Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Come down on the street and dance with me.

So there's a bit of catching up to do!

I've been fantastic. This past weekend reunited me with Jesse (several times!), I witnessed Motion City Soundtrack cover Nine Inch Nails SUPERBLY at the Hoodwink festival (picture above from backstage Friday night before they played, credit Colin Blake), had a tacos & margaritas girls night with Jaime, Lauren Ashley, and Cara, and Bamboozle'd it up on Sunday in the distressing heat.

I should mention that all members of MCS were incredibly nervous before taking the stage on Friday night to play those NIN songs. However, they all seemed cool as ice when they started playing: I was so surprised! I mean, I guess I shouldn't be as I know they are all talented dudes, but: WOAH. They were GREAT! IMPRESSIVE! MINDBLOWINGLY GOOD!

Also fun was watching Saves the Day cover Weezer's Pinkerton. My friends and I were all sidestage singing along and dancing. I remembered the days in which I would drive around in high school listening to Through Being Cool and was like, damn, I am freakin' right here now. Watching them cover one of my favourite albums. So strange. They did a great job, too!

Unfortunately, Jesse and Motion City had to fly out early Saturday morning from New Jersey to KANSAS for a show, and then return the following morning to the same stadium to play Bamboozle. Jesse was a tired boy.

My Saturday was spent more pleasantly, after a good ol' brunch with the good ol' boys Adam and Jim, the girls came over for tacos! Margaritas! Hilariousness!

My mind is being really crazy today with these writing hijinks. You think I'd be better able to control it. Nope.

The ladies night was a real lovely respite from the rest of the weekend's outdoor shows. Especially since we realized our varying relationship statuses went from married, engaged, serious relationship, and single. Also, all the "involved" people have dudes out on tour somewhere (we're "band widows," as Lauren Ashley says) - always leads to funny observations and conversation.

Rhyming, first sign of insanity.

On Sunday, Adam, Jim, Sam, Tyler, Pete and I got together and headed to Giants Stadium for Bamboozle! Where I got to see Jesse again. And I also got to witness fun. for the first time! We met up with other music aficionado and good times gal (what is that?) Liz and danced as much as we could in the blazing heat (trust me, you don't want to move a lot when you can hardly breathe in the muggy air). But wow! Fun. ruled. If you haven't heard this band yet - what?! Why haven't you downloaded Aim and Ignite?! It's so good! DO IT! NOW! HERE! It's only FIVE DOLLARS on Amazon right now!

Now that that's out of my system: we caught OK Go's set, as well as Good Old War's, and Minus the Bear before Motion City Soundtrack took the stage! Though there were some technical difficulties, I think everyone had a good time by the looks of the crowd! Were any of you there to witness it? What did you think?

After they played, I was going to stick around for Piebald's set, but that blazing sun and the ever-irksome crowds were draining me. I did get to see a lot of friends in town, like Aileen, Leslie, Dan, Ben, Steve, Luis, etc., but I had to go! Amber and I hightailed it back to the city with her newly spackled-looking sunburn (spread your sunblock evenly, y'all!) and my craving for a Nathan's hotdog. My craving was satisfied upon arriving at Penn Station, and Amber's sunburn was rudely pointed out by a girl with a lei while we were waiting in line. Seriously: done with people after that, and raced home to the comforts of a quiet apartment!

And Jesse returned home that night! Yay!

Last night a whole bunch of us dined on sushi and then giant ice cream sandwiches and then watched LOST. I call that a fun night. Except when you're crying in front of a room full of boys because of said tv show. But it's cool, I know they were crying on the inside.

Tonight - GET THIS - Jesse leaves again. But only until Friday! Motion City has a show at my college rival (PFFT) and so he goes (I'll bring home the turkey/if you bring home the bacon). Fortunately, I have some fun plans lined up!

I'm seeing SAM ROCKWELL and Christopher Walken on Broadway tonight in the play A Behanding in Spokane. Yes, the title is intriguing enough, but when Adam told me Rockwell was starring in it - after just seeing him on the streets a couple of weeks ago - I was 100% in.

Tomorrow night Adam and I join forces again with some other geek friends to see IRON MAN and IRON MAN 2 in theaters. Yes, double feature! Super RDJ-ness! DOING IT! I am so glad I have friends who I can get uber nerdy with. It's really the bees knees.

And that's what's what!


  1. You look adorable and it took me all of 2 seconds to spot B in that picture haha. So jealous you got to watch fauxNIN - I'm going to waste time today by looking up vids online. xoxo

  2. Lost had me crying like a baby. So good!

    So much awesome music in one weekend.

  3. It's ok... Lost got me too and I had tear flavored strawberry ice cream from getting hysterical over my ice cream cup. I had to put extra sprinkles on it to make the tear flavor go away.

  4. i like the "band widows" alliance. i am jealous you have a good group at home to relate to about distanced significant others. lucky duck!

    also so jealous that you were able to witness the NIN stuff. ugh! what i would have given to see the live in-person version of them singing "closer." haha. it is comical to me.

    and wonderful picture. you are so dang photogenic.

  5. RDJ marathons are always wonderful, and Iron Man 2 looks like it won't be disappointing at all!

    Bamboozle/Festivals-In-General always get me so irked by the end of the day. Too many people/heat/noise for my taste! I'll take a club or venue, thank you!

    My brother and I bawled to LOST tonight after watch on the TiVo. So so sad.

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  7. Wait. "Amber's sunburn was rudely pointed out by a girl with a LEI while we were waiting in line." She was wearing a lei in the middle of Penn Station and she's criticizing someones sunburn. Clearly, she doesn't understand the old adage, "people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

    That said, I'm so jealous that you got to see Fun. I love Aim and Ignite. It's so good.