Monday, April 12, 2010

Well in war he was a tiger, when it was over like a dove.

One of the only good things about Jesse being away on tour is that I get to wear lipstick. When the dude's around, can't go wearing any sticky gloss or red lips!

This weekend I had a mighty fun time wearing my new Lancome Rock Icon Fuschia lipstick, per my post about hot pink lips trending. Paired with a neutral eye (thanks for letting me borrow Stila's Kitten eyeshadow, Amber - going to buy some myself this week!), I felt quite vamped up. My go-to/signature "party look" usually involves cat-eye retro eyeliner and red lipstick, so this was different for me.

Check it:

Amber and I got real classy for Saturday night dinner and dancing. Also, I love how she smiles in the first picture and decides to be goofy for the following ones. THANKS, Bams.

Also taking it's first outing Saturday night? My L.A.M.B. wristlet!

Yes, I am wearing a shirt that says "You have died of dysentery," via the Oregon Trail. A gift from Jesse, because he knows my love of nerdy nostalgia. The rest of my outfit was pretty killer, too, I must say - L.A.M.B. cheetah print shorts + tights + combat boots.

Whaddya think? I think I pulled off the fuschia lips quite well, but you tell me if it looks too garish.

In other weekend activities, the second-to-last meeting of the War & Peace book club went swimmingly (and by swimmingly, I mean literally through three bottles of champagne) and we only have 88 more pages left! We have big plans for our final meeting in two weeks. BIG PLANS.

I haven't had a night of outright dancing in a long time, and some ladies and I amended that with a trip to Beauty Bar, in which we shook our hips and heads to the 80s, 90s, and a section which seemed from Kells' 2001 mix cd she sent me in college. Good stuff! We got all sweaty! Also, weirdly, playing on one of the walls was the movie Logan's Run, a 70s sci-fi movie, which also happens to have my namesake. My dad named me after the character Jessica Six. Also? I've never seen the movie. We decided, after seeing such spectacularly hilarious scenes, we would need to have a movie night for the film.

On Sunday, my lovely Curbside ladies and I got up early for brunch in the Lower East Side. At one point I needed to go to an ATM, so Jiscilla and I branched off and walking down Norfolk towards Delancey I saw a dude talking on his cellphone. As we got closer I realized it was Sam Rockwell, he of Moon and Choke and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fame, and my jaw dropped, I grabbed Jiscilla's arm, and then he looked right at me. Obviously he realized I'd recognized him, which made me practically drag Jiscilla further down the street in haste. Great actor - if you haven't seen Moon, check it out - most overlooked performance of 2009.

After brunch, we walked a whole lotta blocks to 26th Street to take in a Lady Gaga "Bad Romance" dance class. Yes. I learned the choreography to the video. There are a lot of claw hands. I think I excelled at that, at least. Since everyone else had taken the previous three classes in the series, and this was the last class, I lagged behind a bit. It was a lot of fun though, I got a good workout, and now that song will be stuck in my head for weeks. I don't even have it on my iPod....yet.

Though we were all sweaty from dancing for two hours, the girls and I decided to check out the IFC theater for a showing of a new Italian film called Vincere ("Win") about Mussolini and a supposed first/secret wife he had. It was seriously one of the most intense films I've ever seen, and it was good. Also, they cast an Italian actor who resembles an exact cross between a young Al Pacino and Javier Bardem. AKA I went through the first half of the movie thinking, damn I didn't know Mussolini was so fine, and then later when they showed the actual Mussolini in vintage clips, I was going, wow, they really miscast that guy didn't they? He was a great actor, though, a great performance.

I ended my Sunday evening with a gelato and phone call from the husband. How was your weekend?


  1. so i looked up old pics of mussolini...and he actually looked a lot different when he was younger. as he got older he puffed up and went bald, he was actually not bad looking as a young man.

    also, looked up the true story behind the movie, although mussolini acknowledged his son by ida, he denied ever being married to her and had her and her son institutionalized, and to this day their marriage has never been proven. although it is accepted that they had some type of relationship.

  2. A Lady Gaga dance class sounds like the most fun ever. I love it. Also, you rocked those hot pink lips for sure.

  3. The lipstick looks HOT on you. Just wish I could pull it off myself!

  4. You two look super cute. Love the fuchsia and lime. Kitten was my go-to shadow in high school - I think it's probably floating around in my caboodle somewhere. Yes - I still have a caboodle!

  5. I LOVE THE LIPSTICK AND THE OUTFIT! Sounds like a fab weekend!

  6. You pull off the lipstick well! Do you think you could do a post on your book club? I want to start one but not sure how to go about it...

  7. I love the Oregon Trail shirt! I have a bumper sticker on my car that says, "My wagon broke." with the 8-bit graphic of the wagon and a collapsed ox.

  8. LOVE the lipstick and shirt! I wish I could pull off bright toned lipsticks without looking clown-ish but my skin tone is WAY too odd for it!