Saturday, June 30, 2007

So, this is happening...

Spring Break !


But, Erica and I have travelled to the mystic land of Connecticut. The Dagger's family welcomed into their tiny niche of paradise, where kittens bound from room to room and iced drinks just come with the territory.

Also, Jesse got an iPhone and we couldn't be more jealous of him in Minnesota right now.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy iPhone Day!

It's craziness this morning. News crews, people still waiting....apparently it goes on sale at six pm?


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Four + one day.

And I miss all his faces.

Like the ones that make me laugh uncontrollably on the subway through six stops in Brooklyn.

Still cracks me up.

He's still got it.

i can see the tears so long before they know your face
i can almost draw the lines
but when you smile it spins me like a ferris wheel
washed out to sea in your eyes
i make these promises but all my promises hurt

"rip off" ryan adams

the first time I heard the album, that first line grabbed me and I played this song a few more times before moving on. how heartbreaker-esque.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wishing I'd been there.

Already obsessed.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Erica dj'd at AK47 tonight and it was epic.

I suggested she play "Fantasy" by Mariah Carey, and then we got there and Rob was already playing it. What?!

Steve said they rocked out for their last show, and I hope more people are listening to Monty Are I. See them on Warped!!

I've had Motion City's "Broken Heart" in my head all day...even though I got Ryan Adams today. Download that song now - its so good!

The new Adams blows my mind. Seriously. I've listened to it twice on stereo, and I'm awaiting to hear it on headphones tomorrow morning. Right now, after two listens, Halloweenhead and Rip Off are my faves. Will change, obviously.

"I'm in heaven...with my boyfriend...."

I'm on my way to work.

And people are camping out for the iPhone in front of the 5th Ave Apple store. It comes out on Friday.

They were here yesterday, too.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Three things.

Three things I'm incredibly excited about:

1. No Doubt reunited for two encores of Gwen's tour?!?! I am fucking FLIPPING OUT.

2. Ryan Adams' album comes out in two hours. I'm going to pick it up asap...which is, unfortunately, not tonight. I will probably be listening to it all summer. And then for the rest of mah lyfezzzzz.

3. Motion City Soundtrack's digital single "Broken Heart" is available tommorrow, so everbody better download that amazingness. Seriously, so good. I'd probs relate to it if I wasn't so deliriously happy right now, but everybody's been there at one time or another. Rock out!!!!

Related: pretty much one of the sweetest tees ever - the snake can has cheezburger!!!

I'll see you in Seattle.

Safe travels.


The Dagger is 24.

Or 5, whatever.

We celebrated in style on Friday night with a dance party with the help of those saucy Tarts of Pleasure...

Saturday night Scattegories on the roof, Wii tenis tournaments, good friends and cupcakes!!!

And Jiscilla brought the Hynotiq, word !

A rightfully fun birthday weekend!

PS Scattegories: the letter is K and the subject is musical instruments - and he didn't think of "keyboard"...

PS2 However, Team JMJ(P) totes beat the birthday kids in tennis, see them pictured below. Yeah, there was shirtlessness (sign of a rad party?)

Friday, June 22, 2007

We're heading to AK.




Running some errands across Manhattan...I just walked by Mare Winningham. She went to high school with Kevin Spacey and just recently played Meredith's stepmother on Grey's Anatomy. Word.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Shooter McGavin.

Souvenir pictures from Cedar Point...ftw.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


The game isn't called " I win" it's called "I lose" and I'm rude all the time..


Lola Hawaii ftw. She rules. I love her. Fact!!!

Last night.

Jesse in Erica's track shorts and my wifebeater. I think he was the biggest trainwreck in the bar, per the theme of Trainwreck Tuesdays. Forgot to snap a picture of him, unfortunately.

So...that just happened.

My friends are the loveliest of all. Wednesdays are going to be rough days at work now...eep.

Monday, June 18, 2007


We've played 44 games since Friday. Tonight we're tied 22-22. Who shall win?

Me. Because the game's called "I win!"

False. I'll keep you abreast of any updates. I'm sure you're just *dying* to hear.


Can't forget.

- The weather all three days was hot and perfect!

- He dealt some awful farts on the ride to the airport, then proceeded to spill water all over my crotch before we got on the plane. He still managed to be charming.

- Millenium had the best line soundtrack...well, at least the first day. I came upon the line hearing one of my top five songs of the 80s: Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" to a danceclub beat. I was stoked because then it went into "I Get So Emotional Baby" and through all her hits. I'm a nerd.

- Dippin' Dots is the best textured ice cream ever. I was glad to introduce him to the brand.

- Oh, the amount of bad tattoos! People watching and commenting on these epidermal atrocities kept our weak legs up during those hour-long, heatwave-like lines.

- Kids at amusement parks are having the times of their entire short lives, and it was adorable seeing so many stoked little ones.

- Admitted: TGIFridays in Cedar Point was definitely unlike any other of the tgifs I'd been to. The food was edible.

- People in Ohio are nice. Really nice.

HipNovel via HipTop.

My weekend.

Friday morning (I mean 6 am) jetset to Cleveland, rent a car to Sandusky, and open the door to a room with a view of beaches, tennis courts, and the real reason we were there: rollercoasters.

Cedar Point - apparently the best amusement park in the states. I'll believe it!

Proceeded to aforementioned rollercoaster - wait, I forgot how fast and scary these things are...eep. The Magnum did nothing to settle my fears, though Jesse enjoys every second of seeing a frightened look on my face. Maybe that's why he always jumps out at me from dark corners?

The Gemini both calmed my fears and took me up and down and held my hand through the worst of it.

I soon found my favorite ride in Millenium Force, and was then whisked from 0 to 120 mph in four seconds by the Top Thrill Dragster. Perhaps "whisked" isn't the right word...

Headed to the hotel pool and hot tub for some post-coaster, pre-dinner relaxation. Why is alcohol so cheap? Oh, right, we're in Ohio, not New York! Post-dinner fun with late night mini golf and then to the room for absolute pass-out sleep from exhaustion.

Saturday morning I worried him with a bum-out, but all was quickly reversed and supplanted with good cheer, because he has this way of making everything right, everything better.

Time for Soak City! Rode all the water slides and rides and enjoyed the waves and waterfalls of the lazy river. Rest and relaxation is never more enjoyable than with him...

Quick shower break and it was time for more mini golf and rollercoasters! We waited forever for that new Maverick, but agreed it was completely worth it. He has a new favorite! Although my arms and ears exited a bit bruised up. The Raptor, Power Tower, and one nighttime ride on Millenium rounded out another long day.

The restaurants were all closed to our starving stomachs when we got back at midnight, but he geniously bribed a pizza place to bring us a pie and some cold Coronas. Gracias.

Bright and early the next and final day for another Maverick ride and more. Really all that matters is he MADE ME DO THE RIP CORD. We went 15 stories into the hair, held up by strings, and I honestly believe the prayers repeating under my breath. 3 2 1 and we were flying across Cedar Point, my eyes clamped and my jaw agape in a scream.

Call me a "good sport."

After the final ride on the Maverick, which cemented our amazing visit to the country's best amusement park, we got in our rental and headed to Cleveland for a movie and dinner before our flight.

Mind you: our legs and feet hurt A LOT. We spent most of three days walking or standing. When we got to LaGuardia and saw we'd be waiting in the cab line behind, say, 300 people, we were not excited about our memories of waiting in lines all weekend.

But we made it home, and I'm effin' happy and exhilarated and completely grateful for him and all the fun we have together and how I can't see myself tiring of him at all.

Lucky, indeed.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Presents !

Groggy boy this morning as I got ready for work: "Hand me my bag...I have something for you..."

A bomb-eater for my cubicle!!!

And some gag-candy (see below) to make me smile and giggle even more.

The best. That's what he is.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The thirteenth.

I always have at least one awful, bad-mood day a year. And it almost always falls in the month of June (long story). Today was that day. One thing after the other, from the moment I woke up...things were just off-kilter. Fortunately, meowing e-cards professing love from a ceetain silly man who crosses his eyes in pictures for laughs (or was he just drunk?) is always there to raise my spirits...or at least valiantly try.

My night was infinitely better, falling in and out of sleep on the couch and watching Top Chef.

Now I'm in bed at 1130...yes!

Stoked for this weekend away...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Oh, wii.

I think I got tennis elbow from a video game. Oops.

Don't stop believing!

I did a lot of cooking this weekend, and I enjoyed it.

I also played a lot of Wii. I'm officially a wii tennis pro. The Dagger and I took Mack & El Adam down last night in more than one tournament.

I thoroughly loved this last season of The Sopranos. I want to watch all the other seasons again. I thought the last few episodes were near perfect in their story-telling, directing, and acting. Even the series finale. Any avid Sopranos watcher knows how the creators work the show - there's never going to be any end-all moment. It's just perfect enough to be satisfied, and perfect enough to speculate upon.

I'm going to keep going because I feel like it.

You can't tie everything together in a sweeping finale - especially the way the show has tried to cultivate a gritty suburban realism. I'd think it a cop-out if it went down flashforward-style like Six Feet Under...or if the whole family went down in a blaze of gunfire. False. The eerie feeling you get in those last four minutes is supposed to last...that's how the family continues. Every day will still hold a veil of threat, but they go on. Unless, of course, you believe that snap to black was Tony getting shot (but not knowing it) and our protagonist dies, along with our view into his world.

Nah. I'm going to believe that their dramatic lives go on. We just don't get to watch it.

Oh, and I think the Russian is dead.

I made cupcakes !

My hair would be sweet today.

...if it was 1986.

Thanks, summer.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Oh and.

Saturday night Curbside sleepover. Which is only complete with a game of Notables.

Also, Kelly wasn't there. Boo.

Also. Scabies. That is soooo Oregon Trail!

Also. Jiscilla's best clue: "the black woman in the politics" hahahaha oh, Condaleeza. Oh, The politics.

False. Jiscilla's best clue: "its a boy or a girl...bang bang!" the answer? Bambi.

And Christy: you'd rather bed Bert McCracken & Tommy Lee over GEORGE CLOONEY? Oof and a half. Gross dot com backslash gagreflex.

I love my curbies.

A gift from Jesse.


Thursday, June 7, 2007

Fakey Friday.

I don't have to work tomorrow! Making today my Friday. I am soooooo stoked to go home and relax.

I'm actually planning on being quite domesticate. I marinated tofu last night, which I will cook tonight along with risotto and zuchini (a veggie which Jesse probs won't eat) and I also plan on baking a cake. This is if the apartment isn't too hot already.

Various chores like laundry, cleaning, paying bills.

And probably some wii. Maybe Sorry? A little drinky to celebrate the weekend? Okay, so maybe not all domesticate.


"Looks like it's just you and me today!" - my boss as she walks in.

Everybody else on our team is sick or on vacaytion. Let's get ready for a long day!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

At a movie/sneak preview.

Insanity in Long Island. Finally met Diaz, apparently Jesse's hetero lifemate. He brought us sidestage for +44 and then they played Blink's "Dammit" and twas amazing.

Went to the box on the stage to watch Fall Out Boy. Oh heeeey Ashlee, rocking out to the songs, then leaving half-through.

Back to Brooklyn where I could barely function. On the list for his birthday party, but also on the list for the exclusice exhaustion breakdown party. Decided to sleep.

And I'm going to need a lot more! Oof.

Trips short and long with Erica and Jesse rule my face. Geah!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Last night dinner and rummy with Jesse and his mom. You can see her in his eyes.

She won rummy. Jesse was proud of his gaming prowess genes.

Also, she got my email address to forward dirty jokes to.

Monday, June 4, 2007


was Jesse's birthday! My man is thirty. And amazing.

Great weekend...movies on Friday, birthday party on Saturday (Jesse's mom stayed out with us until we left at 330 am!!), Moon for the Misbegotten starring Kevin Spacey on Sunday with MY rents, and games until the wii hours last night.

Picture from Thursday night while Jesse was in manic mood at the airport...we were there until 230 am waiting for the delayed flight! Was supposed to land at 715 pm.