Monday, June 25, 2007

Three things.

Three things I'm incredibly excited about:

1. No Doubt reunited for two encores of Gwen's tour?!?! I am fucking FLIPPING OUT.

2. Ryan Adams' album comes out in two hours. I'm going to pick it up asap...which is, unfortunately, not tonight. I will probably be listening to it all summer. And then for the rest of mah lyfezzzzz.

3. Motion City Soundtrack's digital single "Broken Heart" is available tommorrow, so everbody better download that amazingness. Seriously, so good. I'd probs relate to it if I wasn't so deliriously happy right now, but everybody's been there at one time or another. Rock out!!!!

Related: pretty much one of the sweetest tees ever - the snake can has cheezburger!!!

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