Thursday, April 22, 2010

The rest is out in the cold, holdin' the last of the season.


Oh hey! Yesterday when I got home from work I tore open the J.Crew package I got to find three pairs of shorts I ordered. Summer is nearly here! I've never been a big fan of shorts because when shopping I can never find a suitable pair - for a while there I could only find super short shorts and I'm really not a fan of that look for myself. Last summer I found a great pair of chino five-inchers on in gray, and fell in love with the fit and style. PERFECT SHORTS.

Then they went on sale a couple of weeks ago in fun colors like a dusty brick red, peachy pink, and the light bright green you see me wearing above. Sold. So I climbed on my chair and mattress and tried to show you how much I love them. Making a fool of myself for photographic evidence. Classic me.

The point: I got really happy trying on the shorts and knowing that summer is ever so close! Now I just have to find the perfect sandals...

What have you been buying for summer?! Comment with some links if you want!

In other news, my power vinyasa yoga class went swimmingly last night! I told the instructor that this was my first ever yoga experience, and she was happy to know that I was trying it out. I loved the relaxing and the breathing and de-stressing. The main reason I wanted to take yoga is to help out with my pinched nerve issues and back problems. And during the class I felt so much tension released from my back, I was amazed! After the class I spoke with the instructor about how much I liked it and that I would be back next week. She said that I had good form and a good base to work from and that it should be easy for me to gradually become accustomed to yoga. YES! I felt like a got a gold star or something. I definitely left the gym feeling lighter on my feet and just relaxed. And even at dinner I felt myself actively correcting my posture. Feeling good, feeling good!

This morning on the elliptical guess what happened?! I FINISHED WAR & PEACE! Tomorrow is our final book club meeting. It's going to be hilarious. Report forthcoming.


  1. I got the perfect pair of shorts this season too! They are longer and cuffed and so comfy/do not ride up.

    Cynthia Vincent is making sandals for Target. There is a pair of huge wedges that I want. Also, I saw some cute sandals at Steve Madden last week!

    ALSO - I'm glad you liked yoga!

  2. i got these sandals last month:

    they are crazy comfortable!

  3. I LOVE those shorts from JCrew. They just fit so well and come in such fun colors. I'll definitely be purchasing some more this season. Good pick! :)

  4. Liz - awesome! I need to check out Steve, Aldo, etc.

    Luna - those are SUPER cute! I may have to invest in some myself...

    fromatopink - their fit is amazing! it's glorious! i'm in love! :)

  5. Gold star yeahhhh!

    I haven't bought ANYTHING for summer! I am not so happy about this. I still feel guilty from all of last summer's honeymoon purchases!

  6. Sabrina - it was almost like more honeymoon shopping for me, except, I already had most of my necessities (three bathingsuits?!) so I just went short short shorts! I definitely don't need a huge overhaul in summer wardrobe - but I do need new sandals :)