Friday, May 1, 2009

Our love is so rock steady.

I will be updating later regarding the amazingness that was last night's Angels & Kings Two Year Anniversary Party and this morning's trek to 30 Rock to see NO DOUBT play on the Today show - and more pics of that, too! First, I've gotta finish up at work, meet up with Jesse who's back in town for the weekend (!!!), and get ready for BAMBOOZLE!! For now, I leave you with an appropriate:

Friday ALL NO DOUBT Playlist

01 Sunday Morning
02 Leftovers
03 Rock Steady
04 Sixteen
05 Don't Let Me Down
06 Home Now
07 Hey You
08 Bathwater
09 Start the Fire
10 End it on This

It's so hard to pick just ten to include. I looked through my iPod's No Doubt songs, and picked ten (considering beginners, enders, segues and a general upbeat feel) in a rough draft sort of way. I made an on-the-go playlist, and this is what I'm currently listening to at work! These aren't necessarily my top ten No Doubt songs at all - that's another study all together. Maybe in honor of their awesome tour I'll dig up that old feature Smiling Like I Mean It and attribute No Doubt songs to why they make me happy. AN ODE. I just came up with that idea. Sweet.

Detailed update of one of the best twelve hour stretches of my life coming SOON!


  1. That's good you had a good time!

  2. Now that is a good stretch to get "best of life" status - I think that stretch may continue for you this weekend too, lucky lady!!

    Sunday Morning = my favorite No Doubt song.

  3. Start the Fire is such a great song!

    I couldn't help but post a comment when I saw it on the playlist.

  4. i think you're in this. in the red coat? if i'm wrong it's still a good video to watch. i wanted to go to bamboozle to see them, but flights from australia cost a bit lol.

  5. So Jealous of your close proximity to Gwen.
    Harley (4year old bro) gave No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom a full spin earlier tonight and rocked out in his room. So he's right into No Doubt now.

  6. Ooooh, I'm totally wanting to have a No Doubt fest in my bedroom now and just listen to all their tracks! Woohoo!