Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fargo takes place mainly in Minnesota.

In Philadelphia. Jesse got a new hat.

We have so much fun. Barftime!

-- via hipbus styletop


  1. you DO know that "PB" stands for Philly Boy right?!?! You guys should have called me when you were there maybe we would have been able to meet up!!! (i was there monday)

  2. Well, I would have called you BUT...I hopped a train right after work yesterday and got there in time for the show and then the tour bus left after the show to New York! :D

  3. Right? Jesse's getting me one cause he said I looked so cute. HAHA

    barf barf barf vom barf

  4. i've always wanted one of those hats. i bought felicia one for xmas one year. she looked KILLER in it.

    can we be twins?