Wednesday, April 28, 2010

And I know that it's been sang before but you're my human holiday.

I've been on a bit of a Spring cleaning bend this week each day after work. The other night, the little Peester (Pee Wee, Lil' Peesy) and I started dusting off Jesse's toys for safekeeping in storage until we get a glass cabinet.

Pee Wee was being a super helper. Occasionally moving around the bubble wrap to get it out of my way. Checking the sturdiness of the box by jumping around it on all sides. Surveying the swept up piles of dust for any cat toys I may have accidentally swatted in there. You know, a good partner. Just like he's proven to be in the past.

Hard at work:

It seems when Jesse is out of town Pee Wee really tries to "help out." He follows me around, snuggles me in bed, and sits next to me when I do the dishes or cook food (strangely enough, this is also where I feed him, so there may be a hidden agenda in attending to me at these times). He's a good pet.

Of course, sometimes he gets really lazy too. In the midst of all the cleaning, Pee Wee decided to "take a break." And by "take a break" I mean leave the rest of it to me and sit down and watch the classic 80s movie Just One of the Guys I had just queued up on Netflix. I was irate!

But then it was really funny because he was literally watching the movie. And, um, he's an adorable cat:

After a few hours, the cleaning was done. At least in this part of the apartment (see below). Tonight I tackle our room, do some yoga, and take care of the laundry. Because tomorrow? Jesse returns! Plus, an OkGo show! Yes!

Monday, April 26, 2010

We're holding hands back in the street.

My friends rule! Above we just finished seeing Kick Ass and decided to get Benny's Burritos in the East Village. L-R: Jaime, Andrew, Erica, Jim, Steve, and Amber. I was at head of table.

  • Dancing around in my living room to the Avett Brothers while I cleaned and waited for the book club members to arrive

  • WAR & PARTY - our final book club meeting regarding War & Peace! It was hiliarious. More to come, along with video (maybe)

  • Brunch with Jim & Amber

  • Kick-Ass with the crew above - entertaining film though I watched with a certain incredulousness. Also, way to go Nicolas Cage for finally "bringing it" to a recent film.

  • Benny's Burritos!

  • Law & Order Sexy Crimes - err, I mean SVU - at the homestead and then some SNL. Our efforts in obtaining ice cream cake for the occasion sadly failed.

  • Amber, Erica, and I woke up and decided it was just the right time to watch Antichrist

  • We quickly discovered it is NEVER the right time to watch that movie, and save your mind and your eyes the horror of taking in such disgusting dreck

  • Dinner with Gaby, Jim, and Erica

  • Dragonette at Brooklyn Bowl with Gaby, Erica, Rob, Kylie Minogue, Dana, etc. Wait, what?! Yes - Kylie Minogue was bowling in Brooklyn on a Sunday night. I didn't see her, but all I can picture is her bowling in a sequined minidress and platform heels

  • Dragonette killing it, as they do with every live show!

  • After the show, we were milling about with friends talking (mainly about Kylie Minogue) when a guy interrupted us and extended his hand. I started shaking it in confusion as he said, "You were great up there! Great show!" and I said, "Oh, that wasn't me...." and he apologized and said it was "the hair." Yes, we both have short hair, but Martina, the lead singer of Dragonette is currently sporting a bowl cut, so I was a little self-conscious after that dude's comment! (Here's a picture of her from last night!) The guy was a little on the dense side, since I was wearing a completely different outfit, had a purse, jacket, UMBRELLA, and...not a bowl cut. In fact, this is what I looked like last night. And though Martina is badass and gorgeous and can actually pull off that style, I thought the moment was hilarious.
I'm excited for this week because it culminates in the reunion of me and Jesse! YAY!

How was your weekend?

Friday, April 23, 2010

There's nothing like finding gold within the rocks hard and cold.

Given my previous foray into music I love intensely, I've decided to bring back an old feature I used to do here - Smiling Like I Mean It. The last entry under that tag was a full two years ago!

Smiling Like I Mean It
[songs that make me smile no matter what]

07 Kick Drum Heart - The Avett Brothers

This week I've been listening to one of my favourite albums from last year, I and Love and You by the Avett Brothers. (Most of my post titles this week are Avett Brothers lyrics!) And whenever it gets to "Kick Drum Heart" I can't help but smile and shimmy. Or, wanting to shimmy. It has the similar kind of silly charm as "Wishbone" by Architecture in Helsinki, but "Kick Drum Heart" wins in a matchup. If you know me, drums are usually my fave part of a song. I air drum, I don't air guitar at shows. And this song likens a heart beat like a kick drum!

Mah-mah-my heart like a kick drum!
Mah-mah-my heart like a kick drum!
Mah-mah-my love like a voice!

Other lines I tend to say (or at the very least mouth) out loud when walking down the street:

Always surprised to find more!


It's me following YOU!

You can buy the song's mp3 at the title link above, but I say you buy the entire lovely album by those brothers, also linked above. I just happened to post the song on my tumblr today if you need some convincing to buy the song/album - if it doesn't make you smile at any point, I don't even KNOW what. I mean, if it doesn't charm you into a smile, it has to make you laugh because it's so silly, right?

I LOVE IT. What do you think?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The rest is out in the cold, holdin' the last of the season.


Oh hey! Yesterday when I got home from work I tore open the J.Crew package I got to find three pairs of shorts I ordered. Summer is nearly here! I've never been a big fan of shorts because when shopping I can never find a suitable pair - for a while there I could only find super short shorts and I'm really not a fan of that look for myself. Last summer I found a great pair of chino five-inchers on in gray, and fell in love with the fit and style. PERFECT SHORTS.

Then they went on sale a couple of weeks ago in fun colors like a dusty brick red, peachy pink, and the light bright green you see me wearing above. Sold. So I climbed on my chair and mattress and tried to show you how much I love them. Making a fool of myself for photographic evidence. Classic me.

The point: I got really happy trying on the shorts and knowing that summer is ever so close! Now I just have to find the perfect sandals...

What have you been buying for summer?! Comment with some links if you want!

In other news, my power vinyasa yoga class went swimmingly last night! I told the instructor that this was my first ever yoga experience, and she was happy to know that I was trying it out. I loved the relaxing and the breathing and de-stressing. The main reason I wanted to take yoga is to help out with my pinched nerve issues and back problems. And during the class I felt so much tension released from my back, I was amazed! After the class I spoke with the instructor about how much I liked it and that I would be back next week. She said that I had good form and a good base to work from and that it should be easy for me to gradually become accustomed to yoga. YES! I felt like a got a gold star or something. I definitely left the gym feeling lighter on my feet and just relaxed. And even at dinner I felt myself actively correcting my posture. Feeling good, feeling good!

This morning on the elliptical guess what happened?! I FINISHED WAR & PEACE! Tomorrow is our final book club meeting. It's going to be hilarious. Report forthcoming.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I am a breathing time machine.

I went back to the gym today!

After trying to kick the Japan jetlag, then my pinched nerve making it impossible to move in any way, and then getting a cold: I haven't been to the gym in a while!

So this morning I got up, fed the cats, got dressed and headed on over! Per usual at 6am, it was completely empty and I pored over the epilogue for War and Peace on the elliptical. It was nearly meditative.

Speaking of - tonight I'm trying something I've never done before: yoga! Stay tuned. I will probably embarass myself and that makes for good blog fodder, right?

Seems like it's time to make another workout playlist...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So I cut the ties and jumped the track.

I did a lot of recuperating and movie-watching this weekend!
  • I finally finished The Wire. I'd agree with all those critics who say it's one of the best television shows of all time. It's not dribble that numbs the mind; you have to pay attention, you have to keep up. It has some of the greatest characters and heartbreakingly real storylines. All seasons were mesmerizing, but personally I loved the last season. Probably because they explored the newspaper business (ethics, dwindling industry, crime coverage, etc.) by taking you into the Baltimore Sun's newsroom.
  • Amber and I tried doing the "Bad Romance" dance for Jaime and Erica. It didn't go too well and we kept wishing Kelly was there to "bring it," as they say. One thing from the video we've got down? No pants.
  • I made burgers. Erica made fries. Jaime made a salad. And Amber concocted drinks. Heavenly Saturday night meal. The four of us sat down at the dinner table and ate, laughed, and had some real interesting discussions regarding our past and how we each grew up. Then we stuffed our faces with some lovely treats Amber provided from Magnolia: banana cupcakes, key lime pie, red velvet mousse pie. I am salivating again just remembering how scrumptious.
  • We watched the 1983 film House on Sorority Row. It was hilarious as we had hoped, but we were all taken aback by the crap ending where the killer isn't even revealed after we spent an hour and a half guessing!
    • Shenannigans:
      • Amber: Oh, that girl is so going to be the first to die!
      • Me: No way, she was using a gun at target practice - there's a reason they showed her doing that!
      • Amber: But she's not a virgin. I bet you she dies first.
      • Me: Deal. What are we betting on?
      • Jaime: Whoever loses takes three shots of vodka!
      • Erica: Um, how about one shot?
    • Amber takes one shot of vodka.
  • I watched two Paul Schneider movies: All the Real Girls (with a young Zooey Deschanel! Like, really young. And with a bad accent.) and How to Lose Your Lover. Can I just say that he is a super underrated actor? You may remember him from Lars and the Real Girl or The Assasination of Jesse James or Bright Star or Parks & Recreation. He's good in everything, if not great. I hope he one day blows every one away in a major role - he was so close to it with Bright Star!

  • Brunched, twice. The truffle fries at Five Leaves in Williamsburg are delicious - as is everything there!
  • Adam came over and we watched Chances Are, a great 80s movie starring Robert Downey Jr., Mary Stuart Masterson, Cybill Shepard and Ryan O'Neal. Total classic.
  • Husband swoonage sprinkled throughout the weekend. I miss that dude. A lot. What's new?!
And this week, besides work and trying to make sure my nose stops leaking, I shall finish WAR & PEACE!

How was your weekend?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Master man, I'm never better than your latest plan.

So here is how my week went down:

After leaving work on Monday evening, I got my hair trimmed up with my fabulous stylist, and on the way home my throat felt a little scratchy. I thought nothing of it.

Upon arriving at the apartment and feeding the cats, I made myself dinner, sat down to watch Treme (David Simon's mesmerizing new show for HBO) and then...I started coughing.

I ran into the bathroom and started doing salt water gargles in the midst of yelling "NOOOO! NOOOOO!!!!"

I went to bed with my throat hurting like hell, and did not sleep very well. (Rhyming is the first sign of insanity, by the way.)

On Tuesday morning, I felt awful. But I had to go to work since it's one of our busiest weeks of the year (fiscally and all). I perservered through the day in pain, went home, and promptly napped with the cats. I e-mailed Kelly, whom I had remembered was coughing this past weekend: "How are you?" Kelly: "I stayed home from work..." CULPRIT: FOUND.

I had to let Gaby know I couldn't go to her birthday party (happy birthday today, Gaby!), and warn Jim that if he came over for LOST he may find himself at the epicenter of a globally affecting disease: the common cold.

On Wednesday, I again awoke in dismay at the state my body was in: weak, snotty, scratchy, gross. And also depressed that I had a not-to-be-missed meeting scheduled at work. I trudged in. I sneezed through the meeting. I completed my work, and by one o'clock I bid adieu to my coworkers, for I was no longer prepared to carry on my day - I had to go home.

And at home, I slept. A lot. Most of the afternoon. I woke up to watch Into the Wild, which was fantastic - bravo, Sean Penn, Emile Hirsch, Kristen Stewart, Hal Holbrook, Catherine Keener, etc. - and then fell asleep again. I awoke on Thursday feeling rested, and better prepared for the fact that I could not miss any more work.

After a better work day on Thursday, I came home to prepare for our weekly games night. This includes cleaning the litter box, taking out the trash, cleaning off the games table, and making the place smell just right (thanks, candles). Then filtered in Erica, Jim, Tyler, Amber, Sean, Adam, and Kelly and we began!

Our new favourite game is BANDTHOLOGY, which sounds hokey, but is actually perhaps the perfect trivia game because it cannot be dated. It was gifted to Jesse and I by our wonderful friend Erin ("Tobes") at our wedding, and we just got around to playing it last month and now we're fully in love with it. In the game, you move up guitar strings to get "band members" in order to form your team's band. The main component of the trivia is a card with a word under six different colors. These colors correspond to the board's frets, and whatever color you land on, you have to use that word on the card to whichever the dice lands on: artist, album, song, lyric.

For example, last night, ultimate winners Tyler & Sean had to say the title of a song with the word "ghost" in it. They couldn't think of anything in the time allotted, which happens a lot because the pressure sometimes really makes your mind go blank. Afterwards, we all started yelling out songs: "Walking with a Ghost" Tegan and Sara! "Ghost of a Good Thing" Dashboard Confessional! "Who You Gonna Call? (Ghostbusters)"! And then I was like, plus there's a White Stripes one! But I couldn't think of it and I was so mad at myself. This morning on the way into work I remembered it and immediately texted Kelly: "LITTLE GHOST BY WHITE STRIPES! I finally remembered."

The game totally sticks with you, and you start remembering key words in songs ("oh, that song doesn't use the word 'charmed' it uses 'cavelier'"). So, thank you, Tobes, for setting our games night on fire and one day I hope you can join us!

Then we played Perv Artistry, which is...well, I simply can't go into how hilarious and awesome this game is because it wouldn't be appropriate. It is a game we only share with those who join our games nights.

Here are our game winners (totally won on luck of a chance card, by the way - one of these guys read the word "message" and thought it said "massage" and couldn't come up with lyrics with "massage" in it, just...saying.) Tyler decided to tickle Sean's eyes.

Literally, anyone can play. Anyone can win.

In conclusion, my week was a challenge, but I worked it all out, and ended up having a great night with friends. And board games. Two things that rule.

I haven't even started thinking of the weekend! What's your weekend looking like?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Well in war he was a tiger, when it was over like a dove.

One of the only good things about Jesse being away on tour is that I get to wear lipstick. When the dude's around, can't go wearing any sticky gloss or red lips!

This weekend I had a mighty fun time wearing my new Lancome Rock Icon Fuschia lipstick, per my post about hot pink lips trending. Paired with a neutral eye (thanks for letting me borrow Stila's Kitten eyeshadow, Amber - going to buy some myself this week!), I felt quite vamped up. My go-to/signature "party look" usually involves cat-eye retro eyeliner and red lipstick, so this was different for me.

Check it:

Amber and I got real classy for Saturday night dinner and dancing. Also, I love how she smiles in the first picture and decides to be goofy for the following ones. THANKS, Bams.

Also taking it's first outing Saturday night? My L.A.M.B. wristlet!

Yes, I am wearing a shirt that says "You have died of dysentery," via the Oregon Trail. A gift from Jesse, because he knows my love of nerdy nostalgia. The rest of my outfit was pretty killer, too, I must say - L.A.M.B. cheetah print shorts + tights + combat boots.

Whaddya think? I think I pulled off the fuschia lips quite well, but you tell me if it looks too garish.

In other weekend activities, the second-to-last meeting of the War & Peace book club went swimmingly (and by swimmingly, I mean literally through three bottles of champagne) and we only have 88 more pages left! We have big plans for our final meeting in two weeks. BIG PLANS.

I haven't had a night of outright dancing in a long time, and some ladies and I amended that with a trip to Beauty Bar, in which we shook our hips and heads to the 80s, 90s, and a section which seemed from Kells' 2001 mix cd she sent me in college. Good stuff! We got all sweaty! Also, weirdly, playing on one of the walls was the movie Logan's Run, a 70s sci-fi movie, which also happens to have my namesake. My dad named me after the character Jessica Six. Also? I've never seen the movie. We decided, after seeing such spectacularly hilarious scenes, we would need to have a movie night for the film.

On Sunday, my lovely Curbside ladies and I got up early for brunch in the Lower East Side. At one point I needed to go to an ATM, so Jiscilla and I branched off and walking down Norfolk towards Delancey I saw a dude talking on his cellphone. As we got closer I realized it was Sam Rockwell, he of Moon and Choke and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fame, and my jaw dropped, I grabbed Jiscilla's arm, and then he looked right at me. Obviously he realized I'd recognized him, which made me practically drag Jiscilla further down the street in haste. Great actor - if you haven't seen Moon, check it out - most overlooked performance of 2009.

After brunch, we walked a whole lotta blocks to 26th Street to take in a Lady Gaga "Bad Romance" dance class. Yes. I learned the choreography to the video. There are a lot of claw hands. I think I excelled at that, at least. Since everyone else had taken the previous three classes in the series, and this was the last class, I lagged behind a bit. It was a lot of fun though, I got a good workout, and now that song will be stuck in my head for weeks. I don't even have it on my iPod....yet.

Though we were all sweaty from dancing for two hours, the girls and I decided to check out the IFC theater for a showing of a new Italian film called Vincere ("Win") about Mussolini and a supposed first/secret wife he had. It was seriously one of the most intense films I've ever seen, and it was good. Also, they cast an Italian actor who resembles an exact cross between a young Al Pacino and Javier Bardem. AKA I went through the first half of the movie thinking, damn I didn't know Mussolini was so fine, and then later when they showed the actual Mussolini in vintage clips, I was going, wow, they really miscast that guy didn't they? He was a great actor, though, a great performance.

I ended my Sunday evening with a gelato and phone call from the husband. How was your weekend?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Honey, I ain't never had nobody like you.

HERE IT IS. The moment where I share with you exactly how nerdy my thoughts can be. If you read here a lot, you know this happens quite often, and especially about a certain dude's own band and songs - but I feel like this is way different.

And to continue giving you examples of said nerdom, I bring you ten songs I super love right now. Ten songs that I'm sure you can guess as to why I've been listening to them on repeat, and ten songs that don't really go together at all. I'm guessing not many people will be amused by this mish-mash of a playlist (I can only guess two people who will!) and I don't care! I have no shame in what my ears hear in succession!

So, I deliver to you, a very weird and strange playlist consisting of a mere three artists who probably wouldn't meet in any other playlist:

01 Magic Trick - M. Ward
02 These Bones - Dashboard Confessional
03 The Swiss Army Romance - Dashboard Confessional
04 Home - She & Him
05 Carve Your Heart - Dashboard Confessional
06 The Good Fight - Dashboard Confessional
07 Ridin' in My Car - She & Him
08 Rollercoaster - M.Ward
09 Hell on the Throat - Dashboard Confessional
10 Never Had Nobody Like You - M. Ward (f. Zooey Deschanel)

Yes, She & Him/M.Ward songs and Dashboard Confessional. I'm sorry, but I love them both so much, and ever since that crazy week in which I saw them both live, I have been listening to them nonstop. My apologies for those SICK of hearing about it (Jesse, Curbside, and my tumblr followers, mainly!).

               Volume Two   Post-War   Alter The Ending (Amazon MP3 Exclusive Deluxe Version)

Now I must enumerate the ways in which I absolutely love each song. (And yes, I've linked the Amazon mp3 for each in case you want to aurally take in my special brand of crazy.)

01 Magic Trick - M.Ward

Why: From M.Ward's 2006 solo album Post-War, it's only 1:43 minutes long, but it's groovy. Yeah, I said groovy. I never use that word. But when I hear this I just want to start strutting around like I own the place. Sometimes that place is the corner of 59th and 5th in the morning and I catch myself getting stared at for grooving. And strutting. This song makes me that girl. Oh! And you can hear it right now - I posted it on my tumblr!

Choice lyric: It's like now you see her / Now you don't / You think you're gonna get to know her now? / Well, you won't / She's got one magic trick / One, and that's it / She disappears

02  These Bones - Dashboard Confessional

Why: I don't know why Dashboard doesn't perform more songs off of The Shade of Poison Trees live - perhaps because he has a jillion songs to choose from. However, I get excited for any song from Shade, it's a great album. I haven't heard this song live from the band, though I'm dying to, as it is my favourite song off the album and I thought maybe hearing it on repeat would up the chances of hearing it live next time. My logic has flaws, I understand.

Apparently a lot of fans freaked out when this song first came out because many read the lyrics as some sort secret code to Carrabba retiring. Then he came out with another album, so, no. I love old Dashboard, but I also love Carrabba's recent lyrics because of the imagery he uses. And in this particular song, Carrabba uses two symbols I strongly associate with: maps and keys. Honestly, throughout my life, those are two symbols I've used to represent me or aspects of myself. From my nomadic childhood in a military family or the image of my grandmother's wall of keys, they've always been personally important and representative.

Choice lyric: So lay with me, I could use the company / You could help me ease / These bones / Are like maps and keys / Where they took their hits / And they felt those teeth / There's a story hidden underneath

03 The Swiss Army Romance - Dashboard Confessional

Why: Because if there is such thing as a "classic" in my emo-life, it would be this song, this anthem, if you will. (Oh dear, I am really letting you into my brain right now, and it's slightly embarassing!) I'm pretty sure this was the first Dashboard song I heard back in 2001 from his acoustic debut full-length. It was the first one that stuck with me, at least.

Rick took me to my first ever Dashboard concert, and I had no idea what I was in for. Everybody singing along, a singular man with enough stage presence for a stadium, and this weird we're-all-young-and-lovin'-it camraderie. And nowhere was that last trait more evident than during this song. And if you've heard this song, you know which part. Carrabba steps away from the microphone and the entire room screams ---

Choice lyric: We're not twenty-one / But the sooner we are the sooner the fun will begin / So get out your fake eyelashes and fake IDs / And real disasters ensue / It's cool to take these chances [PAUSE!] / It's cool to fake romances / And grow up fast...and grow up fast...and grow's always my favourite and most nostalgiac part of any Dashboard live show. There was a fellow with Ang and me at the last Dashboard show who didn't know the music at all. Right before this part of the song I turned to him and said: "Get ready for awesome..." He was totally impressed.

04 Home - She & Him

Why: I don't know if I would even have room to count the many intricacies of this song that I love. I'll try. First, this song is a personal favourite from Volume Two, because...well, for similar reasons that "Be Home Now" from No Doubt's Return of Saturn is. They're about two people trying to call the same place "home," and for me, that speaks to being in a long distance relationship. Of course, She & Him's song is much more light and positive than No Doubt's. "Home" makes me smile ear to ear - "I want to be where your heart is home."

I associate the word "California" with Jesse because that's where he was born and spent much of his childhood. And the first word of this song? California. There are handclaps, lovely piano sounds, oohs and aahs, changing of pace, and my fave part where Zooey sings "I could be sweet..." and then only through the left speaker in a whispery voice: "...and I could be sweeter..." I love a little whisper-voice in songs.

Choice lyric: I could be your state / And I could be your nation / It doesn't get better than home now does it?

05 Carve Your Heart Out Yourself - Dashboard Confessional

Why: Besides maps and keys and songs about home, I'm a sucker for a song about reassurance. In a long distance relationship, it's incredibly easy to feel insecure about yourself, the relationship, and the future. This song is basically treading the "I'll be there for you" genre of lyrics, but I think does it so much better. It's also got a great twang, a slightly country vibe - even though I'm by no means a country fan, I dig the folkiness. Another one that makes me smile! Especially when it gets to the last part, written below, and specifically the way he sings it. And Mike Marsh on the drums! Damn, I love it.

Choice lyric: Oh, you're so sure I'll be leaving in the end / Treating me like I'm already gone / Well, I'm not, I will stay where you are - always / I will stay / I will stay / I will stay...

06 The Good Fight - Dashboard Confessional

Why: I like words. Seriously. (Do see how many I've written just here?!) And there are some superb phrases in the biting lyrics, and I'm always impressed at seeing the lyrics and wondering how the hell he put it together to be able to sing them. Of course, the verses are particularly full of verbiage while the chorus is simple for effect: I begged you not to go / I begged you, I pleaded / Claimed you as my only hope / And watched the floor as you retreated.

One more thing: I air drum to this song all the time.

Choice lyric: The martyr is meaningless / The campaign has died / In the planning stages and the fallen faces / Are the singular proof that it was ever alive / This purchased rebellion has been outbidded / Denounced and rescinded / And left to die championless

07 Ridin' in My Car - She & Him

Why: This song is a cover of a 1977 song by NRBQ, but if you haven't noticed yet, I'm kind of in love with M.Ward's voice. And Zooey's, of course - this is a duet. It's definitely a song I can see myself driving along to - I always have an image in my head when I hear it. Driving along a highway, definitely next to a beach, sunglasses on, by myself, and maybe stopping by a local hangout. Like I said: my mind works in mysterious ways.

Choice lyric: So I went to the place where everybody hangs out / To see what everybody was talkin' about / And over in the corner, all alone with you / Was the boy from last summer singin' songs to you / And he can't sing what I can sing / Oh, baby it's so hard / And I still think about you every time I'm ridin' in my car

08 Rollercoaster - M.Ward

Why: For a song that uses the phrase "heavy metal," it's the complete opposite. M.Ward's swoon-worthy voice sounds like he's strumming his guitar and singing at the base of a tree next to a river. Err, you know what I mean? It's a slow, sunny-day song....and it contains my current favourite lyrics of the week.

Choice lyric: You're like a ro-ro-rollercoaster / You give me heavy metal dreams / You could make a dead man scream...

09 Hell on the Throat - Dashboard Confessional (acoustic version here)

Why: I would consider this song the most emotional listed here. I'm not going to lie: my eyes have watered up to this song in the past (and occasionally still do). It's slow and winding, but it...ends up happy and, reassuring (again!). Every song is up for one's own interpretation, of course, and that's the beauty of song - being able to personalize it. So, you can probably guess what my interpretation gears towards: a traveling (touring) man.

There are many allusions to travel ("trail," "trip"), and my mind just goes straight to the subject at my own heart. Plus, there's this heartbreaking line: "Well, it's hard to belong to a girl or a song in the crease of a strangling winter." I could write five pages just on this one line, that's how good it is. I could write a whole chapter of a book on just this one song, but I should probably stop talking now, or it's going to get way too long. I mean, longer than it already is. Just um, listen to the song and I hope you'll get it.

Much like the album, I was going to end the playlist with this song, but I couldn't end it with something so semi-tragic and happy-sad. (Does anybody else cry at really happy things too? I always do.) Anyway, this is the last line of the song and the one that gets my eyes all watery. After a song talking about the pitfalls of travel, it ends with this.

Choice lyric: And when the sand turns to glass / And all that's left is the past / I will love you still

10 Never Had Nobody Like You - M. Ward (f. Zooey Deschanel)

Why: The word "cool" is used often, but this song just oozes it. From the opening sounds to M. Ward's voice to the entrance of Ms. Deschanel - cool. I'm listening to it now and I just want to get up and dance.  And actually? This song makes the perfect soundtrack for hanging out with your boo and you're kind of dancing but really just kissing and not talking and smiling. Smile-kissing. Isn't that the best? That's this song.

Choice lyric: And the stars in the sky / They never caught my eye / 'Cause I ain't never had nobody like you / I ain't never had nobody like you / Now it's like A B C / Life's just like 1 2 3


There you have it: a look inside my brain. Did I scare you? Do you have your own personal tales about any of these songs? Are you going to download them now and have a listen to see if I'm really off my rocker or you can get into it in your own special way as well?! I'm just saying, in all simplicity and finality: I love these songs.