Monday, April 26, 2010

We're holding hands back in the street.

My friends rule! Above we just finished seeing Kick Ass and decided to get Benny's Burritos in the East Village. L-R: Jaime, Andrew, Erica, Jim, Steve, and Amber. I was at head of table.

  • Dancing around in my living room to the Avett Brothers while I cleaned and waited for the book club members to arrive

  • WAR & PARTY - our final book club meeting regarding War & Peace! It was hiliarious. More to come, along with video (maybe)

  • Brunch with Jim & Amber

  • Kick-Ass with the crew above - entertaining film though I watched with a certain incredulousness. Also, way to go Nicolas Cage for finally "bringing it" to a recent film.

  • Benny's Burritos!

  • Law & Order Sexy Crimes - err, I mean SVU - at the homestead and then some SNL. Our efforts in obtaining ice cream cake for the occasion sadly failed.

  • Amber, Erica, and I woke up and decided it was just the right time to watch Antichrist

  • We quickly discovered it is NEVER the right time to watch that movie, and save your mind and your eyes the horror of taking in such disgusting dreck

  • Dinner with Gaby, Jim, and Erica

  • Dragonette at Brooklyn Bowl with Gaby, Erica, Rob, Kylie Minogue, Dana, etc. Wait, what?! Yes - Kylie Minogue was bowling in Brooklyn on a Sunday night. I didn't see her, but all I can picture is her bowling in a sequined minidress and platform heels

  • Dragonette killing it, as they do with every live show!

  • After the show, we were milling about with friends talking (mainly about Kylie Minogue) when a guy interrupted us and extended his hand. I started shaking it in confusion as he said, "You were great up there! Great show!" and I said, "Oh, that wasn't me...." and he apologized and said it was "the hair." Yes, we both have short hair, but Martina, the lead singer of Dragonette is currently sporting a bowl cut, so I was a little self-conscious after that dude's comment! (Here's a picture of her from last night!) The guy was a little on the dense side, since I was wearing a completely different outfit, had a purse, jacket, UMBRELLA, and...not a bowl cut. In fact, this is what I looked like last night. And though Martina is badass and gorgeous and can actually pull off that style, I thought the moment was hilarious.
I'm excited for this week because it culminates in the reunion of me and Jesse! YAY!

How was your weekend?


  1. I want to see Dragonette!!! :(

    Once again, loving the nail polish!

  2. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Jealous that you saw Dragonette!

    Also...Kylie Minogue? I forgot she existed.

  3. I haven't watched Antichrist but don't be turned off from Van Trier if that was your first. Dogville and Dancer in the Dark are great films.

    I watched Kick-Ass this weekend too and had a gaping mouth the entire time. I also watched How To Train Your Dragon though which was absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend that.

  4. von Trier*

    I hate not being able to delete or edit. Well, I must also agree that Nic Cage was great in Kick-Ass. That warehouse scene was stellar.

  5. Jessica - I love, love, love Dancer in the Dark. Also, probably the most depressing movie I've ever seen. But I loved it. Antichrist is...well...lots of bad things happen to the "bathingsuit areas" of the characters. And it's not pleasant or entertaining or necessary. At all!