Saturday, February 16, 2008

Epic Friday.

It went down like this.

Got to leave work early; and so began my three-day weekend. I arrived home to a box of flowers! Pretty, pretty roses with a note - got on video chat and apparently they were the wrong flowers ("you're more than just simple roses") and a day late. Oh well. They are lovely and so is he.

Dags and I met up with Ashley and Gaby at the Crush offices and headed to a bar around the corner. Kelly and Christy met up and we WERE going to go see Definitely, Maybe but then it was sold out and Kelly and I literally scalped our pre-bought tickets. I sold mine to a dude there wanting to see it alone. Weird, am I right?

So then we went back to the bar, drank some more. We decided to leave because the waitress blew. "I'm going to have the $3.50 Sam Adams." I hand her a 20 and get back seven dollars. "UM." She apologizes, hands me another seven, but I don't realize how much I have now. I have to flag her down for the millionth time and get the rest of my money back: NO TIP.

Quote of the night: "I want a boy with plugs so big i can stick my tongue in them and make out with his neck." To each their own.


We bid adieu to Ashley and Gaby and the rest of us go to the Continental - because why wouldn't we?? We are surprised when we look at our watches and it's only 10:30. After watching people make out for some time, we headed to AK for the Angels and Airwaves afterparty or something and just danced, danced. Saw the regs and said HI.

Christy and I had a long (drunken) debate in the subway about the five big Oscar-nominated films. How we do.

Got in beds together and video chatted with Jesse. Hahaha. Best. Thing. Ever.

Then we woke up and watched Pushing Daisies. Let's just say, she's hooked. My diabolical plan to get everyone into the show is going well; Jesse is downloading all the episodes, too. Mwahahahaha!

And now I sit a bit cloudy in the head, but all worth it because hanging with the best people ever never gets old. Today I shall finish cleaning my room!! And probs video chat, OBVIOUSLY.


  1. This is one of the very best blogs I've ever visited!



  2. video chatting is one of the best inventions ever.