Monday, April 23, 2007

Baby, it's hot outside!

Most amazing weekend.

Erica and I traversed Williamsburg in the heat of Friday's dusk and ate some tots near Bedford Ave. We then went into Manhattan for some brass monkeys and The Soup with Keelie.

On Saturday awoke to beautiful sunshine and heat. Headed to the roof for a couple of hours and then headed into Manhattan to meet up with Jiscilla & Christy. HAIRCUT!

I love it. And now I've got a hairdresser in New York! His name is Ray and he's rad. Christy's cut came out amazing, too!

National Curbside Day continued with Erica and shopping! Stoked on summer dresses. Keelie met up with us and we headed to bk, prosecco in hand. Played the best game ever, Celebrities, which really is just Notables in Curbz lingo.

"You awkwardly made out with him." - a clue that came up for many of our persons.

Scattegories. Let's just say this girl is a cheat on prosecco. Alley Cat Attack FTL.

Sunday moring bagels on the roof. Layout for hours in the heat. Rachel's photographer friend doing a spread for Elle and asked us to pose. Suuuuure, whatever. (!!!!!!!)

Met up with Adam for Hot Fuzz. Laugh RIOT. Heart Simon Pegg.

Whole weekend with J on the brain. Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris...sigh. Brooklyn waits for your return. Any communication sends me reeling. Always amazed. So intense. All yours.

Glorious weekend to a close. I love my friends more than anything. They make life amazing. They make my life.

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