Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fun times, we had them.

I had so much fun this weekend. I didn't even update, and at this moment, I don't want to marr such a great time by regurgitating every second of my vacation. So I'll share my poor-quality pictures and give you a more list-like and informal recap.

  • Flew to Las Vegas on Thursday after work.
  • Lights, lights, lights!
  • Jesse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jesse's mom Sandi & her friend Bev staying out with us til super late!
  • Beth & hunks (hahaha)
  • George Clooney also staying at the Palms?

  • Waking up because I was SO hungry (time zones suck!)
  • Lame Palms Friday pool party - out of there asap
  • Sightings: Rainn Wilson, Lucy Liu, Morgan Spurlock, Kendra
  • HUGE margaritas
  • First time gambling: won $150 on Wheel-of-Fortune slots, $28 at BlackJack table
  • MCS show!
  • How come Panic didn't sell out their hometown? Hm.
  • Old Mtv Awards napkins in the dressing room
  • Jesse and I running up the stairs after the show to grab a cab to LOVE
  • Cirque du Soleil's LOVE (a show based on Beatles songs) was AMAZING!!!!!
  • Ryan Ross gushing about how much he loves the show (obvi, boy, I heard your last record)
  • Lame afterparty @ "Rain" (LV parties/clubs have crappy names. Maybe I'm just used to all the New York bars named after what they used to function as...)

    [Stephanie Tanner would say...]

  • Anaheim!
  • Spent day with Jesse and his kickass friend Colin playing minigolf and swimming at the hotel pool
  • Jesse and Colin showing a poolfull of kids how to properly cannonball and then playing marco polo
  • Margs at the nearby Chilis
  • LAST SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Nine weeks is far too long.)
  • Dan, Kristy, Colin, Plain White Ts, Brett G., TK, Angel etc. dressing room fun
  • Great, huge venue and a great show
  • Last time having to deal with lame backstage dramz
  • Post-show chill out with Jesse & Colin that included in-depth, mildly drunken discussion of tv, movies, comic books (Colin & I & Watchmen, ha), and books...and traveling and life and are we still talking??
  • Hearing Jesse talk about our visit to Panama = all smiles

    Jesse grabbing some shade. He's there.

    Jesse grabbing some air.

  • Brunch in LA with Colin, Trevor K, Ang, and Angel
  • Two girls talkin' weddin' shop :)
  • Headed to the valley to Dan & Kristy's place for their mojitos, pool, hot-tub, NEW KITTEH, foodz, and great hangs along with Colin and Tony
  • Dan & Kristy = definition of good people
  • Water volleyball!
  • Bid adieu for San Diego
  • Checked into this sweet spot called the La Costa Resort & Spa (jaw drop)
  • Hangs at Aileen & KT's apartment with Brendan

    See the waterslides? :)

  • Last day = beach day
  • Oh hai, our hotel has TWO waterslides
  • Post-sun & swim relaxation
  • Over to Brendan's to meet his & Jillian's gorgeous daughter Amelia!!
  • Dogs that sit on each other
  • Joined by Aileen, KT, Dylan Not McKay and pizzzzaaaa
  • Early sleeps to Seinfeld

  • Wake up early, fly home.
  • Fell asleep last night with his breath on my one of my favorite songs...I've never slept so soundly.


  1. Tony lounging poolside = AMAZING

  2. ah sounds like you had a blast!
    glad ya got your man back =)

  3. aileen - yeah, tony was strutting around his stuff all afternoon like he was God's Gift or something. (jk)

    sandy - i, too, am glad!!! YAYYAYAYAYAYG:SLDkjga;s89e57sdg