Saturday, May 23, 2009

A quickie!


I wish it was easier to update my blog on the go, but it just isn't happening! The pictures are dinky when I send them from my iPhone and I'm a stickler for format. I can't put any words when I send a picture! So I'm trying to fix that by downloading the BlogPress iPhone app Beth told me about. It's downloading as we "speak."

Also as we speak, Jesse is getting dressed and we're going out for a day of shopping, dining with friends and Jesse's dad, and tomorrow our friends Dan and Kristy are having a pool party!

And...the point of this is that it's much easier to update my Tumblr. I have been experimenting with Tumblr as a kind of scrapbooking blog - so check it out for updates on my trip, and pictures and opinions on selective little subjects. I don't write anything long there - I save my writing for this beloved blog.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!!!

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