Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Or we have six seconds to live..."

I can't embed this video here but go to this link and watch the video of George Clooney during his interview - where he goes in search of a beeping noise coming from somewhere in the journalist's house. He actually climbs into a crawl-space looking for it. And he says, "Oh, hi." to the camera....which I'd like to have an audio clip of so every time I open my computer I can hear, "Oh, hi." from George Clooney.

Also, could this dude get any more charming and hilarious and down-to-earth?

That is all.


  1. that was great, I love the This is George Clooney arrow. I have an uncle who looks and sounds exactly like Clooney, kinda funny. I just hope my hair goes gray like his when I get older. quite dreamy

  2. i love your tags. and i must say that i am intrigued by this video...ill have to watch 'er later.