Monday, February 18, 2008

Three berry pie !

Christy and I satisfied our pie-craving after completing the entire season of Pushing Daisies. Even Queen Htr Dags was into it.

Now Christy and I are at the Little Pie Company on 43rd Street. Off to see Definitely, Maybe along with Erica, Kelly, and Gaby. Because sometimes you need a rom com with the girls.

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  1. What did you think of "Definitely, Maybe"? I took Jen to see it for V-day and thought it was pretty good. After seeing 27 dresses and this back to back, I've decided to write my own romantic comedy, so feel free to toss ideas as I will be borrowing elements from recent events of mine and friends haha.

    -El Adam

  2. awww yummy.
    what was definetly maybe like? good? bad? worth the money?

  3. yum! how was the movie?! trying to decide if I should see it or not!!

    When the cousin was working for Yigal last year I had THE BEST cappuccino from the Little Pie Company while I was waiting to go to the show... It was seriously just as good as Italia!

    Happy Toosday!!

  4. Definitely, Maybe was decent as rom coms go - there was a plot, some heart. The scenes with Reynolds & Breslin are adorable (dudes and kids always win). I wouldn't necessarily call it a "must-see," however.

  5. mmm thats making me want pie again. what is my deal?!

    i really liked the movie, and thought i wasnt going to. <3

  6. the pie was DELISH!!! yeah...i thought i wasn't going to like it as muc as i did, either.