Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just to be over then back to another one.

Look, it's been a pretty busy week all around so I haven't had time to post! It'll be much better after this weekend. Should I list it all out for you?

On Monday, I met up for post-work drinks with Zan - a monthly ritual. It includes amazing Pear Martinis. We sit at a table by the window of Whiskey Park, a bar on Central Park South. We talk about a myriad of things, but this past Monday we saw many a suit pass by and deduced that these were people having to do with the Fox up-fronts. They were going into Central Park following signs that said "FOX" and big balloons with "GLEE" written on them. It was pretty sad how much detective work we did when all we really had to do was ask one of the suits. Or, ya know, make our brains work faster. These monthly get-togethers are so much fun, though, and I'm looking forward to June's!

I'm still pining the Pine. In fact. Look at this picture of Chris Pine & Zoe Saldana in Japan -

Could a blond crack my Top Five?! On a related note, somebody coined the term "Pine Flu" on the internet this morning, and I'm taking it.

Also, Zan attempted to guess my Top Five just from reading this blog, and she was very close except she included Keanu Reeves! Keanu is totally a fascination, not a crush. He hasn't written me in a while... Anyway, can you guess my Top Five?

I'm currently reading the 900-page behemoth that is 2666 by Roberto Bolano. I love it so far. The version I have is split into three books/volumes, so I'm getting mighty ambitious with this cross-country trip - I'm bringing all three. I've got really long flights...

I got a good haircut in New York! Yes! And it wasn't too expensive, meaning, I shall be going back. They took off a few inches (my hair is getting long long long) and it's all healthy and fun now. I'm excited to know there's someone I can turn to in the city for my haircutting needs - and it won't cost me $100. Whatchoo think?

On Tuesday night, I accompanied Erica to Trainwreck, where Dave Holmes was guest-DJing, and the fellows from Passion Pit were there to celebrate their latest release, Manners! Check it out! It was a fun time, and Mr. Holmes (remember that guy who lost to Jesse Camp in that MTV VJ contest but then continued to have a better career with MTV than the winner? THAT'S Dave Homes) was a very nice dude.

Last night I had a lovely date with Kells and Erica at Sweet Emily's (addicted, fact.) and we've decided to continue this three-fifths of Curbside tradition for a weekly date. Next week? Possibly...perhaps...seeing Star Trek again. Kelly hasn't seen it!! And I think I've convinced her with my flurry of Pine pictures. I think I've infected her. PINE FLU!

Then Erica and I came home, watch Kris Allen win American Idol as the Entertainment Weekly with Adam Lambert sat on our coffee table, and then I packed and I'M LEAVING TODAY AT NOON FOR LOS ANGELES!

Jesse awaits me and I couldn't be more excited to see my dude and get some FACETIME in. Sporadic updates will ensue this weekend, but I should be back to full-fledged afterwards.

What are you doing for Memorial Day Weekend?


  1. First of all, your hair looks great!! I feel like my hair is on lockdown til after the wedding, driving me nuts. Secondly, if I had to guess on your top five I'd say... RDJ, Hugh Jackman, Chris Pine... Gwen Stefani? JK. My top-5 rotates daily.. Have fun in LA... so jealous!

  2. You hair is so gorgeous! I keep progressively cutting mine back, but yours makes me just a liiitle envious. Our long weekend was last weekend and I spent it painting my bookshelves!

  3. My theory is that Keanu Reeves will one day end up in your top five by virtue of you spending so much thought on him. Like those chick flicks where the girl ends up with the guy who was right there in front of her all along. (And yay to monthly pear martinis! Though they certainly don't help our brains work faster.)

  4. pretty hair! i wish i could grow mine long, but it's SO thick i start getting headaches from the weight of it :(

  5. Hmmm Jessica's top five... Clooney, RDJ, Hugh Jackman I know for sure... and if I had to base the last two on bloggage alone Lee Pace and Ryan Adams... though I'm not sure if Ryan Adams is just more of a twisted obsession... though Carrabba might still be up there...