Monday, February 25, 2008

It is a HAPPY Monday !

Happy Mondays rarely, if ever, happen.

However, this morning I got to video chat with Jesse again before going to work. Last night we video chatted during his soundcheck, and when I woke up he had just finished playing the show. Ha. I also have the most amazing screencap to share - will edit this post at home (and I don't care if you're sick of my screencaps!) Oh, and Tony asking about pantsuits - that is all.

(Said amazing screencap.)

Also, video chat came in handy yesterday whilst talking to Steve, as he hadn't seen our apartment since we built out rooms in it. My tour in front of my roommates was, I'm sure, hilarious as I ascended the stairs backwards and narrated as to what had changed. And then he goes, "Wait, are you on the first floor?" "Dude, I just went up the stairs backwards, did you not see that?!?!" Whatevs. If you'd like a memorable--if somewhat disorienting--tour of our apartment, hit me up on AIM.

Yeah, ps, secret: I like to video chat.

Oh! I heard the acoustic Motion City tracks and I'm in looooooooove. They're all fantastic, but I have a place in my heart for the completely-different-route taken with "Fell in Love Without You." LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! (I've had some coffee today...)

Last night, the Oscars were enjoyable, if not predictable. I will say that I enjoyed Marion C., the La Vie en Rose actress beating out Julie Christie, and totally into Tilda Swinton winning - she was my pick! I'll say it now: There Will Be Blood was my favorite film to come out last year. Do love DDL. And PT. And milkshakes.

Okay, I'm going to take a second to opine on the fashion:


Amy Adams wins, in my book. I loved the color because it was different, and is rarely pulled off quite right. I love her Veronica Lake hair, because it reminds me of old Hollywood glamour. I love that she chose not to wear ANY diamonds (did you see the diamond tapestry dripping off Nicole Kidman?! Blech.), and instead only wore elegant gold earring matching a gold purse. And the dress itself is beautiful - classic, but with a modern twist, given that Proenza Schouler neckline. LOVE IT.

I enjoy textures and Gaultier...aka win.

I love her. And the dress was not just another black evening gown. Texture!

Cate Blanchett looks radiant all the time! How?? I'm seriously into purple. And the woman sitting next to her in the front row with the jet black hair and vibrant purple dress - whoever you are, I adore you.

Do not like!

I LOVE Rebecca Miller as the talented writer and director that she is. And I do love her husband. But...even as eccentrics go, I can't deal with this dress.

Maybe it's because I'm a little jealz, but Sarah Larson (AKA Clooney's girlfriend) looked awful. Okay, even if she wasn't dating Clooney (who was dapper, as always) I'd still hate on this dress. Talk about wallpaper. The color, the fabric texture, the sparkliness of the damn thing in the theater - ugh. Also, her face. (Jk!)

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lame. The feathers look tacked on as an afterthought. Yawn. (Please check out the pregnant fashions of Cate B. and Gwen S. for future ideas, fanx.)

Maybe it's not even the dress, it's just her. The dress even seems too small for her disappearing frame.

Did you even read all that? Whatever. Who did you like? Hate? Not care because you want this post to be over and you can't believe you're still reading? Okay.

I'm feeling good about this week. It's like countdown week!


  1. um..hello!

    i want a tour of your apartment!!!!!!

  2. I'd like a tour, too! I love tours. Oh, and I agree on almost all counts on all the dresses. There were several others that I loved and hated. I even watched the E! pre-red carpet show. I'm such a huge geek.

  3. Emily -get on video chat, IM me!

    Lyndsey - Dude, I sat through Seacrast and Depandi too - don't ask how. Do you have video chat? My SN is the name part of this blog. Just take out http://, - I don't want to write it out...I'll probs delete this soon cause I've googled it and seen where my blog is linked in some weird places! haha

  4. I like that chick in the black dress. you know, the hot one.

    also, totally stoked for those acoustic tracks. once mentioned i can totally see fill in love acoustic, although i never what have guessed it!

  5. HAHA "the hot one"

    The acoustic tracks are pretty ridiculous. I could listen to them on repeat for hours. I float away in my bed sometimes listening to "Fell in Love Without You." Very Limbeck-y and pretty.