Thursday, May 14, 2009

I thought I knew you - woah!

Let's do this.

Jesse and I deemed Tuesday night Date Night because it was his last night in town and we really wanted to spend some time together and distract each other from the past few days' sad events. We went to our new favourite restaurant Sweet Emily's and then we saw Star Trek. The night was grand and a peaceful breather from all the other hecticness going on. He left yesterday to head back to L.A., but I'm so very glad we had a fun evening to ourselves before that. Jesse's superb at lifting my spirits.

And next Thursday I head to L.A.! YES! We've been doing pretty well in terms of seeing each other - though most of the traveling burden has been on Jesse with his myriad of cross-country flights. I'm in dire need of some sun and fun and out of New York. A nice respite.

So, let me back up and say that I really loved Star Trek. In fact, I think I want to go see it again. A couple of years ago when I first heard J.J. Abrams' next project would be Star Trek I was severely disappointed. I love J.J. and he can draw me into any project (I mean, I saw the midnight showing of Cloverfield, for reals) but why would I have any interest in a Star Trek reboot? I remember being dragged to those movies by my father and being bored out of my MIND. Still, the trailers ended up looking promising, and so I went. Leave it to J.J. to create a fabulous summer blockbuster with just the right amount of action, special effects, humor, story and - what J.J. does best - characters. Hold on, maybe what J.J. does best is easter eggs; the Slusho ref to Cloverfield, the red globulin that looked exactly like The Device from ALIAS, etc. I see you J.J., creating a cult.

Anyway, the performances were great - the ensemble perfectly cast. Zachary Quinto really blew me away as Spock. I'm glad he's able to rise above the trash heap that is the current Heroes - I would have never thought he had as good as acting chops as he does, since Heroes and its script hardly allow for anything but trite dialogue and acting. Quinto, I dig it. And not in the fangirly way people are getting...we all have our different tastes...but acting-wise, he's impressive.

I've always love, love, loved Zoe Saldana though she hasn't gotten any great parts in the past. I hope her inclusion in what will probably be a giant franchise will bolster her career. Chris Pine, John Cho, Eric Bana, Clifton Collins Jr., Karl Urban, WINONA RYDER, and the other cast members were great. Yeah, I'll definitely be seeing it again.

I mean, I might even consider seeing it again before seeing Wolverine for the first time. Hugh Jackman and a big-screen realization of Gambit (FINALLY) are not enough right now - I think I'm just wary of being hugely disappointed. I grew up on X-Men and my high hopes need to die down before I see it.

Speaking of Friday Night Lights, and Saracen's mom...who is on LOST with my #1 casting pick for Gambit (see what I did there?) - didya like the LOST finale? So many new questions arose, again. PER USUAL. I enjoyed the episode greatly, though I don't think it was as mindblowing as the season three "flash-forward" finale. But it was just as gamechanging. Because what happens now? We'll find out in 2010...for now I need to go search through some LOST theories.

*SPOILER ALERT* I think my favourite part was realizing the guy in the beginning is the guy all along...the evil Locke. Who is that dude?! What is going on?! Is he inhabiting Locke, did he clone Locke, does Locke have a twin brother? We finally get a view of Jacob, and now we have to wonder about a whole new guy/entity. Is he the Smoke Monster? The devil? The creators love the biblical references...Jacob has emerged as a definite God-figure. But it seems like there's some Cain and Abel stuff going on, too. And what did Jacob mean by "they're coming" ? WHO? Seriously, I need to go NOW to see other people's theories. I'm quite relieved next year brings the final season...I bet it's going to be full of answers and more INTENSE CRAZINESS.

In conclusion, as Perry once pointed out, Gwen Stefani is the only person that can really get away with wearing her own merch -

And the other day she was wearing the same shirt I bought at Bamboozle. Yeah!

Wow, this post turned out to be way longer than I thought it would be.


  1. I definitely thought this was the best finale yet -- even if the "incident" started to sort of feel like a bad sci-fi movie at some point (how did she get that train wrapped around her again? Of course I totally accept that Juliette was still alive, I mean, those rocks looked soft! I was annoyed Jeff figured out it was that dude, and not Locke, about five minutes before I did. Best line of the night: (pause) 'What about you?" I love how they paused and he could have said anything there, he could have said "That's not Locke" or "You ARE important" but no! So the question is... WHAT NOW?!?!

  2. *chain, not train. Excited fingers lead to typos, damn you Lost!

  3. I totally agree with you on Star Trek AND on Wolverine. Star Trek was amazing, I want to see it again, and Zachary Quinto is incredible. I have little desire to see Wolverine, even though people have told me it's good, because I'm just feeling very "meh" about it. Although I did have a childhood crush on Gambit, so he may be reason enough to go see it...

  4. Jim and I want to see Star Trek again AS WELL!!!! It was definitely beyond amazing.

  5. I just started watching Friday Night Lights this week on instant Netflix. I'm loving it, already on episode 13.

    And LOST was amazing per usual. I had the best experience since I watched it at a cinema fo free! It's interesting to think that this entire time on LOST, we didn't actually see or hear from Jacob. The guy in the cabin was always this black shirt guy (who I am now referring to as Esau since that is Jacob's brother in the bible). Remember Widmore's talk about war to Locke? There's Season 6 right there. WAR. I can't wait!

    P.S. Wolverine was absolutely terrible. The script was awful. Sorry to say. But I am also dying to see Star Trek again. J.J. did an amazing job all around.

  6. i only ever saw season one of lost. i wanted to watch the rest, but never got around to it. eh. maybe someday. :) i've also only seen one episode of friday night was good, i liked it, but it's not scheduled in my brain so i don't ever remember to watch it.

    i liked star trek alright, i guess. i've NEVER seen any other star trek stuff so i had to keep asking questions. i probably need to watch it again now that i know more of the story.

    i haven't seen wolverine either, we may do that this weekend, because i have a feeling it's something that is best seen theatre sized! haha.

    have a good friday!

  7. I was so, so happy in that theatre just being washed over by The Trek lol

    I love that shirt, that's intensely adorable. Nicely done!

  8. i appreciate you not using the star trek -> lost transition.

    it makes me cry a little when those things happen.

    glad you loved it, though!!!

    countdown to hangtime is ON!