Friday, May 7, 2010

It only takes one word or idea to send me in real deep.

I pondered whether I was in the right state of mind this morning in which to blog. Last night (or, rather, this morning!) I went to bed at 330am after watching Iron Man and Iron Man 2 in theaters. I woke up at 7am for work. You can see why my brain might be malfunctionous.

I mean, I'm making up words here.

But, as this is MY blog, I can be as crazy-sounding as I want, and I'm pretty sure you're all used to it. You read my last post, I assume. That means you also know what I've been up to the past two evenings.

So I lead with somewhat of a headline:

01 Robert Downey Jr.
02 Hugh Jackman
03 Joseph Gordon-Levitt
04 Mark Ruffalo
05 Sam Rockwell

You know what that is. You know what that is!!!

I think I live in my own brain too much. Good thing I get to share it with all of you.

And Adam. On Wednesday, Adam and I went to see the Broadway play A Behanding in Spokane. Christopher Walken was playing up his "accent" throughout the play and I double-overed laughing every time. I think there were even times Sam Rockwell was trying not to laugh delivering his own lines opposite him. The play was "uproariously funny," "hilarious," and other such similar exclamations.

The day before we saw the play, Walken got nominated for a Tony for Best Actor for it! I call that "legit."

Immediately after the play, on our way out, Adam impressed me by out-recognizing-an-obscure-actor. He sees a guy in a black sweater and goes, "I recognize him from something!" I take a look and go, "Pfft. He does not seem familiar in the least. How do you know he is an actor?" Said dude looks right at us as we're "recognizing" him and then steps backstage - so he's definitely someone. Three blocks after leaving (yes, I decided not to wait around to meet Rockwell) Adam realizes where that actor is from...he recognizes the dude from - wait for it - FINAL DESTINATION 2. YEAH. My mind was certainly blown. It was the actor who played the COP. I think there was a genuine flicker of pride that he thought two kids recognized him. Even though only one thought of him as vaguely familiar.

POINT: I recommend seeing A Behanding in Spokane if you get a chance, because you will laugh, and it is ridiculous, and damn that Rockwell is a talented comedic actor! And you might also see someone you kind of saw on tv that one time.

Last night I geared up for IRONMANia!!! Tyler and Jim came over after work even though I wanted to nap before the near-all-nighter. So I made them watch The Hills. They knew a wee bit too much about those characters, methinks!

We then headed to Manhattan to meet up with Adam and Kells - Kells, she the lady who has doth never seen Iron Man.

Hold on, my literary prowess is faltering. I must take a quick blog break to give my brain a rest and also take a five-hour energy drink.

I'm back. Those "breaks" don't really translate on blogs. Perhaps I would fare better not telling you.

Anyway. For any readers I haven't lost yet:

We sat center and center (surely you know what I mean) for Iron Man and awaited the impending awesomeness. I came prepared with Twizzlers and Peanut Butter Cups to share amongst our group. I told Kelly at the last possible moment that there were scenes in the film set in the desert, wherein dust and sand were surely to appear wild and out of control. Kelly has a thing about dust and sand in film: she does not like it. But I got her there so she had to stay and watch it!

And who is not charmed by Robert Downey Jr? COME ON.

The best thing about the IRONMANia was that we got to stay in the same seats for the midnight showing

Preview thought #1: The Last Airbender looks like it borrows a lot from the "disaster movie" genre, therefore, I will not be able to help seeing it and loving it.

Preview thought #2: Inception - most anticipated movie of the year for me (since I'm in the theater watching the other one.)

Preview thought #3: Oh, JJ Abrams! You old so-and-so. You always reel me in. You made me see Cloverfield at midnight. Will you also make me see Super 8 at midnight?!

RDJ RDJ RDJ RDJ! ----ack, wait, we open with Rourke. That's okay, it's a movie not an ogle-fest. (Sidenote: FALSE! I realize that I cannot roll my eyes any more at Johansson's casting - here I was, ogling RDJ to the best of my ogling abilities (they're really quite good) and those who are into good-looking women should have the right to do the same...though I will say that straight men leave much, much less to the imagination with all that spandex and butt close-ups - put Tony Stark in a well-tailored suit and I will swoon - he needn't be showing off the equivalent of cleavage for me to go "badowwwww" or whatever they say. I don't know what they say. WHERE AM I GOING WITH THIS PARENTHETICAL?)

I digress.

Things I don't need to see any more of in my lifetime: Mickey Rourke's fingernails. I thought the eerie, shudder-worthy transluscent whiteness of his nails in The Wrestler was horrifying enough. But! Here they are the same meaty curves except with grime and dirt and who-knows-what caked all over. As a lady who notices hands first, and rates the attractiveness on men solely on particular loveliness of their hands (that's a lie), Rourke's hands were frightening.

Finally, we see RDJ. Badowwwww.

Oh hey, Sam Rockwell, I didn't know you were in so much of this movie. And you are hilarious! Just like when I saw you yesterday! I enjoy every scene you are in! You as Justin Hammer and RDJ as your business rival Tony Stark -- I love it! Oh, you've got nice hands.

Except when your character obviously used too much self-tanner because his hands were orangey and they didn't even make an outright joke about it which made me love it even MORE.

I realize you may not be able to follow this rambling. I realize this.

I recommend Iron Man 2 especially if you loved the first one and you like to laugh and you love RDJ's nuanced and witty portrayal of Tony Stark. Also, if you are a comic book nerd because there is a lot of that in there, obviously. And if you like well-tailored suits. Like in Mad Men. By the way, Roger Sterling is in the film, but they took away the thing that makes him inherently silver fox-hot: his white hair! And trust me, that is where his power lies.

Fun fact: that scene on the racetrack they show in the previews? Apparently Rourke made them blast Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" while being super menacing and crazy during that scene. That made me laugh out loud to read in last week's Entertainment Weekly.

Also! I liked some of the plot choices made...and there was some real great innuendo in some of the lines, as well. Justin Theroux wrote the script, and I am impressed. He was in my top five at one point - it's true.

One final shoutout to my friends for hanging out for IRONMANia and staying up until 330am with me. THEY ROCK.

So now it's Friday. Jesse arrives from Boston this afternoon!!!!!!! I will probably nap a whole bunch when I get home from work. This is good news to you, I'm sure, as you've reached this sentence. That in itself makes me think that you too are not well and should get some rest, ya hear?


  1. I had the same exact reaction to the movie! I kept being distracted by Rourke's fingernails, I never want to see him type again. Both RDJ and Rockwell made me swoon, excellent film.

  2. A) Re: Rockwell's comedy skills - Zaphod Beeblebrox is the only example you need

    B) I want Tony Stark's suits

    C) Pepper over Black Widow any day (Note: a lighter haired winner, strange I know)

    D) I love how they handled Rhodey's actor swap

    E) I miss having you around to geek out with

  3. soo, our lists overlap on two people. :)
    i can't believe your bud recognized a random from final destination 2.
    i am wayy too excited about the last airbender. i secretly love when the kids watch that show...

  4. YES to this whole thing!

    RDJ looked so good in this movie. And Mickey Rourke's nails were grossing me out. And DJ AM cameo (and mix they worked hard to squeeze in there after he died)! And Roger! And and and RDJ's suits.


  5. I want RDJ to be mine. So much. :(