Sunday, February 24, 2008


He's backstage in Sydney and I was ecstatic!! Venue = internet! It's crazy how video chat makes such a difference.

Okay, so usually all attention is on Jesse, so I don't realize who else is in the shot or what's going on in the background - I looked at this after: hey blue shirt guy, what's up?

Hahahaha, pigtails. Don't ask. We were cracking up.

Matt said hello...and talked about how warm it is there. Grr.

His smile makes me happy ! (BARF)

If you couldn't tell, I like my boyfs' face a lot. I'm a NERD.


  1. Completely unrelated question: Do you happen to know how hard it is to get either Mets or Yankees tickets these days? I would REALLY like to go to a game if/when I come up there this summer.

  2. Jason - it shouldn't be that hard. I mean, I HATE the Yankees, so I would never KNOW, as I would go to the stadium in my RED SOX shirt and probably get stoned to death, but, my friend Mike goes to lots of games, so I'll inquire with him! :D

  3. The funny thing - The weekend I'd be coming up there (July 4th weekend) the Yankees are playing the Red Socks.

  4. Okay, yeah, def can't get tickets to those games! Believe me, I've tried. Yankess v. Red Sox are the biggest games of the season.

    The Mets...I'd find it hard to believe if they were sold out...

  5. I figured as much. I did some looking though, and I'd be super stoked to go to a staten island yankees or brooklyn cyclones game instead (class A minor leagues). I love the minors more anyway. If I could tour Yankee Stadium, that would be awesome.

  6. They definitely have tours for Yankee Stadium!

    And I loooooove minor league games!! Of course, I've just been to Paw Sox games...I saw Youkilis play on the Paw Sox last season, between his stints in the majors...and then, ya know, being part of a championship season...Definitely will look into the minor league games...I think Jesse will be around during this time, too. LOVE BASEBALL. YES.

  7. My original plans of coming with a friend and going to museum after museum are quickly turning into me coming solo to hang out with you and Jess for a few days. I figured I'd get more out of my visit with you guys showing me around anyway. I talked to Jess briefly about it and will try and firm something up towards the end of April so I can get a cheap flight for late June/early July. I will be in full baseball mode then, so get your glove out!

  8. Sounds awesome!! Stoked!! My roommate Erica is a total baseball fanatic, too, so we're totally ready.

  9. video chat totally saves when you're in different states or countries! i definitely feel you on that

    xohemgee i luv vidCh@t!! `***~~~