Thursday, April 19, 2007



Tuesday night started out with a swanky gala. Billionaires, whatever...we were there for the booze. Soon as the bar closed we were off for whiskey shots downtown.

My lovelies Jiscilla and Erica are good peoples. They keep me laughing when I could be sulking. Drunk and off to le pmc where we spotted WB on the corner of 10th and 3rd. We were laughing to the point of tears. Still not sure if he has man parts in those pants.

Wednesday does not matter.

I bought Avril Lavigne's album today. What of it?Tried to feel warm in the sun at Union Square. Got too cold saying goodbye. Again. Can't wait for hello & kisses. So soon...

Got caught on the mother effin' L train for an hour and a half. GRRRRRRRR. It did manage to turn my sullen mood into anger.

Tonight spent watching tv and a certain YouTube video at second 37. Also, griping on the couch about a certain mag's awful graphic design with Erica.

My back is KILLING ME. Somebody rub it, srsly.

Can't fall asleep. Writing this novel from this empty bed...does not help. A picture to keep me in the present though you're in the future.

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