Sunday, November 18, 2007


Went home for a spectacular weekend.

My dad's 52nd birthday was celebrated with family hangs, beer and pizza. While my Dad, broseph, and Uncle Dave saw Beowulf, my mother and I shopped. I told her of your new habit, it sure was a shock and surprise. A good one.

Apparently the movie was in 3D and so at dinner everyone tried on the glasses. I cracked up; snapped some shots for your amusement. (General anon you.)

I had to break my Thanksgiving travel plans to my extended family. I'll miss them, but glad to have seen them this weekend. And I'll be having so much fun with you! (Very specific anon you.)

How good it is to see see you...

-- via hiphop breakertop


  1. i am so excited we are both spending thanksgiving with our hunnies!!!!

    i had all of my cousins over (rawanie included) yesterday allllll day to make up for missing this weekend!

    have fun with the loverboy!

  2. Glad you got to spend time with le fam...I think the curb clan should have some thanks time together as well...possiblah when we all get back from our separate celebrations.

  3. shut up, i hate you.

    no, i miss you.