Wednesday, April 28, 2010

And I know that it's been sang before but you're my human holiday.

I've been on a bit of a Spring cleaning bend this week each day after work. The other night, the little Peester (Pee Wee, Lil' Peesy) and I started dusting off Jesse's toys for safekeeping in storage until we get a glass cabinet.

Pee Wee was being a super helper. Occasionally moving around the bubble wrap to get it out of my way. Checking the sturdiness of the box by jumping around it on all sides. Surveying the swept up piles of dust for any cat toys I may have accidentally swatted in there. You know, a good partner. Just like he's proven to be in the past.

Hard at work:

It seems when Jesse is out of town Pee Wee really tries to "help out." He follows me around, snuggles me in bed, and sits next to me when I do the dishes or cook food (strangely enough, this is also where I feed him, so there may be a hidden agenda in attending to me at these times). He's a good pet.

Of course, sometimes he gets really lazy too. In the midst of all the cleaning, Pee Wee decided to "take a break." And by "take a break" I mean leave the rest of it to me and sit down and watch the classic 80s movie Just One of the Guys I had just queued up on Netflix. I was irate!

But then it was really funny because he was literally watching the movie. And, um, he's an adorable cat:

After a few hours, the cleaning was done. At least in this part of the apartment (see below). Tonight I tackle our room, do some yoga, and take care of the laundry. Because tomorrow? Jesse returns! Plus, an OkGo show! Yes!


  1. I love your cat. I've been reading your blog for awhile now. And he's just too adorable. My brother had a kitten who had FIP, and we went to the shelter a few months later and found a little boy who connected with him instantly. He totally follows him everywhere and sits at the table when we eat. It's nice to see someone appreciate their cat company as much as we do.

  2. HOLY SHIT! I love the dining room table under the stairs.

    Also, Pee Wee is adorable. And enjoy the OK Go show, they were fantastic in Chicago

  3. Your entry titles always leave me singing that song the rest of the day. <3Fun!

  4. You place looks so different! Still gorgeous, just maybe way more homey? I LOVE it!

    Please please please do a tour of your place and share it here! I want to see it all!

    I love that you have so many books on display. Our guest room closet is stuffed from floor to ceiling with big boxes of our books (PB's law books + my collection) and I wish we had room to access them more easily.

  5. everytime i get to see how much love there is for and from your kittyboy, it makes me feel a little extra happier in my tummy.... :)

  6. My cat stole my ipod this morning. Who knew cats loved technology.

  7. Your place looks great! And your cat is adorable. ANd helpful!