Friday, November 30, 2007


So my computer decided to sputter last night, and I'm getting a back-up hard drive after work and hopefully I'll be able to save everything off of the computer. I gotta save up for a new computer or wait for one to become available; and either one will probably take a while. Therefore my only computer is my work computer. With their web-blocking and all. Sigh. Expect lots of sidekick-sent posts.

It hasn't been a great week (c'mon, you saw how it started out!). But I'm HAPPY it's Friday. Here's an e-mail - edited for vulgarity! - I sent to the girls today:

In conclusion, I've decided to celebrate the end of the week by going with Dags to the Tarts of Pleasure's STOLEN TRANSMISSION party at their new digs the Hanger Bar. Let's dance.


  1. go mac!
    refurbished may offer some comfort with price and still give you an almost brand new computer

  2. valley girl: thanks!

    emily: i'm saving up money; a new mac is mine - or jesse's old mac because he loves new computers and he is thinking about getting one anyway. ha.