Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So I cut the ties and jumped the track.

I did a lot of recuperating and movie-watching this weekend!
  • I finally finished The Wire. I'd agree with all those critics who say it's one of the best television shows of all time. It's not dribble that numbs the mind; you have to pay attention, you have to keep up. It has some of the greatest characters and heartbreakingly real storylines. All seasons were mesmerizing, but personally I loved the last season. Probably because they explored the newspaper business (ethics, dwindling industry, crime coverage, etc.) by taking you into the Baltimore Sun's newsroom.
  • Amber and I tried doing the "Bad Romance" dance for Jaime and Erica. It didn't go too well and we kept wishing Kelly was there to "bring it," as they say. One thing from the video we've got down? No pants.
  • I made burgers. Erica made fries. Jaime made a salad. And Amber concocted drinks. Heavenly Saturday night meal. The four of us sat down at the dinner table and ate, laughed, and had some real interesting discussions regarding our past and how we each grew up. Then we stuffed our faces with some lovely treats Amber provided from Magnolia: banana cupcakes, key lime pie, red velvet mousse pie. I am salivating again just remembering how scrumptious.
  • We watched the 1983 film House on Sorority Row. It was hilarious as we had hoped, but we were all taken aback by the crap ending where the killer isn't even revealed after we spent an hour and a half guessing!
    • Shenannigans:
      • Amber: Oh, that girl is so going to be the first to die!
      • Me: No way, she was using a gun at target practice - there's a reason they showed her doing that!
      • Amber: But she's not a virgin. I bet you she dies first.
      • Me: Deal. What are we betting on?
      • Jaime: Whoever loses takes three shots of vodka!
      • Erica: Um, how about one shot?
    • Amber takes one shot of vodka.
  • I watched two Paul Schneider movies: All the Real Girls (with a young Zooey Deschanel! Like, really young. And with a bad accent.) and How to Lose Your Lover. Can I just say that he is a super underrated actor? You may remember him from Lars and the Real Girl or The Assasination of Jesse James or Bright Star or Parks & Recreation. He's good in everything, if not great. I hope he one day blows every one away in a major role - he was so close to it with Bright Star!

  • Brunched, twice. The truffle fries at Five Leaves in Williamsburg are delicious - as is everything there!
  • Adam came over and we watched Chances Are, a great 80s movie starring Robert Downey Jr., Mary Stuart Masterson, Cybill Shepard and Ryan O'Neal. Total classic.
  • Husband swoonage sprinkled throughout the weekend. I miss that dude. A lot. What's new?!
And this week, besides work and trying to make sure my nose stops leaking, I shall finish WAR & PEACE!

How was your weekend?


  1. Good luck with War & Peace! It's such a relieving and fulfilling feeling once finished!

    As for the being sick aspect: have you ever tried Airborne? A school teacher made it and I take it as soon as I feel that little tickle, makes the cold last almost half the time if it ever comes at all!

  2. Oooh, I thought I was the only one who loved Chances Are!

  3. I'm shocked at how many movies Paul Schneider has been in. Shocked. The casting in Bright Star totally shocked me. And I haven't watched the Wire yet, but need to.

  4. The opening and closing scenes of All the Real Girls are lovely.