Saturday, November 24, 2007

Milwaukee !

Drove from Chicago to Milwaukee and met up with Emily and Evan for dinner! I left my sk on the bus, so these photos are to the credit of Ms. Emily. Fun hangs. Their apartment rules and so does their dog.

We're so barfy. Sorry.

-- via hiphopopotomaus top


  1. not barfy
    so cute omgz
    did you stay in mke for a bit after the show? you should've come to the party! people were asking about you!
    i txtd you but maybe i dont have your right txt number
    i need to get it together

  2. becca - oooh toughy. i WILL say penny smells better than monster. OH SNAP.

    ems - we stayed for a little while near the venue til bus call! ppl were askinz about me? ha my text # is the 917 #. i didn't get a text! i don't have the 401 # anymore.