we couldn't dance when the musician got lively. We did open our mouths for the waiters pouring sangria in everybody's mouth, though.

On Saturday, Jesse and I had brunch with our friend Colin, who is one of my favourite people to talk about tv and movies with. (We're both huge Aaron Sorkin fans!) Then Jesse and I went shopping again and I found a perfect winter coat - orginally $400 marked down to $100. As well as a pretty dress. We went by a glasses shop and I think I need to get some cat-eye sunglasses for this summer. Of course...some variations can be a bit silly -

But I loved them! I didn't buy them. Mainly out of how much they cost, but also because Jesse thought I should get some less crazy ones. Sometimes we need a little crazy though, no?

Then Jesse took me on a drive along Mulholland Drive, and I got to see the sprawling city below. I'm not much of a touristy person - when I have visitors I'm not much for taking them around the town to see landmarks. It's actually quite annoying for me...and when I go sightseeing somewhere else, I tend to get bored. It's just the way I am, I suppose. But. I felt in the spirit on Saturday. Jesse took me around the curves and I told him stories and legends about old Hollywood and then I made him stop so we could get a picture. Very progressive behavior, let me tell you.

Jesse and I spent the evening with his father who was visiting from northern California, and some of their old friends from when they lived in LA. We had a long, five-hour dinner party where the conversation never stopped. Great times.

On Sunday, Jesse had arranged for their daily workout to take place at a beach in Santa Monica, so I could enjoy some sun and sea. It was quite fun for me and Lindsay, Justin's ladyfriend and fellow blogger, to sit back on our towel as we watched them exercise. Ah, but they did great! Jill was also in town, and she was brave enough to work out next to them!

When I e-mailed Kristy a while ago to tell her I was coming into town, I suggested we have a get-together in her and Dan's backyard like last year. Well, she went all out and it was a big pool party! And so, so, so much fun!!

We spent most of the day into the night in the hot tub or pool or poolside, all talking and cracking up and catching up. The definition of good times. Also, I won't explain this one, but....speedos:

Also, unfortunately, during the trip I only had so much time, and didn't get to hang out with some people - namely, my friend Erin, Joyce, and the Monty Are I boys who were playing the Knitting Factory on Sunday night. Next time, next time!!

Yesterday, Jesse and I went back to the studio and then had lunch with his dad before he drove me back to LAX. Obviously, saying bye is not fun. I don't get to see him for another three and a half weeks. ARG! But, so it goes.

After saying bye, I did get a little comfort from the fact that I flew home on business class - which I never have before. I was awkwardly figuring it out: when they came around before take-off with a tray of water, orange juice, and champagne, I reached for my wallet before realizing that it was free. Then I had several courses of a meal and a glass of wine during the flight. And my seat reclined way back and a foot rest popped up. Made the six hour flight much, much more comfortable.

Forgive me for gushing, but there were a lot of things that happened this weekend I might not get to try out again! :) The rest of the pictures (all taken on my iPhone) are up here - check them out!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A quickie!


I wish it was easier to update my blog on the go, but it just isn't happening! The pictures are dinky when I send them from my iPhone and I'm a stickler for format. I can't put any words when I send a picture! So I'm trying to fix that by downloading the BlogPress iPhone app Beth told me about. It's downloading as we "speak."

Also as we speak, Jesse is getting dressed and we're going out for a day of shopping, dining with friends and Jesse's dad, and tomorrow our friends Dan and Kristy are having a pool party!

And...the point of this is that it's much easier to update my Tumblr. I have been experimenting with Tumblr as a kind of scrapbooking blog - so check it out for updates on my trip, and pictures and opinions on selective little subjects. I don't write anything long there - I save my writing for this beloved blog.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just to be over then back to another one.

Look, it's been a pretty busy week all around so I haven't had time to post! It'll be much better after this weekend. Should I list it all out for you?

On Monday, I met up for post-work drinks with Zan - a monthly ritual. It includes amazing Pear Martinis. We sit at a table by the window of Whiskey Park, a bar on Central Park South. We talk about a myriad of things, but this past Monday we saw many a suit pass by and deduced that these were people having to do with the Fox up-fronts. They were going into Central Park following signs that said "FOX" and big balloons with "GLEE" written on them. It was pretty sad how much detective work we did when all we really had to do was ask one of the suits. Or, ya know, make our brains work faster. These monthly get-togethers are so much fun, though, and I'm looking forward to June's!

I'm still pining the Pine. In fact. Look at this picture of Chris Pine & Zoe Saldana in Japan -

Could a blond crack my Top Five?! On a related note, somebody coined the term "Pine Flu" on the internet this morning, and I'm taking it.

Also, Zan attempted to guess my Top Five just from reading this blog, and she was very close except she included Keanu Reeves! Keanu is totally a fascination, not a crush. He hasn't written me in a while... Anyway, can you guess my Top Five?

I'm currently reading the 900-page behemoth that is 2666 by Roberto Bolano. I love it so far. The version I have is split into three books/volumes, so I'm getting mighty ambitious with this cross-country trip - I'm bringing all three. I've got really long flights...

I got a good haircut in New York! Yes! And it wasn't too expensive, meaning, I shall be going back. They took off a few inches (my hair is getting long long long) and it's all healthy and fun now. I'm excited to know there's someone I can turn to in the city for my haircutting needs - and it won't cost me $100. Whatchoo think?

On Tuesday night, I accompanied Erica to Trainwreck, where Dave Holmes was guest-DJing, and the fellows from Passion Pit were there to celebrate their latest release, Manners! Check it out! It was a fun time, and Mr. Holmes (remember that guy who lost to Jesse Camp in that MTV VJ contest but then continued to have a better career with MTV than the winner? THAT'S Dave Homes) was a very nice dude.

Last night I had a lovely date with Kells and Erica at Sweet Emily's (addicted, fact.) and we've decided to continue this three-fifths of Curbside tradition for a weekly date. Next week? Possibly...perhaps...seeing Star Trek again. Kelly hasn't seen it!! And I think I've convinced her with my flurry of Pine pictures. I think I've infected her. PINE FLU!

Then Erica and I came home, watch Kris Allen win American Idol as the Entertainment Weekly with Adam Lambert sat on our coffee table, and then I packed and I'M LEAVING TODAY AT NOON FOR LOS ANGELES!

Jesse awaits me and I couldn't be more excited to see my dude and get some FACETIME in. Sporadic updates will ensue this weekend, but I should be back to full-fledged afterwards.

What are you doing for Memorial Day Weekend?

Monday, May 18, 2009

One more thing.

I said I would, and I did. I saw Star Trek again. Still as good, if not better, the second time. This time I felt I could appreciate more of the...actors involved. Okay, okay, the first time around I was like, man, that Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) is hunky and all, but so not my type. Blonde-ish and Brad Pitt-ish along with Pitt's not-perfect skin - I'll pass. But then I couldn't resist on the second go-round. He's really funny. He has a charm. I'm a sucker for charm (see: George Clooney, RDJ, etc.) And...and....yeah -

I mean...right? You can see the charm there? It's there. Go see Star Trek. Also, why don't I own Princess Diaries 2, which he was apparently in? Hm.

And, I also dig on Karl Urban. I recognized him, but could't place him. Until I realized he was in Lord of the Rings as Eomer.

He is completely different in Star Trek as McCoy, and hilarious. There's something about his voice and delivery that constantly cracked me up.

Okay okay one more -


You've got to burn to shine.

My weekend was quite relaxing - which was necessary given how the past few weekends have been full of visitors or visiting or chores. Not to say I didn't have chores to do this time around. But it was a peaceful weekend.

On Friday, Erica and I hit up Life Cafe after work for some serious girl gabbing. Also, we talked a lot about religion. And boys. Will we ever cease to talk about the labrynth that is male behavior and decision-making? It's too fascinating (and tortuous) to not talk about.

Afterwards, we went to Jesse Lee's latest gallery party at Eastern District. The gallery's latest offering is photographs by the talented Justine Reyes. I really loved the photographs, and if you're in the area, check them out.

The exhibit is called, "Home, Away from Home." From the website -

Ms. Reyes spent the past six years photographing her immediate family - her mother and two uncles. This series pairs their portraits with views of empty interior spaces in the house where they all live. In many of the photographs where the figures of her family are physically present a lonely emptiness and unease hovers, often more insistantly than in the vacant spaces. The family is seen engaging in the everyday activities of cleaning, eating, watching TV, doing nothing in particular. The viewer is forced to adopt Reyes’ vision, incorporating the artist’s own fears of losing her family and trying to capture the moments slipping by with increasing speed as they get older. Ms. Reyes’ beautifully sad photographs focus on age, aging, loneliness and isolation, and the fragility of life and family bonds through her stark depictions of details such as her uncle’s broken nose.

It's really beautiful. I met Justine and took her picture by her work, along with a couple of my favourite photographs on display:

On Saturday, Erica, Gaby and I saw Star Trek (for me, again) and it was great...again. The movie is just really fun. That night I came down with the worst headache and stayed on the couch to watch Sliding Doors, Grey Gardens and SNL. On Sunday, I got a lot of those chores done.

And how was your weekend?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I thought I knew you - woah!

Let's do this.

Jesse and I deemed Tuesday night Date Night because it was his last night in town and we really wanted to spend some time together and distract each other from the past few days' sad events. We went to our new favourite restaurant Sweet Emily's and then we saw Star Trek. The night was grand and a peaceful breather from all the other hecticness going on. He left yesterday to head back to L.A., but I'm so very glad we had a fun evening to ourselves before that. Jesse's superb at lifting my spirits.

And next Thursday I head to L.A.! YES! We've been doing pretty well in terms of seeing each other - though most of the traveling burden has been on Jesse with his myriad of cross-country flights. I'm in dire need of some sun and fun and out of New York. A nice respite.

So, let me back up and say that I really loved Star Trek. In fact, I think I want to go see it again. A couple of years ago when I first heard J.J. Abrams' next project would be Star Trek I was severely disappointed. I love J.J. and he can draw me into any project (I mean, I saw the midnight showing of Cloverfield, for reals) but why would I have any interest in a Star Trek reboot? I remember being dragged to those movies by my father and being bored out of my MIND. Still, the trailers ended up looking promising, and so I went. Leave it to J.J. to create a fabulous summer blockbuster with just the right amount of action, special effects, humor, story and - what J.J. does best - characters. Hold on, maybe what J.J. does best is easter eggs; the Slusho ref to Cloverfield, the red globulin that looked exactly like The Device from ALIAS, etc. I see you J.J., creating a cult.

Anyway, the performances were great - the ensemble perfectly cast. Zachary Quinto really blew me away as Spock. I'm glad he's able to rise above the trash heap that is the current Heroes - I would have never thought he had as good as acting chops as he does, since Heroes and its script hardly allow for anything but trite dialogue and acting. Quinto, I dig it. And not in the fangirly way people are getting...we all have our different tastes...but acting-wise, he's impressive.

I've always love, love, loved Zoe Saldana though she hasn't gotten any great parts in the past. I hope her inclusion in what will probably be a giant franchise will bolster her career. Chris Pine, John Cho, Eric Bana, Clifton Collins Jr., Karl Urban, WINONA RYDER, and the other cast members were great. Yeah, I'll definitely be seeing it again.

I mean, I might even consider seeing it again before seeing Wolverine for the first time. Hugh Jackman and a big-screen realization of Gambit (FINALLY) are not enough right now - I think I'm just wary of being hugely disappointed. I grew up on X-Men and my high hopes need to die down before I see it.

Speaking of Friday Night Lights, and Saracen's mom...who is on LOST with my #1 casting pick for Gambit (see what I did there?) - didya like the LOST finale? So many new questions arose, again. PER USUAL. I enjoyed the episode greatly, though I don't think it was as mindblowing as the season three "flash-forward" finale. But it was just as gamechanging. Because what happens now? We'll find out in 2010...for now I need to go search through some LOST theories.

*SPOILER ALERT* I think my favourite part was realizing the guy in the beginning is the guy all along...the evil Locke. Who is that dude?! What is going on?! Is he inhabiting Locke, did he clone Locke, does Locke have a twin brother? We finally get a view of Jacob, and now we have to wonder about a whole new guy/entity. Is he the Smoke Monster? The devil? The creators love the biblical references...Jacob has emerged as a definite God-figure. But it seems like there's some Cain and Abel stuff going on, too. And what did Jacob mean by "they're coming" ? WHO? Seriously, I need to go NOW to see other people's theories. I'm quite relieved next year brings the final season...I bet it's going to be full of answers and more INTENSE CRAZINESS.

In conclusion, as Perry once pointed out, Gwen Stefani is the only person that can really get away with wearing her own merch -

And the other day she was wearing the same shirt I bought at Bamboozle. Yeah!

Wow, this post turned out to be way longer than I thought it would be.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Muchas gracias.

Thank you all so much for all the comments, e-mails, and texts! Like I stated in the last post, I have awesome friends. Last night in Apt 410, Jesse, Erica, and I did some wedding tasks and then headed over to Life Cafe with good friends Adam, Jim, Tyler, and Sean. It was a fun night of rehashing our childhoods, long island iced teas, and a literal laughing contest with another group of patrons across the room. Seriously, it was kind of ridiculous, and obviously awesome, and a wonderful way to stay smiling. When Jesse and I were going to sleep we talked about all the things Keanu was doing in Kitty Heaven and how happy he is up there. It feels a little lonely in the mornings as I go through my daily routine and don't have his bouncy little self next to me as I wash my face or make my breakfast - but he's there somewhere.

Again, thank you - reading all those comments really lifted my spirits, too.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Keanu Robot.

Keanu Robot
2008 - 2009

[Also known as: Kennaner, Keanz, Keannanu, K-Bot]

This is quite a difficult post to write. I've been absent for a little over a week, and now you'll understand why.

On Friday May 1st, I came home from work to feed the cats and as I looked down I noticed that Keanu's right eye was clouded. Keanu had been acting strange all week - he didn't want to play, he was lethargic, and his happy little curiosity seemed to have disappeared. He wasn't purring. And I was confused, but attributed this all to the fact that Jesse had left the previous week, and Keanu hung out with Jesse all day every day for the most part - until he left, and I worked all day. I realized on that Friday afternoon that this wasn't Keanu stricken with a bout of missing Jesse; this was actually something.

I dropped everything and headed out to our vet's office. They took a look at him and couldn't conclude anything, but gave him antibiotics and eyedrops. Jesse returned that Saturday and took him for his followup on Monday, where he hadn't improved, and so Keanu got some bloodwork done. On Wednesday he came back positive for the coronavirus - something many cats have, but in rare cases mutates into something called feline infectious perontitis (FIP). FIP is a fatal, incurable disease. That night, the vet called again to confirm that Keanu had tested positive for FIP.

Of course, Jesse and I were left heartbroken. Jesse was in an airport in Dallas flying back to LA when he got the news. I was, luckily, with friends whose presence comforted me greatly. The vet directed us to a cat internist at another hospital, so I took Keanu there last Friday, where I was told that Keanu's rate of deterioration (he can hardly see anymore, his bones are protuding because of all his lost weight, and his strength is not what it used to be) along with his positive test results confirmed our fears. We had to put Keanu to sleep, because he was dying. Our little Keanu Robot. I called our vet and made an appointment for today, Monday afternoon.

Jesse decided to fly back this past Saturday to be with us, given that I would not be able to do this horrid task on my own. And so we spent the weekend with Keanu. The internist gave us some steroids for Keanu to live out the last few days more comfortably. We spent as much time as possible with him, helping him to his food, his litter box, jump off the couch without falling, etc. He's still a lovely little boy who cuddles with us and nuzzles our noses.

It's obviously been a shock to Jesse, me, and all of our friends and family. I'm sure regular readers here know how much we love Keanu. And there's something so utterly depressing about having to be the one to decide this creature's fate - or, rather, to know what we have to do. One week he's fine, the next week he's been sentenced - and he's only ten months old. Jesse and I both talked about this shock; about how we both imagined moving into a house together in our future with an adult Keanu Robot, ready for an adventure. That's all been dashed, but we're staying positive. Keanu's deterioration and waning quality of life also made it apparent what is necessary - I just want that little guy to be peaceful, and happy.

My friends and family have been so great. My sob-filled phone calls to my parents were met with understanding and comforting words. My friends have all stood by me while Jesse was out of town; particularly Adam and James for helping me get Keanu to the hospital on Friday and supporting me through another round of bad news and crying, and Erica for being a grand roommate as well. Jesse and I love and appreciate them all in their support.

I've stayed away from the internet for the most part, and this blog, but writing it out now has helped me find closure on this sadness. Thank you for letting me impart all this.

Our final trip to the vets was emotional. The doctor and nurses were attentive and sympathetic, and Keanu was sedated and then peacefully went to sleep. Jesse and I had each other there to hold on to, and we whispered sweet things to Keanu as he passed. I don't know what I would have done without Jesse there to comfort me. I'm still a bit of a mess, and he holds me tight and lovingly, though I know he's feeling the same way. This was the hardest thing I've had to do in my short life, and I know I face even harder decisions and times in the future. However, it's good to know that I have Jesse, my family, and my friends to surround me when facing obstacles.

Keanu Robot is somewhere better now. I know we had to let him go, and we are just glad to have loved him so dearly and feel that love reflected back from his tiny, little self. We'll remember his love of sleeping on Jesse's booty and my chest; the way he first jumped up the daunting apartment stairs; the way he would meekly meow for food; and so on. Tonight we're going to celebrate his short life with a drink with friends, and a toast.

The two above are from Keanu's first night!

Adam took this wonderful photo.

Tiny butt always demanding food.

Keanu and his wonk eye a few days ago.

Keanu and Jesse.

My two boys this morning.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Our love is so rock steady.

I will be updating later regarding the amazingness that was last night's Angels & Kings Two Year Anniversary Party and this morning's trek to 30 Rock to see NO DOUBT play on the Today show - and more pics of that, too! First, I've gotta finish up at work, meet up with Jesse who's back in town for the weekend (!!!), and get ready for BAMBOOZLE!! For now, I leave you with an appropriate:

Friday ALL NO DOUBT Playlist

01 Sunday Morning
02 Leftovers
03 Rock Steady
04 Sixteen
05 Don't Let Me Down
06 Home Now
07 Hey You
08 Bathwater
09 Start the Fire
10 End it on This

It's so hard to pick just ten to include. I looked through my iPod's No Doubt songs, and picked ten (considering beginners, enders, segues and a general upbeat feel) in a rough draft sort of way. I made an on-the-go playlist, and this is what I'm currently listening to at work! These aren't necessarily my top ten No Doubt songs at all - that's another study all together. Maybe in honor of their awesome tour I'll dig up that old feature Smiling Like I Mean It and attribute No Doubt songs to why they make me happy. AN ODE. I just came up with that idea. Sweet.

Detailed update of one of the best twelve hour stretches of my life coming SOON!

Soundchecking and I'm losing my mind!