Monday, June 18, 2007

Can't forget.

- The weather all three days was hot and perfect!

- He dealt some awful farts on the ride to the airport, then proceeded to spill water all over my crotch before we got on the plane. He still managed to be charming.

- Millenium had the best line soundtrack...well, at least the first day. I came upon the line hearing one of my top five songs of the 80s: Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" to a danceclub beat. I was stoked because then it went into "I Get So Emotional Baby" and through all her hits. I'm a nerd.

- Dippin' Dots is the best textured ice cream ever. I was glad to introduce him to the brand.

- Oh, the amount of bad tattoos! People watching and commenting on these epidermal atrocities kept our weak legs up during those hour-long, heatwave-like lines.

- Kids at amusement parks are having the times of their entire short lives, and it was adorable seeing so many stoked little ones.

- Admitted: TGIFridays in Cedar Point was definitely unlike any other of the tgifs I'd been to. The food was edible.

- People in Ohio are nice. Really nice.

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