Monday, June 18, 2007

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My weekend.

Friday morning (I mean 6 am) jetset to Cleveland, rent a car to Sandusky, and open the door to a room with a view of beaches, tennis courts, and the real reason we were there: rollercoasters.

Cedar Point - apparently the best amusement park in the states. I'll believe it!

Proceeded to aforementioned rollercoaster - wait, I forgot how fast and scary these things are...eep. The Magnum did nothing to settle my fears, though Jesse enjoys every second of seeing a frightened look on my face. Maybe that's why he always jumps out at me from dark corners?

The Gemini both calmed my fears and took me up and down and held my hand through the worst of it.

I soon found my favorite ride in Millenium Force, and was then whisked from 0 to 120 mph in four seconds by the Top Thrill Dragster. Perhaps "whisked" isn't the right word...

Headed to the hotel pool and hot tub for some post-coaster, pre-dinner relaxation. Why is alcohol so cheap? Oh, right, we're in Ohio, not New York! Post-dinner fun with late night mini golf and then to the room for absolute pass-out sleep from exhaustion.

Saturday morning I worried him with a bum-out, but all was quickly reversed and supplanted with good cheer, because he has this way of making everything right, everything better.

Time for Soak City! Rode all the water slides and rides and enjoyed the waves and waterfalls of the lazy river. Rest and relaxation is never more enjoyable than with him...

Quick shower break and it was time for more mini golf and rollercoasters! We waited forever for that new Maverick, but agreed it was completely worth it. He has a new favorite! Although my arms and ears exited a bit bruised up. The Raptor, Power Tower, and one nighttime ride on Millenium rounded out another long day.

The restaurants were all closed to our starving stomachs when we got back at midnight, but he geniously bribed a pizza place to bring us a pie and some cold Coronas. Gracias.

Bright and early the next and final day for another Maverick ride and more. Really all that matters is he MADE ME DO THE RIP CORD. We went 15 stories into the hair, held up by strings, and I honestly believe the prayers repeating under my breath. 3 2 1 and we were flying across Cedar Point, my eyes clamped and my jaw agape in a scream.

Call me a "good sport."

After the final ride on the Maverick, which cemented our amazing visit to the country's best amusement park, we got in our rental and headed to Cleveland for a movie and dinner before our flight.

Mind you: our legs and feet hurt A LOT. We spent most of three days walking or standing. When we got to LaGuardia and saw we'd be waiting in the cab line behind, say, 300 people, we were not excited about our memories of waiting in lines all weekend.

But we made it home, and I'm effin' happy and exhilarated and completely grateful for him and all the fun we have together and how I can't see myself tiring of him at all.

Lucky, indeed.

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