Sunday, February 24, 2008


Sometimes I have to makes lists.

Am wholly excited for the Oscars tonight. I've seen all the top film nominees, and much of the acting performances (knocked two out this weekend by renting Gone Baby Gone and Elizabeth: The Golden Age - The Assassination of Jesse James was OUT! Boo!). I think it's a pretty exciting year. And I've always been an Oscar geek - it was the only school night I was allowed to stay up late when I was growing up. Ha. I would do a will win/should win list - but who really cares what I think about it?!

Currently on repeat: Tiger Lou's album The Loyal. Becoming obsessed...

Last night tons of our friends gathered at Royal Oak and we danced the night away. Also, before, Jamie and I may or may not have danced to selections from the Beetlejuice soundtrack in Rob Hitt's living room. And I ate all his edamame. Whatever.

And there were a few other girls with their boyfriends in Australia for Soundwave - "Hey, I heard you say Motion City..." "Oh, just telling her we're all in the same boat." Love it.

Fell asleep missing him.

Today I was rearranging my room, so I had to take the drawers out of my dresser. My dresser belonged to my grandmother, and it's this cherry wood antique thing. Anyway, I tried putting a drawer back and the drawer wouldn't go back in all the way. I got a flashlight out and it looked like a couple of things were stuck in the back. I pulled out an old packaged zipper, with the price written out: "Price 25 Cents" at the top. Copyright? 1938. Also, two newspaper comic clipping from the Providence Bulletin from December 3, 1932! So crazy!

In sad news, my parents called me this morning to tell me Skyla, the bestest golden retriever there ever was is going to be put down tomorrow :( She had a seizure and can't stand on her legs anymore. She lived a long good life, though. I will miss her sweet face.

Me and Skyla last summer.


  1. Jesse JAmes really wasn't that good, but man! wasn't Gone Baby Gone AWESOME!?

  2. I really, really enjoyed Gone Baby Gone. I think Casey Affleck is really coming into his own as an actor, and not just being a sidekick-type (a la the Ocean's movies).