Monday, May 18, 2009

One more thing.

I said I would, and I did. I saw Star Trek again. Still as good, if not better, the second time. This time I felt I could appreciate more of the...actors involved. Okay, okay, the first time around I was like, man, that Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) is hunky and all, but so not my type. Blonde-ish and Brad Pitt-ish along with Pitt's not-perfect skin - I'll pass. But then I couldn't resist on the second go-round. He's really funny. He has a charm. I'm a sucker for charm (see: George Clooney, RDJ, etc.) And...and....yeah -

I mean...right? You can see the charm there? It's there. Go see Star Trek. Also, why don't I own Princess Diaries 2, which he was apparently in? Hm.

And, I also dig on Karl Urban. I recognized him, but could't place him. Until I realized he was in Lord of the Rings as Eomer.

He is completely different in Star Trek as McCoy, and hilarious. There's something about his voice and delivery that constantly cracked me up.

Okay okay one more -



  1. he's not "my type" either. but i cant help but STARE at these pics over and over again...

  2. Yeah, he's totally not my "type" either but OMG he's hot. Yum.

  3. Not my type either, but dood.... *drool* Oops. Sorry, I think I dribbled on your blog.

  4. Oh, I am crushing on Star Trek big time as well! Only I must admit Zachary Quinto is my new swooning obsession - so cute in that smart, nerdy way.

    My mom has totally met Karl Urban! She hung out and drank with him at some bar in L.A. when she was there on a trip a few years ago - and apparently he is just as nice and charming as you could hope he is. Plus he's got a New Zealand accent, which couldn't hurt.

  5. what i wouldn't do to wrap him up and take him home....mmmm mmm mmmm....can i get a piece of that!