Sunday, November 25, 2007

The end.

Jesse and I passed Saturday in Minneapolis playing poker backstage. Some good things transpired: my betting during one hand was complimented, I was making a lot of dough at one point (hm, do people still use "dough"?), and I took out Dave (the lead singer of Mae). Woo! However, I did end up just breaking even (my first attempt at a full on bluff gone bad). Better than losing money!

Watched the hometown show from the soundboard with Anna and Brooke and danced around like a crazy like I always do. I thought I was far away enough to not be noticed, but after the show Josh said he saw me singing and bouncing around (whatever, I like your band. A lot.) Headed to the hotel after some fun hangs and slept in before some food.

Now I'm at the airport and my flight has been delayed an hour (of course). However, I am so thankful for this amazing weekend. It will be a few weeks until he's back, but he'll be back for a good long break. Christmas! New Years! Panama! All mine.

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